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Jake Pavelka named new 'Bachelor'

Pavelka Jillian Harris' cast-off Jake Pavelka -- you may remember him as the guy who tried to throw Wes under the bus -- has been picked to be the next rose-giver on "The Bachelor."

The news was announced during Tuesday's "Dancing With the Stars" results show. Bonus: Tom Bergeron revealed that this season "The Bachelor" would be subtitled: "On the Wings of Love." Because Pavelka is a pilot.

But really, why Jake? Here's how the ABC press release put it:

"Ever since Jake, 31, shared a magical one-on-one date with Bachelorette Jillian Harris to see Martina McBride, millions of women have had their 'Top Gun' fantasies about him. A fan favorite for his reputation as an honest guy with an open heart -- not to mention his good looks -- viewers were stunned when Jillian rejected Jake right before the hometown dates on last season's "The Bachelorette."

But women were drawn to him even more when Jake returned of his own accord in the next episode to protect Jillian from men who were not there for the right reasons. Jake -- who already knew Jillian would not take him back -- freely shared and showed his emotions, and that's when the requests for Jake to be the next Bachelor started to pour in.

If you say so! Season 14 premieres in January.

Thoughts? Can Jake carry this show? Can he be better or, rather, be more dramatic than this year's single-dad-turned-cad Jason Mesnick?

-- Denise Martin

Photo: Jake Pavelka stars in the new season of "The Bachelor." Credit: ABC


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I am so glad to know that all of the important news of the day and the education channels with their stories on dinosaurs and ancient cities and civilizations have been exhausted so that America can now be bombarded with mind fluff, cotton candy, television shows.


BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I guess I can thank ABC for their decision so I don't have to get addicted to another season...

Ok, so maybe Jake is a bit boring, cheesy, typical wasp, etc., but maybe he'll surprise us with an intense season.

Well, I hope Jake can find true love as we all deserve love in our lives. He has got a fantastic smile and he is genuine.

Im happy for him, yet i would've rather him not be the next bachelor. I would love to meet him in person and get to know him. But now i will never get that chance, Not that i would have ever had the chance with him anyways. Ha!
If he was being himself and honest on the show,HE IS SOOOO AMAZING!!!!!!!

This is for Jake--I wish you the very best in finding the love of your life! You are most deserving , have a heart of gold and a real gentleman like quality that's hard to find. I can't wait to see who the lucky girl is that wins your heart. Am hoping she is old fashioned, funny and sweeps you off your feet at first sight!
A true fan! Ruby from Albuquerque

THANK YOU, ABC, for FINALLY making it so I never have to watch The Bachelor again!!!

Soooo happy I will have my Monday nights back, and I have already advised my friends that all future "Bachelor TV parties" at my place are cancelled this season. He is not just boring and cheesy - but also fake fake fake. There is not an ounce of sincerity in that boy. Blah.


I am so glad Jake is it! I just hope he has quality girls to pick from. I'd consider going on this one if I didn't have to wear a swim suit half the time.

Jack is has a BORING personality! The Bachelor has been going downhill for sometime now.

Yaaay!!! Im so happy Jake is the next bachelor!!!! Woohoo!!!

Will the show the Bachelor, or its female counterpart, EVER feature a non-white person in the lead role? This is far beyond embarrassing, ABC.

Posted by: klr | October 14, 2009 at 09:48 PM
Have you noticed how they usually take a reject from the past season to put as the next Bachelor? They don't just pick a random person anymore. And it's by fan favorites. There have been people from many cultures on the show. Asian, African American, European, ect.

Whoo can't wait to see if this is actually a Bachelor season worth watching or not. It should be as long as the drama's kept to a minamul amount this season. Hopefully, Jake finds the one he's looking for. The title sounds a bit cheesy, but who knows it could be really cool to watch...especially with Valentine's Day in February. Can't wait to watch & see.

I don't know this guy looks pretty gay to me. I don't understand why anyone would want to subject themselves to being on TV just for fleeting fame. Can it really be worth it to sacrifice your dignity for 15 minutes or less of notoriety?

UGH! I did not want Jake to me the next bachelor, he's so fake. I know he says that's how he really is, but if that's true then that's just sad. I wanted Michael (the one with the twin) to be the next bachelor, I fell in love with him!

He is the hottest bachelor yet! I can't wait until the season starts && he picks a girl. It's going to be good.

okay what the crap. really?!? "returned of his own accord in the next episode to protect Jillian from men who were not there for the right reasons..." really! thts sooo....ugh...i quote what someone said earlier on here... that comment just made me throw up in my mouth i dont understand this show...the men claim to be in love with what 2, 3, 4 girls at once...'when i saw u i knew that you were my soul mate...blah blah blah..'what's sad is tht the idiotic sluty bimbos believe them!!!...again i say WHAT THE CRAP!!!....and the fact tht ppl actually watch this show and enjoy it..[!!!]..is even more disappointing. i mean get real you idiots!...he's probably having the time of his life sucking face with like 20 sluty girls and declaring love to them!...and girls actually get their hearts borken over this.....ugh...i'm not only disappointed but disgusted by Americans...i mean this is a GREAT example of a pointless show...oh and i like the fact tht its all been rich white guys....okay maybe there's been like ONE [epic] non-white guy (i wouldnt know b/c i dont watch it) but doesnt change the fact tht its always white rich guys or sluty white girls. :]. all said with fiery passionate hate for the Bachelor and Bachelorette [of course] =]

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