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'Hell's Kitchen': 'Stop panicking!'

September 9, 2009 |  1:30 pm


Let's see, we're rid of Andy. We only have a few more pieces of dead weight before this competition really begins. I don't usually prognosticate, but I see Ariel, Dave and Kevin in the finals.*** But we've gotta get rid of a few more donkeys before we get there.

This week's elimination was inevitable -- no matter how inconsistent Sabrina and Suzanne can get, they were still better than the constantly befuddled and frazzled Andy. And that was before he sliced off the top of his hand with a mandoline. (Hello! Those things have guards for a reason. But you need to actually use them.) "Stop panicking!" Chef Ramsay advised Andy as he sent Andy on his way.

Mostly, this week was about priceless moments with Chef Gordon Ramsay: "For God's sake woman, get a grip!" he bellowed into the women's kitchen at one point. When lamb was overcooked yet again over on the women's team, he sarcastically praised them again and again: "Well done to you! Well done to you!"

But the best Ramsay-ism of the night -- and you could see this one coming a mile a way, as soon as Chef Ramsay announced a crepe challenge -- was when Chef Ramsay lit into Dave for a rare misstep on a dessert that arrived like a mess on a plate: "I asked for a crepe, not a plate of crap!"

That said, the best overall line of the night goes to Tennille, who, like everyone else, was rolling her eyes at Suzanne's ham-handed effort to impress Chef Ramsay with a long, drawn-out description of her crepe. It just would not end. She just went on and on. Said Tennille: "You sauteed meat and onions and put it inside a crepe. Just say that!"

***, registration required, has Van and Kevin in the finals.

--Rene Lynch

Photo: Chef Gordon Ramsay's face is the same color as the red team's jacket. Credit: