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'Brothers & Sisters': A good cry

I'm willing to bet there weren't too many dry eyes after last night's episode of "Brothers & Sisters." I know I asked the show for more humor last week, but nothing beats an hour of pure heart.

Kitty received her CAT scan results and the prognosis was decent but not ideal. Her cancer had not spread to her bone marrow, but it had spread enough to warrant a Stage 3 diagnosis. She was given two treatment options: the traditional cocktail of chemotherapy and radiation at home in L.A., or participate in a non-FDA-approved clinical trial in Boston. Though the decision is ultimately Kitty's, Robert and Nora had conflicting opinions of which she should choose. Robert favored the clinical trial's more aggressive approach, while Nora insisted that a strong support system along with the traditional treatment was what Kitty needed most. It was only a matter of time before these two went head-to-head, and there was no better impetus than a threat to Kitty's physical well-being.

Robert and Nora's confrontations were surprisingly formidable. Nora packed the extra punch during their argument in Robert's office, but his late-night truce lifted the doubts I had about his commitment to Kitty. For once, he let down his guard and displayed fear, sympathy and vulnerability. But even as his eyes welled with tears, Robert remained poised and resolute about working with, not against, Nora. It was a great performance by Rob Lowe, who gave us new insight into Robert without compromising consistency.
The tears continued to flow as the rest of the family was informed of the news. Kevin, always the sensitive one despite his hard-nosed exterior, was the most reactive, but Saul and Justin also had their own good cries. It was refreshing to see that kind of emotion from men on a TV show.

Kitty, on the other hand, was determined to stay strong and positive. She put on a smile while helping Rebecca shop for a wedding dress, but as soon as she had convinced herself that the distraction was working, a shadow would appear across her face. Escaping from reality was going to be harder than she had thought. Her final decision to go the traditional route in treatment, however, was made with the calm and strength that could convince anyone she was going to fight it. At least I hope that's the case.

During last night's episode, I rooted for Kitty and the Walkers more than I ever have. Her illness has given the family a chance to come together and appreciate one another again. More importantly, it's given viewers a renewed sense of why they watch the show in the first place. Whether you come from a large or small brood, "Brothers & Sisters" has always reminded us that family is the only thing constant in our lives. In the shaky world we live in, that's not a bad thing to remember time and time again. Now that Sarah's back and everyone's once again on the same page, I have no doubt we can expect the humor to return to the show.

Time for your thoughts, readers. Did you shed a tear last night? What were your favorite moments? Feel free to share in the comments.

-- Enid Portuguez (follow me on Twitter @enidrocks)

Photo: The Walkers await Kitty in the kitchen. Credit: ABC

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What was the name of the song that played when Kitty and Sarah embraced at the very end of last night's program? I cannot find it. Help!

GREAT show!

Calista Flockhart is doing career-best work in this series. She broke my heart last night. And everyone else was on top form, especially Rob Lowe -- his scenes with Sally Field were riveting. Those, the bridal shop scene and absolutely the appearance of Rachel Griffiths at the ending were my favorite moments. When "Have a Little Faith" swelled up as Kitty grabbed onto Sarah, my eyes overflowed. First-rate episode.

I believe the song was Michael Franti's Have a Little Faith.

I am a HUGE fan of this show. Again, do the writers realize lenore from Desperate Housewives had Hodgkin's Lymphoma? They did a horrendous job with this story line! For me, a mom, physician, and lymphoma survivor (almost 3 yrs), I hope the writers can take this opportunity as ateachable moment-- Stay away from the "cancer is the best thing that ever happened to me -RAP", and let people know how cance strains a family, its finances, your friendships, your job, etc. My 2nd son was 6 months old - god bless my sister for pitching in with all those diaper changes when I was nauseated and resting. Brothers and Sisters writers': don't mess this up!(though I admit I will still watch.) PS, i love how you had Nora take calcium - at least it was not her beloved Boniva!

The love you get from family is the constant thing in this life....that is why I love watching this show.

I feel bad that I didn't shed a tear during this episode. I did get very teary eyed especially when Kevin and Saul started to cry. My favorite scene was when Sarah knocked on the door. You could see that Kitty was missing something from that great dinner and it was definitely not having her big sister around. So when that knock came on the door I knew it was Sarah!

Kitty is a fighther and it's gonna be great to see how she and the rest of the Walkers tackle this battle.
I loved the Nora and Robert's fight as well as their bonding to make sure Kitty is their main priority.

Great episode last night, I didn't like that Dennis guy, what is he up to??

I loved this episode. The writers finally made me believe why I should keep watching this show. I kind of had doubts after watching the 3rd season. And when Sarah appeared at the door, i just couldn't be happier. That's my favorite moment.

And yes, I did cry !


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