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It's not quite over yet for 'Jon & Kate Plus 8'

It now looks like Jon & Kate Gosselin are riding off into the sunset with their large brood and may never be heard from again.

Kidding! You didn't think this pair would disappear that easily, did you? 

Published reports have stated that TLC has halted production on the reality phenomenon "Jon & Kate Plus 8," after estranged dad Jon said the show was harming his kids and had his lawyers issue a cease-and-desist order.

But the reality, if you will, is a bit more complicated. Producers have for now stopped shooting footage of the couple's eight children, but they are still filming mom Kate alone. They also have previously unaired footage of Jon and the kids that will probably turn up in future episodes, according to a person close to the show. So fans may not notice much difference in the days ahead.

Beyond that, however, the future gets murky. TLC has evidently not decided whether to proceed with earlier announced plans to rebrand the show next month as "Kate Plus Eight," leading some observers to conclude that the cable channel may soon wash its hands of the whole sordid situation. A network spokeswoman declined to comment. 

Meanwhile, Jon's representative, New York attorney Mike Heller, said any filming of the show comes as news to him. "As far as I know," he wrote in an e-mail, there is "nothing being shot."

It's all a confusing mess -- which may be good news for tabloids that have feasted on the domestic drama for months. Kate is developing a solo show with TLC, as well as a talk show with a syndicated unit of Warner Bros. Jon also remains under contract to TLC, but is reportedly developing a reality-show idea with Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael Lohan, called "Divorced Dads Club."

--Scott Collins

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Make them go away. Please??

I can't believe Jon Gosselin would do a show with Michael Lohan---Why don't these people just lay low, get out of the headlines and try to be as normal as possible? According to the figures, they have made plenty of money--is there any reason they can't go back to working (she's a nurse and he's in computers, right?) and give themselves and the kids (and the public) a break from their personal problems.

Please give us a break. Kate let Jon see the kids.It is all about the money.

I wish TLC would put the Gosselins out of our pain. Just drop them, period. I don't want to see Just KATE on some show telling me how wonderful a mother she is. She can't handle the kids without an armful of nannies.
People think Kate can't work because she has 8 kids, well some people do it. Besides they are not infants anymore, they are going to school.
I won't watch either one of them on any show. I am sick of them.

Ughhhh... Who the hell cares? For the love of god make it go away already :(

LOLOL I love it when people say "Who cares"

obviously YOU do, or you'd have chosen a political artical to read rather than this one. ha ha.

Look, the show needs to end. I think they've done more than enough to damage the kids psyche's,

from thrusting them into the spotlight, to making their divorce disagreements TOO public, to Kate belittling and basically verbally/mentally abusing Jon (which she admitted, and others have confirmed is true) in front of the national audience and behind the scenes.

I can't imagine the kids not coming damaged like alot of other 'child stars' who suffered similiar humiliations for the world to see.

the show needs to stop.

Who in their right mind wants to watch Kate?
She doesn't seem particularly bright, she's inarticulate, has annoying speech patterns, I am tired of seeing flashes up her mini-skirts, her hair just freaks me out, I think her parenting skills are non-existent, have I covered it all?

Also her screeches, made up words and squeals are maddening.

jon is such a bully. Kate has custody for the kids on the weekend but she has offered him to stay with them all weekend so that she can spend a few hours alone with them on Thursday for their birthday and then he can spend the rest of the day with them and all weekend. Jon is such a crook - he only read a part of the email and then is telling the world that Kate is trying to stop him from seeing his kids. I have no respect for jon and his lies. But the people that are goading him on like Mary Hart - what is wrong with her - can she not see he is lying. He is such a bully - he claims he will spend the night if he feels up to it - because it is his house and he can do what he wants. Do we see how unfair this is - when kate turned up because she feared for her kids with a strange babysitter - he locks her out - but he is bullying his way and is saying he will stay over if he feels like it. Also, when the 6 kids were going to school - that was Kate's turn for custody and he turned up - kate did not chase him away or lock the doors of the vehicle so he cannot see them - she allowed him into her time with the kids. I just hope that we are not supporting someone in wrong doing just because we decided that we will hate kate because she is a woman.

