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'Melrose Place': See Jane's happy home

September 30, 2009 |  6:38 am

Jane andrews melrose

Welcome back to Melrose Place, Jane! And she seems to have grown a backbone during her time away, (or at least is putting up a good front). Maybe between her conniving, dearly departed sister and her -- what did his love child David call him? -- "paranoid psychopath" of an ex-husband, she's picked up a few tricks.

Jane ella melrose place

Don't worry, Jane. The "Melrose" faces have changed, but the rules haven't -- tear each other apart within the compound, but heaven help the intruder who tries to take the bff neighbors down.

I'm warming to the idea that Violet is somehow related to the Andrews clan. If only because she's proven herself to be either dopey and delusional or just psychotic. She actually believed that Jane wouldn't immediately call the cops when she runs to her for help and, after Riley bails her out of jail, that she's won everyone over with peanut-butter-coated snacks. Will she be driving something sharper than a wedge into Riley and Jonah this season? And don't you only get one phone call when you're arrested?

Someone should tell Jane that Ella doesn't take kindly to fellow inhabitants taking credit away from her clients. She'd rather fall on her own sword than let Jane blackmail her into forcing her starlet down the runway in a frilly dress.

Wouldn't it have been easier to let everyone win and for Ella to have just switched outfits with the actress then run to her car and get the Proenza Schouler? Or maybe Ella would rather go to prison for a crime she (possibly?) didn't commit than be seen in one of Jane contraptions?

But it's interesting that Jane won't let this one go. Just like Ella did to her, Jane's willing to let David expose a few skeletons if it means getting what she wants -- and in this case it's Ella's head. Sydney did seem to go into depth with her sister about feuding with the blond publicist. Maybe Jane really thinks Ella did it. Maybe, but my guess is that Sydney accidentally (or on purpose?) stabbed herself with the knife and landed in the pool. Indulge me with your guesses and thoughts on this episode in the comments section.

-- Whitney Friedlander

Top: Jane makes herself at home; Bottom: challenges Ella; Credits: Michael Desmond; The CW