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'Gossip Girl': Season premiere welcomes us back

Gossipgirl_blairchuckpolo Wow, what a difference a summer makes! "Gossip Girl" returned from summer break last night and boy, have some things changed.

For one, the Humphreys have seriously upgraded. With Rufus and Lily engaged, the two families have begun to merge starting with a summer together in the Hamptons and a move from Brooklyn to the Upper East Side. Lily's absence is a little strange (Kelly Rutherford is on maternity leave for three episodes), but she's made sure to leave lots of cash and posh society events to ease the Humphreys on their transition.

I must admit that seeing Rufus, Dan and Jenny ensconced in the Van der Woodsen's fancy apartment and at the polo fields was an adjustment. Their arty loft and bohemian existence was part of their charm; they weren't like the others, but now they too will be privileged. Dan with a wallet full of cash? Jenny dressed in labels other than her own? Even though embracing their new lifestyle (not to mention the discovery of Lily and Rufus' love child, Scott) will be rife with conflict for both the Humphreys and Van der Woodsens, I still felt just as Vanessa had when she saw Dan climbing into that limo—bittersweet and somewhat betrayed.

I'll get over it so long as I get equal doses of Chuck and Blair. Now three months into a full blown relationship, the couple already feels the need to spice things up with role playing games. Chuck plays the cheater (yeah, that's a stretch!) who flirts and seduces a handpicked victim while Blair swoops in as the scorned lover. The idea was totally borrowed from "Sex and the City" (remember the beginning of Samantha and Smith's courtship?), but it's also very Blair and Chuck. As expected, the thought of continuing a pretend open relationship begins to wane for B, especially since her billionaire boyfriend would be more than willing to turn fantasy into reality. Chuck's whole "I just want you to be happy" shtick is still cute. He clearly adores Blair to death, but he leaves just enough smoldering looks to keep us wondering. I'm looking forward to seeing how this relationship progresses.

Meanwhile, the only thing Nate's changed this summer is his hairstyle. He returns from a trip to Europe liplocked with the pretty Bree Buckley, whose family turns out to be political rivals with his. She's no married duchess, but it's another case of forbidden love for Mr. Archibald. He is still bent on rebelling from his grandfather's wishes for him, and dating the enemy is his way of making that point.

Serena also emerges from the summer as her usual secretive self. She returns from a jaunt in Europe with paparazzi in tow and a stack of tabloids chronicling her every move. It initially seems as though Bad Serena is back, but we all know her highway of crazy behavior is always paved with good intentions. Her over-the-top schemes to attract the paps aren't for personal publicity but rather for the purpose of haunting her father, who refused to see her in Europe. Only Carter Baizen, Serena's latest love interest, knows her true agenda.

Overall, my mind wasn't blown by the premiere, but the season's only just begun. Bring on the drama!

What are your thoughts on the season premiere? Does wealth agree with the Humphreys? Will Chuck and Blair's love last? What do you think of Serena's secret?

— Enid Portuguez

Photo: The CW

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honestly, aside from chuck and blair because im unabashedly biased, it was a little boring. nothing left me on the edge of my seat or squealing at the cutesyness. it was bland and it baffles me why vanessa's wardrobe is improving. did she too get rich? and shes getting way too much airtime even though her character is just dan's best friend, or guilty conscience. but, im sooooo glad gossip girl is back!

I'm glad the show is back, but it was definitely lackluster. Sorry to Serena fans out there, but she is really annoying. She keeps secrets for the worst reasons! Then, she can't even come up with good stories as to why she's keeping the secret. It's foolish. But I'm definitely looking forward to next week's episode when Blair and Georgina become roommates! Bring on the drama!