Please someone, anyone, everyone...get this show off the air. Any version...Kate and kids..just Kate...please just make it all go far, far away. That is, until they end up on the E! THS.

Jon and Kate are selfish, narcissistic people whose ego's are more important than what they are putting their innocent children through.

Someone should give those children a vacation from their parents.

Jon & Michael Lohan should become domestic partners. Sleezeballs, Inc.

SURPRISE!!! It's all about the $$$$!!! I believe that Jon and Kate do love their kids. They just think a lot more of themselves than they do ANYBODY else!!! Kate's an emotional cripple and Jon's a dog. Neither is the end of the world, but is that who we really want raising the next generation?!?!? They both suck at parenting...equally!!

Jon is a loser!!!!!!!!! There is no other way around it. Kate should go on, with or with out that show. Just be gone with that scum bag!

Um Kate cannot afford the food for the children or to pay the house bills etc., but she is getting a mother of pearl ring with 8 diamonds. Come on people, she talks about Jon, Good Grief-she is laughing at you all for believing her lies. She wants what she wants and wants it at the cost of her children and husbands happiness! If mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy is true but Kate is not a real mama, she is mommie dearest and has those children in her prison to do as she says and it seems TLC does to. Jon had done wrong but maybe he will get the children into a normal life. They may not live in a mansion or have designer cloths and have all the luxuries they have now but maybe they will be happy with love from their dad. Don't think Kate will EVER put them first or TLC. TlC has a wake up call if they continue putting Kate on TV. Everyone knows now, the truth-and when it comes to the truth, Kate looks bad, very bad. What family would want to watch her or the children (the children having to act like a robot working). Kate is dangerous to those children-she may snap at any time and Jon knows it. Kate has put him through hell trying to keep him from telling the truth. Jon, keep telling the truth. Your children look to be in danger with that woman! All My Opinion. I hope Kate does not hurt one of them or more anymore than she already has!

I am so sick of their every move reported. Isn't their 15 minutes of fame over ....please?????

Jon and Lohan? Jon surrounds himself with jerks. I knew from the way he's been talking that he must have something going on. All that big talk. He thinks he's found freedom out of the huge responsibility of the day to day care of all these kids. He's running around acting like a teenager. Everything coming out of his mouth is stuff his lawyer has told him to say. He's too dumb to know TLC still has him under contract and he can't do anything if they don't let him out of it. AND most likely they will block him from doing his own show. I do think it's time to stop filming the kids, maybe just a yearly update. Kate should have her own show so someone can make enough money to feed the kids. Sure they have made a lot of money but a large portion of it is invested for each kid. The house is not paid for and that is a big expense as well as meeting the needs of this big family. No one wants to see cry baby Jon on a show of his own. Unfortunately, Kate will probably have to pay him support. He's always been the biggest kid she's had to raise.

Kate remains a phony and a crybaby. I believe she hid the $$. And those poor kids having to now say, "Kate plus 8". Doesn't she see how harmful that is for the kids?

I'm not surprised to hear that Jon would hook up with Michael Lohan. We may not know him personally, but he sure is not making a great name for himself in the tabloids. What a jerk. The Divorced Dad's Club? Really? Kate, you're a bit high strung, but you're a good mom, and very dedicated. Keep up the good work. And, as for the show. Let's hope that it continues. The dull rhythm of life can become a drag, and watching those adorable kids just gives me a little boost!

Jon & Kate,

How were you planning to support your eight children before you decided to exploit them on "Jon & Kate"? Do that.

I think Kate does a wonderful job as a mother of 8. I still have hope that the two of them will get back together, I love the show and it breaks my heart that they are seperated. I watch the show all the time and Kate is so lonely without Jon and I saw Jon on ET and the insider and he said there is still a chance for them. I hope they can work it out. I love the show!!

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