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NBC cancels 'Trauma,' closes in on more 'Chuck'

Trauma chuck Call it: NBC's "Trauma" is done.

The network has decided not to order any more episodes of the freshman medical drama, said to be the network's priciest new fall series, though it will finish producing the rest of its original 13-episode order. No word on whether NBC will air the remaining episodes.

The latest episode of "Trauma" aired Monday and scored 5.8 million total viewers and a 1.9 rating/4 share among adults 18 to 49 (a big drop in the demo from lead-in "Heroes," which posted a 2.5/7.)

According to THR.com, "Trauma" will be replaced by "Chuck" on Monday nights next year, paired with "Heroes."

"Chuck," meanwhile, is close to an additional six-episode order that comes on top of the 13 hours already ordered for Season 3. The Wrap also reports that the spy adventure could be back on the air as soon as January, where its season would be split by the Olympics.

Last week, NBC picked up full seasons of "Mercy," "Community" and "Parks & Recreation."

-- Denise Martin

Photo credit: NBC

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Who is running things at NBC? Trauma is one of the best shows on TV now. If the NBC idiots wouldn't put it up against Dancing With the Stars, The Big Bang Theory, and Two and Half Men, it would get a following. Chuck? Doesn't stand a chance.

we love trauma and we are sorry to hear that you are canceling it. we want it back

NBC = (Nothing But Crap)
Of course they're going to cancel Trauma...because it's a great show!! They have to make room for the really sucky shows like Mercy which is like a BAD SNL skit of ER meets Scrubs!! 30 Rock and Chuck should have been gone for a while now but instead they get rid of great shows like Life and Journeyman and The Black Donnellys!!! NBC should just close their doors for good since nobody at NBC apparently WATCHES TV!!! Maybe someone from another network is running things behind the scenes and is just TRYING to run NBC into the ground! I think once Heroes leaves NBC, so will I. What will be left??
NBC (Nothing But Crap)

Yall Suck!! This was our favorite show on Monday! Now what are we supposed to talk about on Tuesday morning at work?? What is Chuck? Who is Chuck? We want TRAUMA BACK!

I think you guys are wrong trauma was the best show ever you guys are wrong for canceling it.

NBC sucks!!! They dont have any good shows and when they finally get one which is Trauma they cancel it

man this sucks i was always looking forward to mondays beacuse im studying to become an emt. and i love that show why why do you have to cancel it ...... i never seen the chuck show i dont know what the chuck show is about....

Trauma was to best most realistic Paramedic show that is (was) on. Coming from experience as i am a Paramedic as well and love to show. PLEASE consider playing the rest of the episodes, sooooo disapponiting to hear no more trauma :(

This is utterly DISAPPOINTING to hear TRAMA is cancelled. This is the ONLY show that I ever recorded and watched religiously. Please Please rethink this decision - finally a good show on TV and it is cancleed how can this be?

WOW, I LOVED this show.. SO upset..

i hate to hear that about trauma. i have watched it every since the first episode and I LOVE IT>>>.. i hope someone picks it up and fast.....

I think you have cancelled a excellent show. I am an EMT and every episode that I have seen was true to the profession. I think you have made a terrible mistake. Please bring Trauma back. Our whole unit watched it.

I think that NBC is making a BIG mistake in cancelling Trauma. Out of the 3 new medical dramas (Trauma, Three Rivers, and Mercy) I think that Trauma was the best. I think NBC should put Trauma on a different night and/or different time slot. If NBC is cancelling a medical drama I would vote for Mercy not Trauma.

Again NBC has gotten my family in love with a series and then Canceled it. ER the Trauma. Bring back Trauma.

I cant beleive the show isnt going to be on anymore im 10 years old and i knew when i first saw this show that thats what i wanted to be when i grow up (a paramedic) i thought that it was so interesting and i think that other people did too. I hate the show Chuck its stupid and idiotic, Trauma is a show that you can learn a lot from and what can you learn from Chuck. I am so up set its nuts it was a great show it had a lot of following.

I am very sad they are not bringing Trauma back....I really liked it alot & never missed a show!! It reminded me of another show that I watched for several, several seasons, 'Third Watch' Please reconsider bringing it back (Trauma) & people will watch ....I just know it....Chuck is okay but I don't watch it.....I've been waiting for Trauma!!!!

Please bring Trauma back to their fans!!!

to nbc, here we go again,taking another great show off the air. I guess you did not see what you had in Southland. wake up! No wonder you are last in the ratings! why not fridays or sundays even saturdays would work. please,pleese, do not cancel TRAUMA!!!

I love Trauma. I will be devastated if NBC cancels it. I am shocked that it may be canceled. Do not a enough people know about it. How could they cancel this show when it is the best.

Bring back Trauma!!! i thought it was a great show!!

I really wish they would bring back trauma. So show is awesome. As someone who is just entering the EMS, it kinda brought some points to life I never really thought of. Of course like any TV show somethings were inaccurate and maybe a little over the top but hey, its entertainment!

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