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A second opinion: Heather Locklear is not the solution for 'Melrose Place'

In one of those "it sounds good on paper" moves, the CW has lured Heather Locklear back to television to reprise her role as Amanda Woodward on the network's remake of "Melrose Place." 


One can understand why the CW wants Locklear. The new "Melrose Place" has not exactly set the world on fire either critically or with viewers. It's averaged just 2 million viewers, and it is not striking a chord with the young women that the network so desperately covets.

The question is whether Locklear can fix that. After all, much of the CW's core audience was in elementary and junior high school when the first edition of "Melrose Place" was making noise. Do they really feel a deep connection with Amanda Woodward? While Locklear is certainly a big TV star, the CW is trying to build itself with new blood such as "Gossip Girl" stars Leighton Meester and Blake Lively. 

The CW is betting that Locklear will click with its young audience. However, the people most excited by this move appear to be members of the television press, who have been banging their keypads (we still use keypads, right?) for Locklear since the show began. 

Yes, there will be interest in Locklear's return in November and a large (for CW) tune-in, but is it really going to be a long-term fix? The network would be better off trying to create its own Amanda Woodward, which it may have in Katie Cassidy's Ella Simms and make the show its own, rather than continuing to try to recapture some other network's past glory.

Locklear is joining her "Melrose Place" alums Laura Leighton, Thomas Calabro, Josie Bisset and Daphne Zuniga. Add Grant Show to the mix and if the remake doesn't work for the CW, maybe the suits at CBS Television Studios, which makes the show, can sell it to Hallmark Channel.

-- Joe Flint

Photo: Heather Locklear. Credit Paul Drinkwater / NBC.

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Wouldn't it have just made more sense to NOT go with a remake of any 80's show and just picked up Body Politic, seeing how it was the most- buzzed about pilot that NOONE got to see!?!

I LOVED Heather in Melrose Place. I will be watching now that she is back on the show.

as a fan of the orignal melrose, its not going to work. the writing sucks, and the acting is bad. ashlee simpson isnt helping either..and melrose place wasnt an 80's show, it was 90's.

I am seventeen, I was actually born just five days after the original premiered in 1992... so I never watched it during its original run but I have discovered it through the DVD releases and it is one of my absoulute favorite shows (the original)... and to tell the truth I am really excited that Heather Locklear will reprise her role as Amanda and I do have that connection with her that most people my age do not b/c I am a fan of the original. When the new one was announced, my biggest disappointment was that Marcia Cross and Heather Locklear were not returning (although it would be terribly hard to bring Kimberly back b/c she died, and Marcia does a wonderful job as Bree on Desperate Housewives), but luckily for me, Locklear is coming back... hopefully she can bring some of the bitchiness that the original was full of... now if only the remake could copy the original's campiness and soapiness.

Ok, why is no one stating the obvious? Heather Locklear's appearance on the new Melrose Place is a bad idea, not because of a possible lack of "connection with fans" but because it MAKES NO SENSE. Amanda Woodward and Peter Burns faked their deaths at the end of the original series. Why did they fake their deaths? They were in too deep. So, someone please explain to me what kind of horribly awkward, contrived reason they're going to make up for Amanda suddenly returning after all of these years--and without Peter.

And let's not forget to add that Sydney's death by Samantha's psycho father has recently been rewritten to awkwardly implant Laura Leighton into the first few episodes of the new show. Apparently, her death was faked and she even spent years in prison for it. Uh Huh. And Michael of all people helped her with the fake death, even though she was set to marry Craig at the time.

So, Amanda's going to magically come back with no consequences.....how? Are they going to ruin THAT character's ending, just for us to find Amanda dead in the pool, just like they did to Sydney? I almost hope so. At least Heather Locklear wouldn't be wasting her time for long.

Geez, you're so negative. This show is not even marketed at you obviously, so unless you're a gay man, then I'd keep the negativity to yourself and just stick to watching your football there... I love the show, and I'm 26 exactly in the CW's 18-34 demographic, and I'm very excited as are many of my friends.

I will love to see Amanda back!

I agree that there have been way too many original characters return to the show (or slated to return). I have said many times that Melrose Place is a show about twenty-somethings, not people getting mail solicitations from the AARP, BUT so far, the writers have done a good job with the two characters that have been introduced. While their characters don't overpower the show, they do fill in a lot of depth. With the show just starting it takes a while for people to get invested in the show and bringing back old characters (no pun intended) gets that done a bit faster for people who have seen the previous show.
So far they have done a good job, but with so many slated for an appearance, it could prove to be too much.
I would like to see them develop Ella into the new Amanda, but it will take time. Amanda wasn't "Amanda" as soon as she walked on the show either.


Instead of bringing to life the "new" melrose place, why don't they just bring back the "old" melrose place and add some new characters instead?? We all loved, Amanda, Matt, Michael, Jane, Kyle, Allison, Billy, Jo, Jake, Kimberly, and yes even Sidney. It was an awesome show that kept us riveted every week to see what would happen next. So instead of trying to give us a new melrose place--why don't ya give us the old one with some new life-lives, and go with that-- everyone wanted to see sidney back on melrose, everyone couldn't wait to see michael again, and I for one can't wait to see what Jane is gonna bring back, and if Amanda is slated to return as well as Jo, and hopefully most of the others--then I will tell you what Tuesday will be the night to watch television!!! Most viewers were very saddened by the end of melrose place--the actors who portrayed the characters ARE what MADE the show!!! Don't get me wrong I am identifying with the new cast and some are very good, but you should have started out with the old cast and then gradually introduced a new one--man that really would have went over well because it would have given us a chance to get to like it even better instead of throwing a bunch of newbies at us that we're like HUH??? The story line where Sydney faked her own death--with the help of Michael--of course!!!-- was awesome!!! Would have loved to see more of Sidney though--especially if you are gonna have us believe that she had a baby we didn't know about and now that baby--daughter is back--- you wrecked the story line before it had the chance to take off!!! no interaction now with mom and so called daughter, no usual Sydney fanfare especially the sibling rivalry between her and Jane, and what about the hoopla between her and Michael--no room for that now--UNLESS another faked death to catch a killer??? think about it before ya do it!!! Ya guys about killed the show before it even started!! You still have a LOT of die-hard original Melrose Place fans--myself included--DUH right??!!-- who were like what?? We would like more of the original cast, ALONG with the newbies--then you have a show!!! Come on guys you should've thought this through better and give your viewers a break!!! We are excited as all get out about the new Melrose Place--but we want more of the old, and throw insome new!!!!

Amanda's come back will have to be well written, being a loyal viewer of the orignal show. The writers are going to be the key. The time lines need to be tied up a little better and with Amanda and Peter walking off into the sunset, I want to know what Daphne Zungia (Jo Beth Reynolds) or Grant Show ( Jake Hanson) have to do with anything, they are the past, leave them there! I want to know where is Jamie Luner (Lexi Sterling). Lexi was the owner at the end and Sydney went to jail for faking her death (Insurance Fraud im sure). That whole Sydney being slung up on the wind shield of the car in a wedding dress and surviving needs to be a little more detailed. Where is Megan Michael's 4th wife? I hope for there sakes they don't try rewriting the past. If you have Amanda you need Peter!
And if I am not mistaken Amanda & Peter where pursumed dead. How did Amanda get out of that?? Does Rena Sofer's Character (Eve)have aything to do with Amanda's return? How did Sydney get Melrose Place? Did Micheal buy it to keep her mouth shut? Does (Craig Fielding)David Charvet know his windowshield eating bride was still alive? Writter get your pens out you have alot of explaining!!!!!!!!!!


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