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'Lost' holdout not from the original cast

October 22, 2009 | 12:33 pm

The final season of "Lost" is three months away, but certain members of the blogosphere have been consumed this week by a new island mystery. 

It all started when E!'s Watch With Kristin reported that one of the original cast members of "Lost" had refused the show's invitation to return for one last hurrah. This blew our minds. The Times suspected that Harold Perrineau might be the holdout. But then he went and told E! that he would RSVP "yes" if he was invited, but that he hadn't been just yet.

We have now spoken to the island, and the island has said some definitive things. The most important is that there is a "Lost" love fest -- the writers want all of the original castaways back and all of the castaways want to go back. All of them. 

However, there is a hold-out. You would never guess who it is in a million years, and you probably wouldn't care. This person has never been a regular on the show.

We would tell you who it is, but the island might send us back to the '70s forever if we did.

-- Maria Elena Fernandez