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'Project Runway': Models of the runway (No, not that other show)

September 10, 2009 | 10:00 pm


Those crazy models! Who knows what they're talking about half the time. It was the designers' challenge this week to create looks for their models to wear to an industry event where they'd need to stand out for all the right reasons. As tends to happen with these types of challenges, some of the designers and models didn't work seamlessly together. Rodney Epperson's model wanted to be a "flowy, strong punk cocktail tiger," which made his head explode. Shirin Askari's model wanted an open-backed jumpsuit, to her designer's chagrin. Logan Neitzel's model wanted a 1950's look, which he didn't know very well. 

When the designers weren't bemoaning their models' taste, they were talking about each other. Irina Shabayeva felt that Althea Harper's design looked "like crap." Nicolas Putvinski thought Epperson's dress looked "like a rag" and that Johnny Sakalis' was "awful."

However, the designers didn't make for very good judges this episode -- although how do we feel about the actual judges tonight? No Michael Kors, no Nina Garcia. Instead, Heidi Klum was joined by guest judges Marc Bouwer (who looked sort of like Tom Petty with makeup on), Zoe Glassner from "Marie Claire" (who you may have recognized from "Running in Heels") and Jennifer Rade. While they might not have been the old friends I'm used to, I agreed with their assessments of the runway, by and large. I too wrote "prom dress" after Logan's full, blue-skirted dress came down the runway. I thought Epperson did a great job with his shredded brown piece -- it was eye-catching and form-fitting and I predicted at the very least that he'd be safe. I actually think this episode bumped him forward in the competition tonight. I also thought Johnny's dress looked like it was for the prom (although I accepted the judges' decree of "bridesmaid.") And I, like the judges, noted how happy Althea's model seemed coming down the runway in her cute shorts suit. Finally, the judges and I also agreed that Carol Hannah Whitfield's dress with the edgy dark bottom and pretty draped purple top was very cool indeed. I agreed that Carol Hannah and Althea should have been in the Top Two. Personally, I would have chosen Carol Hannah's dress as a customer, but I am not a model. 

The judges loathed how "accessible" Johnny's dress was, but in the end the Bottom Two consisted of Qristyl Frazier and Logan. While I agreed with the judges that Qristyl's dress was anything but innovative and fresh, I thought it was harmless, while Logan's was just poorly executed. However, Qristyl was eliminated, which at least means I don't have to worry about how to spell her name anymore.

-- Claire Zulkey

Photo credit: Lifetime