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Has 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' star NeNe Leakes become a villain?

NUP_133080_0790 Remember NeNe during the first season of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta"? She was the homegirl you wanted to hang out with the most -- unpretentious (unlike the other wives), silly and unapologetic. She had money just like the rest of them, but she was on the outskirts of the group because she didn't put on airs. And when on-again, off-again friend Sheree didn't invite her to the big party, those were real feelings being hurt.

But then the show blew up and became a big fat hit for Bravo. "Atlanta" is the highest-rated of the network's "Housewives" series, surpassing viewership for the ladies of Orange County, New York and New Jersey. NeNe blew up too. Her feud with Kim -- similar to the Lauren Conrad-Heidi Montag "she said, she said" war on "The Hills" -- made the pair stars, and in Season 2, NeNe couldn't stop basking in her newfound spotlight.

She understood how she became famous, and so, very blatantly, she took every opportunity to stir up trouble in the show's second season. She arranged a get-together just days after Sheree had yanked off Kim's wig on the street. She acted the diva during the alter-ego photo shoot. She got up in newcomer Kandi's face repeatedly, and for no good reason. (Picking on Kandi? The most grounded and sympathetic of the "Housewives"? Not smart.) And just watch what happens during tonight's season finale.

I had lunch with all of the "Atlanta" women -- minus Kim -- not too long ago in Westwood, and it was pretty clear that being in close confines wasn't how they prefer to be. "We're cordial," Lisa kept saying. "Cordial" being separate and apart from "friends." After one too many questions about Kim, NeNe went off: "I'm not gonna sit here and eat my lunch and talk about Kim. You want to ask me about something about myself, I'd be glad to talk to you about it. I have a book. I'm doing a lot of things. I'm not interviewing about Kim."

Well, not until she felt like it. 

A few minutes after she smacked me down, she decided to let me in on a moment that didn't air on the show -- and didn't make the print version of my feature on her. "Kim was tongue-kissing a man. Tongue-kissing. And he wasn't Big Poppa," she said. It happened the night that Sheree puller her wig off, moments after that incident. Sheree jumped in: "I was telling the cameraman, 'You need to focus the camera over there where Kim is making out with that guy!' " NeNe just kept saying "Tongue-kissing."

So Kim made out with a random stranger, minutes after their quarrel? NeNe and Sheree said "Yes!" It triggered an entire discussion -- that I was left out of -- of how Kim does nothing but lie. One can only hope that footage and that story make the upcoming reunion episode, slated to air in two parts, on Oct. 29 and Nov. 5.

Read more about NeNe's transformation and why, for better or worse, making money drives all her decisions now in today's feature, "Queen bee of 'Real Housewives of Atlanta.' "

-- Denise Martin

Photo: Dwight, NeNe Leakes and Lisa Wu Hartwell during the taping of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion episode. Credit: Bravo

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Nee Nee you are the girl you where wrong jumping on Kandi like that. Kandi is someone you "might" want on your team. But you know you are Ms.Diva. That dam kim is a mess that Bitch isn't even marry. Why the hell is she on there anyway's. Plus why is she lying saying that she is gettin marry to "BIG PAPA". That bitch is crazy I feel sorry for them girls she has. What are you telling them, That bitch needs help. Lisa you are wonderful, I love your line you coming out with. U need to come up with a BIG GIRL LINE. We need love too. Sheree try a little harder on your's.Kandi keep your head up we love you.

Love you all
Ms. Diva

Oh Palize, NeNe says she wears a size 8? Thats too funny. If she wears a 14 I'd be surprised! She has put on at least 40 pounds since season 1. She is probably one of those girls that cuts her tags out of her clothes so no one can see what size she really wears! She's always saying what a lier Kim is! And Shree is so self centered, no womder her husband divorced her! I like Kim and Kandi the best! And I'm so tired of hearing NeNe call Kim a Heffa! Shut you mouth already!

I've always been a Nene fan but after viewing this seasons episodes I believe that Nene is letting the fame get to her head. She needs to come back down to the real world. Sorry to say this about 'my girl' but it's sad but true.


