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'The Hills': Kristin suddenly has a penchant for scruff, combat boots


Well, we're only one episode of Kristin Cavallari-centric "Hills" deep, and I already miss Lauren Conrad. 

Which is odd, I know, because let's face it -- Lauren wasn't adding a whole bunch to the show toward the end of last season, complacently sifting through clothes racks at People's Revolution and constantly being forced into awkward situations with frenemy Heidi. 

But there was something about Lauren's calm demeanor and subtle eye rolls that endeared her to me. Perhaps the part of her life she revealed on the show wasn't all that dramatic, but it never seemed like she was spewing outright lies.

Enter Kristin, wearing daisy dukes and very high heels while hopping out of her summer Malibu rental and into her shiny black BMW convertible.

During my interview with her last week, Kristin admitted she will "pretty much do anything" the producers want her to do on the show. The first of which seems to be feigning romantic interest in resident bad boy Justin Bobby. 

There is just no way I can believe that Kristin actually finds JB attractive. Reality check -- she has dated the chiseled Brody Jenner and clean-cut "Final Destination" star Nick Zano. They don't exactly have the snarly beard, suspenders and combat boot look going on. 

"He's so not your type!" I pressed when we met last week at Magnolia restaurant in Hollywood.

"He is a good-looking guy," she insisted. "No, he's not someone I typically would go after, but I do have to say after getting to know him a little bit on the show, he's a good guy."

Okay. But even if Kristin hypothetically were into JB, her constant Audrina name-dropping made the entire setup feel all too fake.

"How do you think Audrina's going to feel about us going on a date?" she asked coyly when Justin offered to take her on the back of his motorcycle. 

"I think Audrina is still in love with you," she later said nonchalantly over dinner with Justin at STK. (Honestly, producers? Are we meant to believe a trendy Hollywood steakhouse is JB's number one choice for a dinner date?)

Justin proceeds to tell Kristin that Audrina was never his girlfriend and that the pair were never exclusive. Is that really supposed to be a huge revelation? Audrina spent an entire season pleading with Justin to make things official. When he refused to put a label on things, she kept seeing him and tried to convince herself and her friends she was OK dating without labels -- which she clearly never was.

And in the season opener, at least, it really appears that she's still in love with Justin. 

When Stephanie abruptly dropped the bomb that Kristin and Justin may have gone home together, Audrina's face instantly dropped and her eyes welled up. Yikes.

Plus, "the stage five clinger," as bartender Stacie deemed her, prematurely flipped out on Kristin within a couple of minutes of her arrival at the pool party at the London West Hollywood Hotel. I mean, Justin was the one who approached Kristin, and the two had barely exchanged a couple of faux-flirty words before Audrina and sidekick-to-everyone Stephanie got up in Kristin's face.

"I'm sorry I walked up here and you guys came at me like piranhas," Kristin said.

"You need to respect Audrina, bottom line," Stephanie shouted back at her. No wonder she's ready to exit the show at the end of this season -- all of her story lines involve being obsessed with her friends lives instead of her own!

Meanwhile, Spencer and Heidi's house-hunting pursuits somehow ended up seeming like the most realistic events of the evening. First the pair headed to a suburban house in Brentwood. Spencer wore an interesting get-up, composed of a cowboy hat and boots and a flannel shirt -- Poppa Montag's style influence on his new son-in-law must have been far-reaching.

Despite Heidi's insistence upon a cozy home with a room for a nursery, Spencer settles upon a modern, glass-filled house perched below the Hollywood sign. I'll take it that means the children discussion is on hold until that visit to Kitson Baby later in the season.

So, weigh in: Did Kristin's much-hyped debut live up to your expectations, or did her entrance fall flat? Do you think she and Justin Bobby will make a real love connection? And will Heidi succeed in persuading Spencer to start a family by the end of the season? Chime in below in the comment section.

-- Amy Kaufman (follow me on Twitter @AmyKinLA)

Photo: Kristin tries to reel in her potential new love interest, Justin Bobby, on "The Hills. Credit: MTV.

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This show has been dreadfully boring for seasons now, so I'm thrilled Kristin's on. The legitimacy of the storylines has always been a joke, so that didn't bother me. I'll take 75% more interesting over 15% more realistic any day of the week. Kristin is fun and ready to mix it up. The show needed it.

