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Larry David tells you where to watch the big game

October 1, 2009 |  6:12 pm

As any enthusiast of  “Curb Your Enthusiasm” knows, Larry David is a sports fan. New York Yankees, New York Jets, some New York Giants, he said during a recent interview over lunch in Santa Monica. In  Sunday night’s "Curb," which marks the beginning of the so-called “Seinfeld” reunion story line, Larry attends a game for another team he likes – the Los Angeles Lakers. Without spoiling it, let's just say his  viewing experience doesn’t go well.

It’s not first time Larry has been disappointed after attending a big game. He had good seats at 2008’s Super Bowl XLII between the Giants and the, until then, undefeated New England Patriots.

“You know what, looking back on it,” said Larry. “I would have rather watched it on television.”

Why -- that Super Bowl had one of the most exciting finishes in league history?

“You don’t really get the game, I mean really, really get the game when you’re there. You don’t get the game the way you do on television. You don’t see the isolations, you don’t see so much. It’s much different than at the game. You just can’t take it in.”

For more about what Larry had to say over lunch, read the full story.

-- Martin Miller

Photo credit: HBO