I saw the previews for the finale and I keep wondering why NeNe insists on bashing Kim for wearing a wig, when she herself looks like a drag queen most of the time. Even my 11 year old son thinks she looks more manly than her friend Dwight. In my opinion NeNe is a mean spirited and cowardly person who is unhappy with her self and needs to bash the other cast members (behind their backs, of course) to make herself feel better,since she can't look as good as them or have an amiable personality like them. If I were any of the cast members I would not give her any of my time. And, for any one who thinks that I'm being a hater you can check me out on myspace and see that I have nothing to hate about. I am fabulous and turning 41 in November and can hold a candle to NeNe any day. Just like it is said that clothes don't make the man obviously in NeNe's case money certainly does not make the woman! NeNe is all sow's ear and no hope of being silk purse.

Neenee My name is Joel Gomes Im from Capeverde Island west coast of Africa Im just writing to let you know that I like you very much in fact I like all of you, I live in pawtucket Rhode Island but Im planning to move to Florida cuz im looking for a Job Im a singer and I wish I could find someone to help me wit that, I sing traditional capeverdean but I also sing in English, my dream is to meet all of you one day and tell you all how great you all are
may God Bless you all and your family
thanks very much dfor everything
Joel S Gomes

Nene is disgusting. Look in the dictionary under passive aggressive and you'll see her photo. She has done herself ZERO favors this season. I used to be slightly amused by her, now I despise her.

Nene is just a hot mess, always dressed like a bum and she just look plain doofy her body a mess. She is jealous that kim got more money then her and she didn´t let her get in on the track to get some fame. Kandi should´ve broke her jaw because NeNe is the only one who acting all obnoxious and aggressive through out.

oK, Reality T.V is garbage because i understand that the things they edited make things so much better than what they actually show on T.V. One can definately feel the tensions that really exsists.

In season one Ne-Ne was one of my favorite housewives, but now she has really went from keeping it real to being a hater; Especially when it comes to Kandi. One thing that I like is that Kandi don't play any games with Ne-Ne sorry Ne-Ne but you have met your match. Kim and Ne-Ne will forever have problems so I'm really not concerned with them right. Kandi has become one of my favorite housewives for season two. Keep your head up Kandi and Ne-Ne please come back down to earth and stop being a hater.

That's right Reina, NeNe is very GINUWINE, FULL OF GIN AND WINE, (not to be confused with genuine). She's a tacky, trifling, self-important hater. She claims Kim is the liar, but she was the one claiming she was never evicted from her house. That whole story about how Kim was "making out" with another man, I saw the unedited footage, and it DOES NOT look like Kim was making out with that guy, it looks like from the camera angle, she is standing in front of the guy, and from that angle looks like kissing, but at some point she reaches up and pushes her hair out of her face, proving their was space between them. What a drama queen! NeNe refuses to take responsibility for any of her actions, and while she's downtalking Kim, don't forgot, it was Kim who walked out with the bitch when Sheree embarassed her at that party! But she chose to believe Sheree. No good deed goes unpunished.

NeNe is absolutely crazy!!!! I can barely stand to watch the show because she is so fake its ridiculous. Both seasons Sheree, NeNe, and Lisa have talked about how Kim keep stuff going when they're the fake, booshie biaches that keep drama going. NeNe has made fun of Kim wanting to sing, downing her to make her fat funny looking ass feel better-jealous, and she said she didn't even want to do the song; It was only after she heard the remake that Kandi produced did she want to partake in the project. Additionally, she has called Kandi ghetto-WHAT is she talking about? NeNe Leakes is as ghetto as ghetto can get. She is nothing but a bully, a loud mouth bully at that. I don't know how anyone can tolerate her for long, she is absurd, ridiculous and a big phony.

OMG!!! I can't take it (I'm watching as I'm posting). Get rid of the crazy b%$#&! Telling Kandi she owes her an apology-whatever.

The only one I respect is Kandi, while she was a little off kilter with her decision to marry AJ, she is the only one who paved her own way. Sorry to have gotten off subject, but yes NeNe has turned into a villain and I don't like her.

Nene and Lisa are truely the glue that keeps this show going. Kim is ill she needs help- she is a liar- she has no sense of reaity- Who goes around saying she is engaged to a married man who still lives w/ his wife . She is sloppy seconds no class. Shree is not far behind/ Dwigt made her fhion show and she took credit for everything/ the clothes
were ok. She is two faced and is living off the fact that she was married to a NFL star and living off his money-hat about her grow daughter/ she never speaks about/ she is phoney- Go NeNe- Lisa noting but good things coming your way.

