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NBC cancels 'Trauma,' closes in on more 'Chuck'

Trauma chuck Call it: NBC's "Trauma" is done.

The network has decided not to order any more episodes of the freshman medical drama, said to be the network's priciest new fall series, though it will finish producing the rest of its original 13-episode order. No word on whether NBC will air the remaining episodes.

The latest episode of "Trauma" aired Monday and scored 5.8 million total viewers and a 1.9 rating/4 share among adults 18 to 49 (a big drop in the demo from lead-in "Heroes," which posted a 2.5/7.)

According to THR.com, "Trauma" will be replaced by "Chuck" on Monday nights next year, paired with "Heroes."

"Chuck," meanwhile, is close to an additional six-episode order that comes on top of the 13 hours already ordered for Season 3. The Wrap also reports that the spy adventure could be back on the air as soon as January, where its season would be split by the Olympics.

Last week, NBC picked up full seasons of "Mercy," "Community" and "Parks & Recreation."

-- Denise Martin

Photo credit: NBC

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Just glad to see Mercy and Community get a full order. Now BRING BACK SOUTHLAND!!!

you really should be watching "Breaking Bad" on AMC, now that's compelling TV!

I agree about "Life". I thought that was a really interesting twist on the overdone cop genre. Interesting characters, interesting stories, and well executed.

I like Trauma - I do hate it when they cancel shows just when you want to watch

(notes from the executive suite) Maybe they can move some of the Trauma elements into the Mercy show. People like the ER as a dramatic setting, and the Trauma action will spice up the already good Mercy drama. Win Win !

I'm not surprised about Trauma. It reminded me of that other NBC show about paramedics which the network tried a few years ago (whose name I forget, and which was also cancelled). EMTs just aren't a "glamourous" enough job for a medical drama nowadays. Too bad, it had some good actors.

Are you kidding Trauma was a great show that showed just how medics and EMT's deal with their job, i loved it then again i am the sister of an EMT.This is why i hate network tv they cancel good to air crappy ones.THank you NBC now i know to not watch anymore of your network programming you rather air things like Scrubs that make a mockery out of people in the saving lives field.I knew that if a great show like Trauma is on a network like NBC that would cancel it because it was good and not stupid and corny so not only will i not watch you again for canceling a great show i already told my friends and they are going to stop watching your network because you all think of crappy shows to air and never keep the non crappy ones on.i was just starting to like Heroes but no more
you should really take a look at what is good and what dog doo stuff you air when i watched Trauma it was excellent.Your Loss maybe another network will pick it up so my friends can enjoy the show once again.

CHUCK ME!!!! And *hopefully* they will tell us and advertise before the season starts. Imagine how many people would watch Chuck if they advertised...it boggles the mind!

Damn. Sad to see Trauma fall faster than a helicopter. It was great for San Francisco and provided a lot of work for us here.

Once again NBC continues to display its ignorance towards its viewers. Why should viewers tune into watch a new show when the network continually cancels a show within six or so episodes? People are tired of investing their time to watch new shows because networks are so flaky, especially NBC. Many fans were just getting interested in the characters and wanted to see more. So naturally when people are becoming more interested, they cancel it. One day networks will realize that most shows have to be developed and will not be killer in the ratings until a fan base develops. Not all shows will pull in the ridiculous numbers of American Idol, but many tv viewers crave other dramas to watch. Thanks NBC for your once again poor judgment and lack of commitment to your viewership.

I'm delighted they are producing more Chuck. It's witty & humorous. How many more hospital or reality shows do we need? Enough already! Bring on more Chuck.

Woohoo. Cant wait for Chuck!!

Sorry, but "Trauma" was a total joke. As an EMT and volunteer firefighter, I am offended by all the unrealistic and sensationalist depictions of the EMS field contained on the show. Since when does the helicopter fly anyone for a mere broken arm? What about letting a little boy fly in with his mother who was seriously injured in an accident? I call BS on all that.

And the comments about Jay Leno are foolish at best. He's about the only thing worth watching on NBC.

WOOHOO FOR CHUCK!!! The only reason chuck's ratings wern't as high as they could have been was advertising, I hadn't even heard of the show till I accidentally stumbled across it channel hopping, 5 episodes from the season end!!!

Why is LIFE not coming back???!!!! One of the best new shows on NBC, just because it may not have been able to hold up against American Idol, doesn't mean it might not do well at a different time slot. Please bring back this show. You didn't even start answering the questions.

This is the best medical program since E.R. I can't beleive NBC is cancelling it. Great characters and great stories.
I'm so disappointed in NBC why don't they get rid of Jay Leno at 10pm instead.

Man, this bites! True, there is a bit of an overload of medical shows out there, but Trauma was different. It showed different facets of the medical world that we're not used to seeing. You always see the docs in the hospital, (Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs, House, etc) but you never see beyond that. It was refreshing to see the missing link outside the hospital. Without EMS personnel, 1/2 the patients wouldn't make it to the hospital alive, and without med/evacs... well, let's just say you'd better hope you get hurt in a highly accessible area with minimal traffic. :( I'm going to miss Trauma and I hope some other station picks it up. I don't want it to flatline. Darn you, NBC and your ratings!

How can nbc cancel Trauma? Rabbit is terrific and Jamie Sheridan as Dr. Joe plays it just right. They finally get a good show and pull the plug. Think again!

I had high hopes for Trauma, but understood why NBC canceled it, although I thought the network pulled the plug a little prematurely. I'm posting this on November 17, and now wish NBC was giving the show a little more time to prove itself. The characters are finally starting to become a little more developed, and we're caring more about them and what happens to them the more we know about them. Admittedly, it's difficult to flesh out characters when we only see them interact with patients in a time-compressed manner. From the preview of next week's plane crash episode at the end of this week's boat ramming in SF bay episode, it looks like a terrific episode. Too bad it's getting to the end of its run.

This is so disappointing! We have really been enjoying Trauma. It is especially bad news considering some of the other junk that they are airing. And I do enjoy Chuck, but we'll probably end up going back to Big Bang Theory (which we abandoned for Trauma). Maybe if they get rid of Leno, there'll be more time for more great shows like Trauma. Also, while I'm here, No More "reality" shows!

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