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'Hell's Kitchen': It's getting hot in here

September 29, 2009 |  9:59 pm

What did we learn this week, as we head into the final stretch?

--Kevin may be the maestro of this game: "I think everyone else is starting to self-destruct.... I love it."

--That the overlords of Hell's Kitchen and L.A. County Men's Jail share the same tailors.

--Ariel is showing signs of cracking, as is Dave. In fact, we're starting to realize just how badly Dave is injured. How much more can his wrist take?

--There's something worse than Chef Gordon Ramsay screaming at you in the kitchen -- that would be taking you into the dining room to scream at you there.

--Once again, the aspiring chefs insist on sending out raw chicken and raw fish.

--Tennille, who dodged a bullet tonight, might have a future in comedy. She cracked two of the funniest quotes of the night, first when she noted that Chef Ramsay was on Kevin like "white on risotto," and then when she was grousing about losing the challenge judged by Bon Appetit honcho Barbara Fairchild and Co., and was made to don orange jailhouse jumpers and clean a stretch of roadway as punishment: "I'm a chef, not a convict!" (The harmonica blues that played while the losing challengers worked under the hot sun was a very nice touch. As was the naked bulb a la "The Longest Yard.")

--Suzanne, with her furrowed brow, and her faux attempts to care about her teammates, is gone, gone gone.

--Chef Ramsay is a bit of a poet: "Suzanne had a red jacket, she had a blue jacket, she had a black jacket, now she has no jacket."

And finally: That the heat is about to get turned up in "Hell's Kitchen."

-- Rene Lynch