I first want to start by saying, you couldn't meet a more humble person than Kandi; if you haven't figured out that she's really the "only" one that has her own money and everyone else is trying to get their weight up but in the midst of "trying" they've become so arroogant & competitive that they don't see that their destroying themselve in the process. Last season I LOVED Nene Leakes, but honey this season you turned into a true hater to where I was almost embarassed for you. Kandi was never confrontational with you, yet you seemed to want to pick at her; she should've kicked your a@# a few times but when you're a classy woman and about your business, you don't have time. Lisa you're a sh@# starter then you run away and poor Kim how many times does Nene have to whoop on you before you get that she don't like you, find a new friend sweetie, Sheree you did your thing this season (minus the wig incident, that was lame) overall, don't any of you ladies let the money make you, you make the money (as Lisa & hubby are finding out) it can all be taken away at any given moment. Stay Blessed!

I like NeNe and Lisa the best. They aren't fake like Sheree and Kim...especially Kim...she's a wannabe who will never be...LOL
NeNe, you need to calm down, you are way better than Kim. She's not worth wasting time about.
I can't believe that even with all that money that there is soooo much drama. But the tv doesn't help.
Dwight...I love you...you are great...I hope Sheree knows how great you are to have helped her like you did.
Best Wishes, Susie Q
P.S. I would love to have a day with NeNe or Lisa or Dwight...that would be a blast!!!

I am really tired of NeNe who believes that all NICE people like her. I sure lost all affection for this person. She is sure UGLY, in all directions. Why does she talk about Kim's wigs when she wears one too??. Get really real NENe. It is a shame that NeNe has a nice guy like Greg to love her and be her man. He sure could do better than her. I know that Kim goes overboard in dress etc; but she is honest. I hate the fact they talk about her behind her back and all. We need more like Kandi in our world. If I was Kim I would leave NeNE in the ditch and go forward. I cannot stand NENE at all. Ruthie Craig, Ret. Evansville, Indiana...(I lived in the south 20 years and loved it.Those persons like NeNE are awful no matter where they live or come from.)

Sha ne ne is too immature and dramatic for the show and behaves like the oversized bully girl in grade school. She brings shame to all classy black women. It is clear to see that she is jealous of Kandi and her success. I like Kandi! She is the only one that realy has it together. Lisa is OK, but seems to fear Sha ne ne. Shree is too self-centered and Kim is nice but will use you to get what she wants. Beware of her.

NeNe is constantly talking about people, then saying she doesn't talk about anybody. From singing the song about Kim, when she was supposed to be her best friend, and saying she didn't sing it. It's all on video bitch. She blatantly talked about Kandi, saying she's beneath Nene and ghetto, and her singing was alright, nothing special. She's the biggest liar of them all. She needs to get herself in control, and stop arguing about nothing with everybody possible. It just makes her look like she desperately needs the attention all the time, no matter who she has to yell at to get it. I liked her the most at the beginning, but she is not cute at all anymore. Kim has not done anything close to what NeNe does to everybody. Kim is hardly a threatening person. NeNe's head is almost bigger than the rest of her body. Kandi handled NeNe perfectly, "It's a good thing she don't get paid for thinking"

NeNe is embarrassing!!!!

Nene, eventually Bravo fans saw your true spirit come out progressively through the show. You tried to blame the Bravo show editors for making you look like a villain. No Nene – the fact is Bravo fans saw what you truly are = a Lumpy Moosey Tranny who is a Rotten Atlanta Peach to the core! Regarding assault: Kim including anyone who is has been physically assaulted by you should have had you arrested. You are a hypocrite, you were a victim of violence yet were and are are violent toward others, verbally and physically. You are a poor representative of victims, even though Twisted Hearts and the Heel the Soul- Stiletto Woman is rooted in good intentions, you tarnish it all due to your violent bulling tranny moosey behavior on the the show. Bravo executives, please kick her off the show! Nene in negotiations with her own show = disgusting! u5tj3u

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