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'Biggest Loser's Jillian Michaels is taking her (new) show on the road

Jillian-Losing-It If Jillian Michaels were pounding on your front door ... would you let her in?

NBC announced today that it is giving "The Biggest Loser" trainer her own show: "Losing It with Jillian Michaels." Scheduled to debut next year, the show will star the tiny tyrant as she crisscrosses the country, moving in with families and providing tough-love life coaching.

The focus won't be just on weight loss and fitness -- although that will be a key part of it. Michaels will also examine family dynamics, finances, career goals -- even whether Mom and Dad are still having s-e-x, and if not, why not.

"We're essentially rebooting them," Michaels said today during a media conference call.

"It's not about fat to thin," Michaels later added. "It's about being stuck and getting unstuck."

Michaels will call upon a fleet of experts as needed but has announced only one team member: Aussie heartthrob chef Curtis Stone, who has appeared on "The Biggest Loser." Stone will help families get back in the kitchen and cook.

Michael said that she has no plans to leave "The Biggest Loser," saying she'll stay as long as NBC will have her. But she said the show gives her a chance to break out from the archetype she often gets stuck playing on NBC's weight-loss reality show.

That Jillian is a caricature, she said, adding that the camera plays up the 15 minutes where she loses it and begins tearing into contestants. "The were 23 other hours and 45 minutes where I was lovely."

That portrayal, she added, has been "limiting."

She defended the hollering and screaming as necessary to break through to contestants who are so obese they are literally fighting for their lives. But she said audiences can expect to see a different side of her on "Losing It."

"I'm going to do whatever the situation calls for. If it requires me being soft, I will be soft. ... I think you'll get a really good idea of who I truly am ... the method behind the madness."

The challenge won't just be for the families, either.

Jillian will actually be living with the family, sleeping under their roof, eating from their refrigerator, tagging along to school and work, and even getting her own workouts in along with them. Once she understands their life, she will begin to dismantle it and put it back together, Jillian style.

"I won't be yelling at children," she joked, or dropping f-bombs in their presence. She does, however, reserve the right to verbally rough up their parents, in private.

She confessed to having anxiety about branching out on her own. "I'm actually terrified." But said she hopes to grow and improve as a trainer just as she is asking her wards to grow and improve as well.

The show is an enhancement of "The Biggest Loser," she said.

" 'The Biggest Loser' is the end of the road, the last resort" for morbidly obese contestants. But the show focuses on weight loss, challenges and temptations. Now always the how and why of change, Michales said.

"This is showing more of what we do what we do, bringing it to people's homes."

There will also be the beloved "where are they now?" moment that is a popular part of "The Biggest Loser."

At the end of Michaels' week with a family, she will give them a series of guidelines. "We'll give them an ultimatum. 'These are your marching orders. We expect this much change.' "

And then she'll be back.  

The update momments won't be as jaw-dropping, though, as losing 100 pounds. Maybe they lost 30 pounds, finally applied for and got into college, paid off their debts, and brought down their cholesterol levels, she said.

She said the emphasis will be on the doable -- taking small steps toward success: "We don't need Americans to lose 100 pounds in seven weeks. ... I'll take 100 pounds in a year." 

The impetus for the show was the complaint Michaels says she always hears: "Losing weight would be easy for me too if I were on 'The Biggest Loser' Ranch."

"All right," she said. "Now we're coming to you."

The show will work within a family's financial means. If they cannot afford a gym membership, she will help them set up a gym in their home. Or she might examine their food bill and realize were they can cut out fattening and unhealthy food and drink -- and make room for a membership after all. 

"We're taking all the excuses and turning them into solutions," she said.

She said the goal is to intervene in people's lives before they need a last-resort option like "The Biggest Loser."

She said she has a special affinity for children who are struggling with food and fitness. As a teen, she at one point was 5 feet tall and 175 pounds. Today, she is 5-foot-2 and weights about 120. Martial arts was her gateway out.

Jillian said there is one element of "The Biggest Loser" that she is happy to leave behind: eliminations and temptations. She acknowledges they make for good TV but says she hates that aspect of the show.

"Am I excited to not have elimination? You bet I am," she said. Instead, she said her new show will be about "real life, man. This is it, there are no challenges, there are no temptations other than what exist [in real life]. ... I'm talking about vending machines at the office, happy hour with the coworkers."

-- Rene Lynch

Photo credit: NBC Universal

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I don't really watch Biggest Loser but I like Jillian's Shred DVD. It bugs me though that she puts her name on weight loss supplements. Seems very antithetical to what she promotes healthwise.

