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'Dancing With the Stars' results: Fight to the finish

117790_5655_pre In a week where the women soared and many of the men fell by the wayside, it was gentle giant Chuck Liddell who ended up with the short end of the voting stick and was two-stepped out of the competition. And while mixed martial arts fighter Chuck had a couple more judges’ votes than Michael Irvin and Louie Vito, it was pretty clear the Ultimate Fighting champ had reached his plateau, dance-wise. I mean, where else can you go after ruffled sleeves?

It was another Tuesday-night episode that was lite on the filler. The encore performance was not Joanna Krupa and Derek’s raunchy lambada, as Len so cheekily asserted on Monday, but Melissa Joan Hart and Mark’s star-making Charleston, complete with mustache and black-and-white grain film (and a wayward lock of Melissa’s hair that flapped distractingly a half-beat behind her). Pros Cheryl, Edyta, Karina, Dmitry, Alec and Louis performed a snappy Argentine tango/paso doble medley as a preview of what’s to come next week. And while it’s always a pleasure to see the pros perform, particularly when the capes are turned into skirts, couldn’t they have done this last week with the unfamiliar bolero, two-step, lambada and the Charleston?

Grammy-winner Shakira performed twice. First up was “Did It Again,” a single from her latest album that featured awesome traditional Korean drums and allowed the Colombian singer to flex her limber back muscles. She then performed her crowd-pleasing hit “Hips Don’t Lie,” complete with belly dancers, and didn’t even do a costume change in between!

Keeping the stars grounded and down to earth are their kids, who got highlighted in a pre-taped clip. And while they were super-cute and served their intended awww purpose, did anyone else think it was weird that a whole clip was devoted to offspring, when only four of the contestants -- Melissa Joan Hart, Chuck Liddell, Michael Irvin and Mark Dacascos -- had them? 

The next clip, about the stress of competition and impending elimination, was at least more all-inclusive. But man, was it fraught with tension. All the frustrated stares, bickering and stony silence during rehearsals left me feeling that maybe this wasn’t such a fun show to be on, after all. Sure, the producers tried to liven it up with shots of Nerf guns, but ultimately, it left me knotted in one big ball of nerves.

Which brought us to the impending elimination. Which seemed to be drawn out to the point of torture. Aaron Carter and Karina were singled out as one of the bottom two couples early on in the program and had to endure the rest of the hour marked for death in an unflattering red light, only to be joined much, much later by Chuck and Anna. Aaron appeared as though he was about to toss his cookies by hour's end. Anna, however, looked like she was over it every time the camera panned her way (which was only slightly better than Lacey’s oddly-pursed fish lips), so maybe it was good that she and Chuck were put of their misery.

What did you think? Did the right person go home this week? Was Louie’s backstage comment of “At least I’m not crying” a direct dig at Aaron? Which is a better nickname for Chuck: Bear or hippo?

-- Allyssa Lee


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Photo: Anna Trebunskaya and Chuck Liddell. Credit: ABC / Adam Larkey

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Frankly, I thought for sure Michael Irvin was going home for sure due to his lack of "dancing." All I saw was a lot of posing and his professional partner doing all the dance work. At least Chuck was making the effort to "dance." I think the voting audience truly got this one wrong, but unfortunately, the sports audience have always weighed in heavily for football heroes. It is just a shame that this football sports celebrity can not dance a lick. He talks the talk (he's always been able to do that), but he can't remember that this is not the time to "Walk the Walk." This is the time "TO DANCE" which he simply has not shown the ability to do.

Aaron Carter is a cry baby he needed to go home last night he needs to get over himself as does Karina. Carrie Ann was right they are painful to watch...People send him home next week...Kudos to Louie for calling it the way we can all see it.

DWTS has jumped the shark. All the negatives mentioned in the essay are founded, as well as many others. It's no wonder the show is down some 13% in viewership this year, even more among the coveted 18-49 group.

They need to get a whole new team of producers in next season and right the ship before it's too late.

Chuck's departure from the DWTS show was imminent from the first episode. Many of this season's contestants have marginal dancing skills so Chuck probably lasted longer than he should have thanks to the effort he put forth in attempting to learn to perform the dances.
Neither "Bear" nor "Hippo" is a suitable nickname for him.
How has Michael Irvin survived so long?
Aaron never should have been in the final 2.
The elimination shows are brutal to watch. Just tune in the last five minutes. Or read Allyssa's article in Wednesday's paper.
I'd like to see next season's DWTS have new judges. Len is more irascible by the day; Carrie Ann is tough to take--she can't sit still on her chair, some of her comments are nonsensical, absurd and off-the-wall-- and Bruno, well, he's just Bruno.
And how about lining up some bigger name "Stars"? Maybe somebody we have heard of.
I am looking forword to the Hustle group dance next week.
The hip-hop group dance two season's ago was classic.
Au revoir!

I really thought it should have been Michael last night. People have been blaming his partner for his bad dancing. I don't think anyone can help him. Good for Louie. He was making a well deserved dig at Aaron about the crying. It's time for Aaron to go. He may have thought himself an early fav. and declared himself the winner. Karina is just the wrong partner for him and people are starting to turn againist them. Louie while not the best dance is cute and is fun to watch. Mark not so good either but may stay on a bit longer. Donny will outlast all the man and should outlast most of the women and make it to the finals. He is the most entertaing and fun to watch each week. It's bad Chuck had to leave this week. But he & Michel both couldn't dance.


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