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CBS says accused Letterman extortionist works on '48 Hours'

Letterman CBS has revealed that the person accused in a $2-million blackmail plot against talk show host David Letterman is a network employee who works on the true-crime show "48 Hours."

At a taping of tonight's "Late Show," Letterman told the studio audience that an unnamed person had approached him and threatened to reveal details of the host's sexual liaisons with female staffers unless a payment of $2 million was received. Letterman said he admitted to the sexual relationships during grand jury testimony.

In a statement late Thursday, the network said: "CBS was made aware of an ongoing police investigation involving David Letterman and an employee at '48 Hours,' who was subsequently arrested earlier today on charges of attempted grand larceny in the first degree." The employee had been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation, the network added.

"Mr. Letterman addressed the issue during the show's broadcast this evening, and we believe his comments speak for themselves," the network said in the statement.

--Scott Collins 

DavidlettermanLetterman Top 10 list: Extortion and sex scandal edition

Alleged Letterman extortionist said he needed to 'make a large chunk of money'

Letterman's blackmail scandal boosts ratings 22%

In this Jan. 17, 2008 file photo, television talk show host David Letterman walks out of The Ed Sullivan Theater in New York. (AP Photo/Evan Agostini, file)

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Letterman can never again try to make fun of people like Sarah Palin's children. He would have sex with any woman that he could. He really does not have the intellect of Johnny Carson or Cavet, and he isn't as talented as Leno.

I am proud to say that I never watched Letterman's show. His psuedo-intellect covers for his lack as a comedian.

As a black man, my take is that if Letterman was blackmailed, what does whitemail mean? S0me of the Earl Hutchinson's, Jesse Jackson, and Shaprton clowns of the world are eventually have to get the term "blackmail" banished from the English language. They will say that it's racist, oppressive, and cast all blacks in a negative light.

Integrity. Letterman admitted his mistake. Unlike that ignorant clown Palin whose promiscuous uneducated offspring hatched babies which she then lies to the public about, claiming it as her own. Unlike David Letterman, Palin is a comedian who is NOT funny.

First, it is nobodies business how Letterman and his wife choose to maintain their relationship and now marriage. It is honestly nobodies right to judge that, it's a private matter between the people involved.

Next, good for Letterman...I admire how he has been able to keep his private life, well, private for all these decades. I don't care and if he were breaking laws that is for the legal system to judge not me.

Last, while I imagine a majority of commenter's here now no longer even remember Johnny Carson. Dude was a swordsman that put Hef to shame...let people live their lives as they chose and really, it is just sex. We in the US are so twisted about this it's beyond sad...keep buying those video games and MMORPG subscriptions for your adolescent kids parents, that will teach them what they need to know...killing good, sex bad...nice.

Another hollyweird scumbag! What's new?

Dave + Afairs= Plain stupidity
48hrs Employee + Extortion= CRIMINAL!!

Letterman a very cheap personality, lousy stinking man from his mind, thought, body and action. More of his lousy action must be exposed and let him spend time in prison for crime he has committed. He is a big dirt bag of CBS. As is CBS it self has no reputation of it's own broad cast.

He should do what Kobe did, buy his wife a huge ring to shut her up. He saved 2 million but now he will spend it for a Kobe ring.

Why is this a Story? It's as news worthy as writing a story about bad asian drivers, whats news WORTHY ABOUT THAT? All of the personalities on Television have sex with everyone, thats not news. Sorry.

He is a man!! Men will have sex with women when they can, at least he was honest. Why do we expect men to act owerwise???

Finally, what I have thought all along about Letterman is turning out to be true. He's sleazy. He acts sleazy and he is. Why anyone would watch such an insensitive (comic) is amazing to me. He's not a comic--he's a joke!

I do not think this Letterman thing is going anywhere but to higher ratings for Dave. I read today that the woman tied to defendant and plantiff (Dave) is now banned from the studio. Since any young woman working in television probably has the same aspirations as any good waitress in LA or Manhattan, this may be the hardball that will keep things neat as a message from the corporate giant to keep cool. By the letter of the law, Dave is practicing sexual harrassment by virtue of the fact that he displayed a show of inherent power just because he is the others' superior at the job. I interpet this like an ultra fine Supreme Court narrow interpretation. If that was all that happened, I do not think it will be easy to make any conclusion. Ultimately it may cost Dave to get rid of this unpleasant situation and remember, Dave is on the edge and the next shoe if it drops may cause a phone call to Chris Rock.

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