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'Modern Family': Back to school in October?


Everyone welcome me with open arms, or at least force yourself to. I'm Gerrick, and I’m the new Show Tracker for “Modern Family.” I won't lie. I'm majorly obsessed with this show, and I'm willing to fight to the death with anyone who says this isn’t the best new show of the fall. On ABC.

Thanks to a rerun of “The Simpsons” and with no “Glee” to watch, I was able to catch “Modern Family” live on TV for the first time all season — a major accomplishment for me — and I didn't have to be huddled in front of my computer sitting through awkward commercials on Hulu.

For all of you not watching the show, let me catch you up to speed quickly. The mockumentary-style show follows an awkwardly blended family that includes the patriarch, Jay (played by original family guy Ed O’Neill), and his much younger wife, Gloria (Sofia Vergara), and together they raise Gloria’s son, Manny (Rico Rodriguez II). Jay’s two kids and their families include daughter Claire (Julie Bowen) -- who has the typical American family, although her husband is close to insane (and I love him for that) -- and son Mitchell, whose boyfriend, Cameron (Eric Stonestreet), is unabashedly flamboyant.

You all caught up now? OK, good.

It was back-to-school time for the families — a plot I've could have done without considering it's October and my schedule says you should be having the traditional Halloween episode. Catch up, ABC.

Manny, who is proud of his heritage, planned on going to school in a traditional Colombian poncho (hey, at least I'd get my costume for the night). He wanted to make a good impression on his American classmates, but Jay wasn’t impressed and asked Gloria an equally insensitive yet hilarious question, “Am I driving him to school, or is he riding his burro?”

While Jay was busy talking Manny out of displaying his roots, Claire and her husband, Phil, were busy arguing over who got up earlier to get the kids ready. Phil thought Claire, who rose at 6 a.m. every day, was showing off for the cameras and quipped, “That’s you? I thought we had a raccoon.”

Phil (Ty Burrell), much like Cameron, makes every scene he's in his own. Both are always spot on, and last night was no exception. Like when Phil decided to race Claire, who just wanted to enjoy her day off. And when Cameron spent much of his time dressing adopted Vietnamese daughter Lily as iconic pop stars, including Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross (“The RCA years." Yay! More costumes!), and placed a huge afro on her head, later describing it as “ghetto fabulous.”

I know it's only a few episodes in, but I have a beef with the show, and it comes to my boys Cameron and Mitchell. I love how ABC continues to show gay couples on their prime-time shows ... but ... Cameron and Mitchell look like BFFs and not lovers. Have they even kissed? Wait, have they even hugged? They aren't like Jay and Gloria, from whom you can at least get the hint that they are madly in love, or Claire and Phil, who have a natural chemistry.

Maybe I'm asking for too much from ABC. I mean, after all, you gave me a back-to-school episode in late October. 

Any other "Modern Family" fans out there? What do you think?

— Gerrick Kennedy

(Follow me on Twitter @GerrickKennedy.)

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this is a fantastic show with a great cast. i dont mind not having a Halloween episode, considering every other show is having one. I love seeing Al Bundy back on tv and Sofia is an amazingly beautiful woman.

I agree. It's weird to have a back to school episode in October. I've been watching Modern Family all season and I honestly think this episode is a mistake and was aired out of order or something. In the new episode that aired last week, the kids were in school (Luke and Manny got into a fight and the parents had to go to the principle's office) and the families got together to watch football (so we know it was fall). But then this week it's back to school and they're talking like they just had summer vacation. Something's not right.

I watched Modern Family for the first time on tv too (instead of on Hulu), because Glee wasn't on! I wonder how many other people did that?

This episode was funny, but not as funny as The Incident or Coal Digger. I think that when the three families stay apart, it's not quite as funny because it's not quite as crazy.

And the "back-to-school" in October thing was bothering me too. I guess they switched the order of the episodes, or at least some of them. Last week, the kids were already in school...

I too enjoy this show. I watch it in my office frequently!

Is this what passes for journalism at the LA Times these days? Poorly written garbage from what appears to be a developmentally challenged 5th grader? OBVIOUSLY it aired out of order. Get a clue, kid.

Halloween episode--- out of order--- who cares???? The show is the funniest thing on the air right now.... and if it were to get cancelled (which it won't) I bet you'd be begging to watch a Christmas episode on the 4th of July!

I have to disagree about Cameron and Mitchell's relationship. They appear to have reached the same level of "married comfort" as Phil and Claire have. You know, I LIKE that ABC is portraying the relationship as being "normal", that love is love and it all takes you to pretty much the same places in life.

Perhaps, as often happens with heterosexual couples, they'll explore their loss of "romance" later on in the show.


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