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Live Chat: 'True Blood' Season 2 finale


I don't know whether to laugh or cry or sleep until Sunday, but we "True Blood" fans find ourselves face-to-face with the cold-blooded reality that Season 2 is about to end. It's been quite a ride and we've fallen in love with the show's whacked-out magic. We adore Eric or Bill, or both; and if you're a man, well, how can you not hold a flame for Sookie or Jessica or even, gasp, Mary Ann?

As we count down the hours until the end we must ask ourselves: When can we re-watch the whole thing on DVD? And more important, what cruel fate is in store for the hapless town of Bon Temps? Will Mary Ann be killed? Will Sookie and Sam be up for sacrifice? What in god's name is going on with the giant egg that Tara and Eggs were parading around last episode? Will Sookie leave Bill for Eric? And finally, will Hoyt come back to poor Jessica?

To all my chat room friends who have made Sunday nights such a joy, I'd like to say, "Thank you." I'll miss you guys. We're good, you and me. I liked our style.

So come Sunday, you bring your salty tears, I'll stir the dirty martinis.

-- Jessica Gelt

Photo: From left, Evan Rachel Wood, Stephen Moyer and Lindsay Haun. Credit: John P. Johnson / HBO

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What? Hookah gets no love from the dudes? I'm sure some would love their slide of Tara :-)

I'm hoping HBO will upload on On Demand the first season. I think I can watch the show from season to season.

Yes, how could I forget Tara? Everyone loves Tara. Shame on me.

This fan is ready--maybe not for the season to be over, but to watch this finale with you, and all my new TB-loving friends. It has been a great season--magical, I agree. But the real blast for me has been to share the fun with everyone on your live chat. Whether we are squabbling over Bill vs. Eric, loving and rooting for Lafayette, sharing a collective gross-out over MaryAnn's shenanigans, crying together for Godric or laughing so hard at Jason and Andy that no one can type, it's absolutely been better together. See you Sunday. I'll be ready to raise a glass to each of you live-chatters and our wild ride together. I'll bring Kleenex, too.-Rosemary


I want to say thank you for making my Sunday nights even better with the cover it live chat. I am going to miss the group also.

I have enjoyed our comments and excitement watching each episode of True Blood Season 2. Allan Ball has given me back my HBO Sundays.

I can't wait for Sunday but it is kind of sad knowing that this is the finale. Again thank you for allowing me to be apart of such a great chat room. Chat with you Sunday!

PS. Start reading the books while we wait for True Blood Season 3. I enjoy the books but love the series more!

It's disappointing that in a paper like the LA Times, in an article that's about a allegory of the struggle for gay rights, that this article starts off with such a heterosexist viewpoint.

i luv true blood we'll miss u guys

I don't want Sookie and Bill to part ways but that's what happened in the books. And I was really hoping "Bubba" a.k.a. Elvis would be in the series, but I guess the Presley Estate wouldn't agree. Too bad! Even though I would have liked him to be "normal" vamp just more tortured. Oh well can't wait until tonight!

what is the chat room that you enjoy!! I am a True Blood fanatic and have it DVR'd just in case I am unable to watch a episode!! Its so addicting and would love to be able to chat with other True Blood fans!! I know the season is over but, it would give me something more to look forward to for next season!!! :)

i feel like im gonna cry when the show ends does anybody know when the next season starts? i'll miss them all

Love the show. Love reading the chat after the show. But I HIGHLY RECOMMEND next season that you add a disclaimer to the blog stating that you are watching "True Blood" live on HBO & the show is not (legally) available online. The incessant "where can I watch the show online" posts during the Live Chat is annoying!

did I miss the season finale?

Can anyone tell me where to find the tee shirt that Terry was wearing in the finale? It had WARNING across the front, but I'm not sure what else. Thanks for your help.

I would like to know who sings the song "I want to do bad things to you" on True Blood?

I LOVE TrueBlood, but HATED the finale!!!! It was like they just threw all sorts of crazy together, the only cliffhanger that I MIGHT care about is where did Eric take him, but to be honest I don't know if I will return after that garbage. It was kind of like a train wrec, where can they go now?

when does the season 3 start?

I agree, the finale was kind of stupid. If you guys want to stay on top, you're gonna need to do better than that. Also, what are we going to do without MaryAnn?

diane-jace everett "i want to do bad things" is the theme song

pat- the t-shirt said something about "warning, the dept of veteran's affairs has....." then it listed a bunch of words like unstable, violent, mental, etc.

I'm also wondering where I can get ahold of that shirt! LOL

I have 2 question, when is season 3 going to start?

How can I get the collection, and when can I get the collection?


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