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Playboy Hugh Hefner and new girlfriends talk 'Girls Next Door'

Even at 83, Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner has no trouble bouncing back from a breakup.

"My reaction always to a lost love is to, you know, get back in the game," Hefner said in an interview last week in the Playboy Mansion library.

As he and his three new blond-bombshell girlfriends, Crystal Harris and twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon, sat on the antique couch, Hefner discussed soured relationships and the latest of countless new beginnings. All the while, Hefner affectionately rubbed the legs of his costars on the new season of the E! show "The Girls Next Door."

America's grandfather of sexual liberation said he wasn't expecting to settle down, per se, immediately after his recent breakup -- not to be confused with his divorce last month from second wife Kimberly Conrad, from whom he had been separated for 11 years.

Hefner split about a year ago with Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson, the former stars of the surreality show whom he called his girlfriends for several years.

"One might have expected a lonely period or a period with a lot of whoever happened to be here," Hefner said. "But instead of that, it moved very quickly and very smoothly into a wonderful relationship."

The transition between girls plays out on the screen Sunday during the sixth-season premiere of "The Girls Next Door."

Hefner said his relationships generally follow a path where his Playmate girlfriends gain fame and eventually pursue celebrity rather than a more-relaxed life at one of Los Angeles' most legendary manors. These new girls, too, will become celebs "rather quickly," Hefner predicts.

Watch the video at the top for our interview with the "Girls Next Door" stars.

-- Mark Milian

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These girls look like his GRANDCHILDREN - this is disgusting

I'm flabbergasted that those three beautiful girls will do anything ....even sleep with the man old enough to be their grandfather ...in order to get fame and publicity ! If the three of them were my daughters....I would be ashamed of them !

A woman would say that. If Hef can afford three chicks whose combined ages are less than his, more power to him. They're all adults.

Hey Daria, if they were your daughters, they'd probably be ashamed of you too.

They're adults, of consenting age. You either believe in freedom for all, or you don't.

As for Hef, he's got what girls want...access to power. It's the way of the world. Always has been, always will be.

I have to tip my handsome hat to Hugh. Muy mas macho.

Gross. I know we're in a depression, but do these girls really need to pimp themselves out to this old guy to get a job?

The twins can't disguise their boredome and the other one looks scared.

They may look bored or scared but they're more loaded than any of us so go them!

Sad to see what young women will do to get money. And, sad to see an old man who actually believes these women care about him. LOL, if he was poor, they would not be there. Wise up and show your age Hef!

Just saw the new girls on Chelsea Lately, even Chelsea was rolling her eyes. The three together don't have the personality of any one of the last girls. The pages of the magazine have more pizazz than those vapid girls.

I almost bust a gut laughing at the main girl's job choices, she could work on the scrapbooks or taking care of the animals. Then the other two, dumb and dumber were dying their dogs pink !!

Please Hef, you know plenty of beautiful women, how's about adding someone with a few brain cells.

Hugh Hefner is kidding right ?
This is a joke on anyone who has a brain.
To start with I have one wife not three.
And I did'nt change her out for new "relationship" when we had a disagreement.
This is complete nonsence !!

They seriously think they can just replace Holly, Kendra and Bridget? The reason his show was big was them. It's not like everyone watching cause they wanna see Hugh. Continuing this show is such a ridiculous idea.
Hopefully the ratings will reflect that. Or else I will have lost in faith in America's youth. >.<

The whole show was a joke. bring back Kendra, Holly and Bridget, at least they had some class. The new three need to go away or else the show will go away, I don't need to watch next week and won't.

Thanks to Joey and Dave, for ensuring I didn't think all men wanted to live like this. I'm no prude and have nothing against Playboy, and I understand Hef likes younger women, but this just looks awkward and creepy. Those twins are 19. Ewwww. You can't convince me these girls wouldn't rather be dating George Clooney. There's just not much to admire in seeing four people use each other.

i think everybody should just calm down. hugh is probably at a age where he doesnt even enjoy much sex. for the most part their probably just keeping him company or a publicity stunt. hes been doing this for years now and george clooney almost 50 probably older so it wouldnt make much of a difference.


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