Um, excuse me? Jillian was never "5 inches tall and 175 pounds". Maybe 5 feet tall, but not 5 inches. I mean, I know she's tiny, but come on!

Having said that, I am really looking forward to a show that gives us the real Jillian, instead of the BL caricature. She's amazing.

I like Jillian despite the rough way she is often portrayed on The Biggest Loser. I became interested in my own health and fitness watching that show. I later bought her 30 Day Shred DVD and her Master Your Metabolism book. I have learned a lot from her and am looking forward to living a longer heather life along with my husband and my 1 year old daughter. I know that our eating habits have undergone some major changes and are continuing to do so. I can’t wait to see her new show when it airs.

Where do I sign up? I would LOVE an opportunity like this! She is the best of the best and to have her show up at my house and guide me would be a dream come true!!

i love Jillian Michaels... I wish she would come pounding on my front door.. couse YES i will let her in.... i want to do whatever it takes to lose this weight..... How can u ge her to come to my house...lol.. im for real.....

I would love and give anything to train with Jillian!! I had gastric bypass surgery 6 years ago, and I cannot seam to loose my last 40 lbs. My trainer says I have to many excuses, but with Jillian by my side, I don't think I could Fail! Please come see me in Buffalo, NY?!!!

Jillian if you do this show I would love to be one of the people you help. I have tried to lose this weight for quite some time but for what ever reason I fail over and over again. I don't have a lot of money so I really cant join a gym or you web site I was on it before and I did pretty good but like I said money is tight for me so keep me in mind. thank you and tell Bob hi. your fan sue

WOW, this is awesome, i would LOVE to have Jillian show up on my door...for 1 week, to show and teach me healthy living for my family!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG I am so excited to see this new show! I love watching Jillian transform her contestants, inside and out. It amazes me how she really has weight loss and diet down to a science. I would be over the moon if she came into my house and kicked my butt.

Do you realize before Jillian put her name on anything she spent endless hours working with nutritionists, endocrinologists and all of the top Dr's . Her supplements are not claiming that you take a pill and you become magically thin. Read her book, Master your Metabolism. She seems to be ultra concerned about how we treat our bodies and what we put in it and wants us eating clean and organic as often as possible.

I saw Jillian on the Today Show this morning talking about her up-coming show. However, I can't find anywhere to apply even though it's supposed to be on NBC's website. Does anyone have a link to where the application is for her new show?

Sounds great, how do I sign up. No kids but have a belly I need to loose. Look forward to seeing the show, My wife and I really enjoy watching you

I would love for Jillian to come and work with my son. He is 15 years old and has a heart condition. He will have the motivation but then quickly loses it (as we all can). I have tried to change the food I buy for our house - but he still does not lose weight. I have bougt him a membership to work out with me at the YMCA, but he doesn't want to work out with his mom and none of his friends go the YMCA. I worry that he will continue to gain weight and really have problems in the future! Please let me know how to apply.


I have a different situation but desperately need help to get in shape. I have uncontrolled Graves disease and have lost 46 pounds along with all my muscle. No matter what I do at home I can't get any muscle tone back. Oh, there is one other thing that makes trying to work out very difficult and it is that I am a above knee amputee. I have always been very active and I still am to a point but when I started losing my weight along with muscle it is even difficult to walk on my crutches or at times to control my prosthesis. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

i really need your help im gaining wieght fast i recently quit smoking i found out i have a lung dieasce and im gaining weight please i have tryed diets i try to exercise as much as possiable but i feel helpless im afraid im gona lose eeverything i live in lansing mi and i would love to be on the biggest loser because i know in my heart i just need someone to help me thanks barbara.my son loves you and he really needs help to maybe you could do a mother son show cause we would not let you down;

I would really like Jillian Michaels to come to my home and help us! My sister is 9 going to be 10 and she is almost 200 pounds! She needs help. And i am 14 and almost 200 pounds to! I get sick of it when we can get the same size of clothes! My sister Hope and my brother Jacob and I Victoria can all get the same size that is how big we are! Hope will sometimes take my mom's clothes and were them! My dad well he is very thin!! My mom Elaine is just like us kids! My dad David he is never with us even if we live in the same home!! He really likes the outdoors i guess! Jacob, and Elaine, my mom are in the 300's! so i really wanna have Jillian help us!

Your road show had a woman with son and daughter who had lost the father I think you were in Balitmore , Maryland. I was interested in the dance studio you took them in this area or if I don't have the location correct can you tell me about the dance it looked so neat and ok for most anyone. I live in Missouri and I would like to start something similar here where i live.
Thank you.


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