I've got to admit that it was a rather harsh change for the Humphreys and that I though that I had some vision problems when seeing Dan entering the limo. Nevertheless I pretty much liked the upgrade, particularly the one to Dan's wardrobe and attitude, he seems more loose in a Chuck Bass kind of way. The moment where B casually called to him at the polo match seemed ethereal. Wonder if we could get more of that. Meanwhile the whole Serena secret kept me going on for the whole episode. I was really interested as to why S would want to stay in the limelight for so long. Daddy issues? the whole Serena concept makes more sense to me now. Nate playing bad boy again, but as usual we only see him for a couple of minutes since he is not so interesting although his new companion is. Hated not to be able to see Lily but to see Rufus as the surrogate matron was worthwhile. All in all its good to have GG back changes included. Lets keep on waiting for Georgina to appear!

last night was a bit boring but im excited to see what will happen with the love child....and i must admit all summer i've been looking forward to seeing sexy chuck bass...who doesn't love a bad boy.

The episode was decent but more drama is needed. They need to kill off Vanessa, that would make for a crazy twist. Her appearance is so unnecessary. I do love B and Chuck's relationship its so cute and sweet but never boring. I also love what B and S are wearing in the episodes. The dresses are candy colored and nicely fitted. My favorite is the floral print with the yellow belt on B. As for the men's wardrobe its very clean and simple but I am not a fan of Chucks old school wall-street business man look. It looks cheesy and cheap rather then wealthy and classy. No matter I love gossip girl and can't wait for the next episode.

I would have to say I was a little let down by tonight's Gossip Girl also. I started following the show for the witty writing, and left myself wondering if the writers have changed off-season. And what is up with Bree Buckley? At first I wondered if Nate already needed tutoring at Columbia (Hello Priviledged) I am telling myself that the show's producers are merely setting us up for better action down season.

For the record, I think Vanessa should stay. She's refreshing and uniquely different than the other girls on the show. As for those of you looking for a dang cliffhanger this early in the season, get a clue. It's just starting. You should know by now that it only gets better as the season continues.

I have this odd feeling that the Humphreys won't be staying on the Upper East Side. I have this feeling that they may end up back at the loft with Serena, Eric, and Lily.

As for Scott, I don't buy him as their half brother. His acting is a little stiff. We'll see how he does this season. Otherwise, he'll be going out the way of Aaron Rose.

I liked the episode but it did not have me screaming for more when it ended. I totally agree about the guy who plays Scott, he seems stiff and like he does not fit in. I also missed Lily for some reason and I wonder how they will justify her absence? What has she been up to? I think there will be something between Lily and Serena's Dad that will add some interest the whole Lily and Rufus story as well as the over dramatic life of Serena herself (She totally bothers me too). As for B and C I was totally in love, Chuck may have been a bit cheesy at times but I love them all the same

hey, i have been watching your tv series fro a while, and i like it!! What is the intention of this tv series??
When is the next season starting?? i am looking forward to it!

The show didnt wow me, but it was good enough, and like everyone else, I can't wait to see how they balance college life and all that drama. I'd also really like to see if Jenny will reign as queen bee, it'd just be so cute jenny queen and eric her gay little sidekick. All in all, I'm glad Gossip Girl is back.

The whole episode was kind of boring.I was expecting something more romantic and passionate for chuck and blair, something really interesting for serena, the whole Humphreys thing was odd.About Nate i think that it was just as he never existed in the show.The only thing that i liked it was Vanesa and Scott, they are really cute together.

I was just so happy that the show was back on that really wasn't thinking about the show being boring. When I saw Chuck with that first girl I was mad and said "No Chuck" don't do it. I think the Serena thing was stupid, but I like love her so it's what ever. I just can't wait till next week.

I loved Carter and Serena, they make a wonderful, hot, intriguing couple, and Chuck and Blair. They could make a show with these four. All the rest was boring. I hated the Humphreys. They're always annoying, and now living in the UES, I hated them even more.

The whole Rufus and family acting rich is done so that the writers can finish the Rufus and Lily romance--boring and unrealistic--because when Rufus watches his children turning into mini-Upper-eastsiders he is going to take a hard look at how detrimental his relationship is for his kids!!!


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