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'Gossip Girl': Freshman orientation


And so it begins: "Gossip Girl" began its first week at college last night and I felt as nervous as a freshman. So many things can go wrong when a show takes its ensemble cast outside of its original element. Who will the characters meet? What will they experience? Will they flourish in college or was high school as good as it gets? Will people like them in this new environment? These were the questions that ran through both the characters' and the viewers' (OK, mostly this viewer's) minds throughout the episode.

The show attempted to quell our fears by bringing us back to some basics. College is about starting a clean slate and finding one's niche. As Dan, Blair and Vanessa usher in their freshman year at NYU, they confront the question that pops into every newbie's mind when stepping foot on campus: Where do I belong?

The question is pondered most obsessively by Blair. Determined to continue her Queen B status in college, she parades into the dorms with sushi, sake and gift bags, with hopes of buying her way into the hearts and psyches of her fellow freshmen. She ends up falling flat, mostly thanks to her roommate, the irrepressible Georgina Sparks. I admit, I like seeing Blair flail. Queen B is wickedly fun, but she's always so much better when her chips are down. We get to see another layer of B, one that feels empty and vulnerable without a headband-clad army to lead, and she's going to have to step up her game or expand her horizons if she wants to be liked.

On the flip side, the answer to the question comes soonest for Dan. After getting recognized for his New Yorker piece by a cute girl at a coffee shop, Lonely Boy sheds his former persona and instantly becomes Dan the Literary Superstar. The boost of confidence inspires him to take more control of his social life but without abandoning his nice-guy values. He exposes Blair's plot to take down Georgina and convinces a rooftop full of people to stay and party with him instead of heading to Monkey Bar with B (don't they know how hard it is to get a reservation?!). The idea of Dan the Man is definitely growing on me, but Dan hooking up with Georgina? I'm not co-signing on that just yet.

I also was not a fan of Serena in this episode. Before she even gets there, she concludes that Brown (or college in general) isn't the place for her. Cue her downward trajectory. S is her usual hot mess as she ruins Chuck's business deal and blatantly uses Carter. Despite her missteps, the Golden Girl, of course, is forgiven. She's just lost and confused and needs angst to match her tousled hair. It was starting to get annoying. It did, however, provide a story as to what keeps Serena in the city.

As for Nate, who doesn't start Columbia for another week, he spends most of the episode in bed with Bree. She falls harder for him when she sees his sentimental side, thus further complicating relations with her family. This story line better pick up because it's beginning to be a yawner.

Time for your thoughts. How would you rate the gang's first week of college? Do you like Blair as an outcast or do you want her back on her throne?


— Enid Portuguez

Photo: The CW

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I still hate Georgina-especially with Dan, only like Blair when she's with Chuck, love Carter's interest in Serena, and am also bored with Nate and Bree; plus, I miss Nate's man-bangs!

I also actually like Carter's interest in S. He was such a jerk before, it's nice to see a softer side to him.

B won't be an outcast for long, she's far to clever for that. Georgina is no match for her (although she put up a good fight) so we'll see how long this fued goes on. Either way, as long as B & C stay together I'm happy.

Is creepy love child guy just using Vanessa to stay close to Dan or does he really have a thing for her?


Ahh...the cute girl in the coffee shop is Katie...who just happened to also be attending NYC as a freshman and is head of a writer's group. What a cutie!

In fact, why couldnt Dan wake up with her instead of Georgina Sparks on the roof of the dorm? Well, that wouldnt be Gossip Girl now would it.

As for Nate and Bree, that whole storyline is a non-starter for me.

Bored with the whole nate/bree storyline, they should've sent nate to NYU as well. LOVED blair/dan/georgina this episode, although not keen on the d/g hookup. Blair should SO become friends with dan, trying to learn the ways of the little people. scott still creeps me out. i'm just waiting for dan and serena to get back together, he is ALWAYS there for her much more than creepy carter. i reckon they'll get them back later in the season. they belong together!

This sorority alum wonders: Blair, why not join a sorority? A house full of New York drama queens with matching headbands might just be what this Queen B is looking for.

And it's blatantly obvious that this Scott character is the son of Rufus and Lily (without looking like Lily) ... snore.

Love Georgina, but thought she was rather boring this episode. Where's the girl who said, "Tell Jesus the bitch is back"?

I dont like S with Carter yuck! and why is Dan messing around with Georgina??? And yes nates story very boring!!

I am getting tired of Serena and her dramatics...but LOVE Blair and want her to find her place at NYU...or be able to transfer over to Yale:( Scott doesn't look like either Rufus or Lily, and I don't like how creepy he is about Rufus and Dan. Strange, but I'm sure GG will put some twist to this story line:) Pleased so far, and excited to see what comes next!


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