I miss Lauren, but she wasn't contributing much at the end there - except maybe for being a voice of reason once in a while. The Steph-Lo-Audrina trio is a little terrifying - they DID come at her like piranhas!

And you're so right about JBobs not being Kristin's type! It looks like he has something living in his beard.

I agree with alana...

Last season was pretty darn boring in my opinion. LC really wasn't very interesting to watch; nothing exciting happened to her. She was always the "moral authority" over everything; criticizing her friends; she was "always" right.

I really think Kristin was a good move on MTV's part. There's something about her that's just fun to watch. Let's be honest-- Laguna Beach was run by Kristin and Stephen, not LC (she was pretty uneventful). The show needs a boost in drama.

I thought it was so perfect, FINALLY, entertainment! This, for me, was the moment when "The Hills" arrived as a great show, and I'm sure I will be glued to the tv every Tuesday night during this season. Cavallari was brilliant, I could care less about the "reality" if this show.

kristin is aa sleezy as it gets can u say white trash!!

i miss lauren !

Much like The Hills, Laguna Beach was not interesting until Kristin was the star. For everyone who thinks Kristin is picking up LC's "sloppy seconds," think again. This show is so desperate for good ratings again, it's obvious why they would bring Kristin back. LC is about as exciting as a dirt sandwich. Beautiful girl, but BORING. And it's ok with me if the storylines seem fake; I just want to be entertained.

Could not have said it better Lee

I thought it was pathetic. It's soooooo obvious the show is Lauren's. If she's off the show they should try to re-vamp it differently....like a different song for the credits....all they did was take Lauren out of the car driving down the road and stick Kristin in it. How crazy pathetic is that.....Kristin and all those stupid people on the show just down-graded. I watched the first episode to see if they could make it worthwhile, and it's not....so no more Hills for me!

Lauren's career is on the up and up....what's left of The Hills is trashy!

Kristin said she had no interest in Justin on the Chelsea Handler show...She said something like he is gross...Then she said i probably should not be talking like this on the show.

I agree with Melanie. Bring Lauren back! What are we watching - a bunch of kids hanging out - no careers, no education, no CLASS and definitely NOT reality in this economy. They are making 6 figures an epsiode so they don't have to work BUT then it is not a reality show. I won't watch - there was NOTHING exciting about the show and NOTHING REAL about it either. I don't understand the entertainment part...what is so entertaining about Kristin -the fact that she acts sleezy and with no class? At least with Lauren we got a look into Teen Vogue and People's Revolution, LA Fashion Institute, etc. Justin Bobby appears very dirty; the beard has to go...who raised him - wolves?

Kristin is fake and boring, glad I didn't bother to watch it. Her and JB look fake in the picture above.

I love Kristen at the Hills. It was time for the drama! Let's face it JB migth not be her type. But she likes to be the center of attention. I love her personality I think she is a good asset to the show!

I love Kristin!! She is beautiful, sassy, and REAL! I do not think that she as bad as everyone makes her out to be. Sure she can be outspoken at times and a lil cold hearted at times but that to me is HUMAN. Overall she seems like a cool chick whose easy going and just down to have a good time. I think that girls are jealous of her because she has that certain something that's special. Also people seem to forget that on Laguna Beach, Lauren (LC) was the one getting in between Kristin and Stephen's relationship. I don't understand why everyone attacks Kristin and makes Lauren out to be such a goody goody. Kristin and Stephen were exclusive and LC didn't seem to care... she still wanted to get with Stephen. I am sorry but in that situation LC was in the wrong... she should have left him alone.

I give in, that Lauren didn't bring much to the show last season, but then she already knew she was leaving and so did the editors... you won't exactly make the audience miss the star, by giving her a lot of attention in the last episodes, right?
I thought Lauren was super-real in the earlier seasons, remember the tears and drama when Heidi moved out or how she went to Paris, anyone? And she had a job... even though we all know, that a lot more went on in her life off-camera, at least a real LIFE was portrayed.
Even though I like Kristin too and I love the way she handles the boys, the show has lost a lot of its close-to-reality components, because these people have no jobs. Who except maybe Heidi is ever portrayed working?


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