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Five burning questions from 'Melrose Place' so far

October 29, 2009 | 12:24 pm

The CW folks have given us a week of free rent in our favorite West Hollywood complex. And while they go about fumigating and updating the apartments (we hope you leave a forwarding address, Auggie!) as the new tenants prepare to move in (see ya in November, Amanda!), Show Tracker is taking this hiatus to ponder a few questions about what we've learned so far.

Is anything more going to be done with Michael's secret blackmail files that sticky-fingered David managed to snatch?
This was by far one of the biggest throwbacks to the first "Melrose Place." And I know, I know. They're different shows. The actors haven't even seen the Fox version. But c'mon! The good doctor went through all the trouble to keep tabs on his former neighbors and paramours, the least the show can do is leak some of that to the viewers so that we can get a good cat fight or 10 in before the Valentine's Day episode. Plus, it'd be a great excuse to bring back more characters ...
Speaking of older characters, what ever happened to (cry)baby Jane?
Remember when she was just a pathetic, easily abused and picked-on fashion designer with a passive-aggressive anger streak? Sydney's grieving sister came back in 2009 with a backbone and made enemies out of Ella and Violet, both of whom she turned over to the cops and both of whom seemed to have gotten out unscathed. Shouldn't she be screaming from her tower somewhere and plotting more ways to ruin these young 'uns? Or at least be around to collect their rent? Maybe she can smoke them out.

Ella-pool-melrose-place Oh yeah, wasn't there a murder?
I love that these new "MP" kids are so self-centered that they just shake off Sydney's stabbing and it's literally "everybody back in the pool" by the second episode's group barbecue. Since Jane's AWOL, is anyone else going to investigate this? Shouldn't everyone be looking at Violet, if not for being the killer then as the one to avenge her "mother's" slaying? It's not uncommon for shows to do two or three episodes with a juicy story line and then drop it for some other arc (I'm looking at you, "Nip/Tuck." And I'm still holding a grudge over the weak payoff with the Carver), but wasn't this supposed to be the major storyline for the first season? Executive producers Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer said they would have this case closed by Episode 12, but who cares if we've all forgotten about it anyway?

Lauren-melrose-place Will Lauren get into more repercussions from her prostitution side job?
Aside from one rough encounter, Lauren's had a pretty good ride working in the world's oldest profession. Sure, she had to ditch whiny Riley's hunt for wedding dresses, and apparently Wendi's the only one who calls her cellphone, but she's made a friend in the biz who's willing to help her off of a yacht. And despite the far-off stares of "how did I get into this mess?" that she projects during and after the "dates," she seems to like it enough that she'd rather do her own illegal deeds than take the cash David makes from his black market art deals. Since those detectives have stopped hunting for Sydney's killers, will they have time to bust her?

Will there be a final blowup and breakup for Jonah and Riley?
The world's most unrealistically happy couple seem to hover on breaking up every episode, then calm down to discuss the same old "I don't like your relationship with Auggie/Ella" and then make veggie burgers. Jonah met that D-girl for drinks to discuss his vision. Will he have it in him to seal the deal? Please say yes. Because I don't know if I can take another week of this.

What about you? What would you like to see get resolved on "Melrose Place"? Share your comments below.

-- Whitney Friedlander

Top photo: The new "Melrose Place" cast: Katie Cassidy as Ella, Shaun Sipos as David, Stephanie Jacobsen as Lauren, Colin Egglesfield as Auggie, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz as Violet, Michael Rady as Jonah and Jessica Lucas as Riley. Credit: Richard Phibbs / The CW

Middle photo: Ella enjoys the pool a few days after Sydney's stabbing. Credit: Michael Desmond / The CW.

Bottom photo: Lauren stares and contemplates her second job. Credit: Michael Desmond / The CW