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'Gossip Girl': Everyone's got a secret

September 29, 2009 |  6:14 am


The most popular accessory on "Gossip Girl" isn't a Dior bag or a Chanel necklace — it's a secret. When they're not festering inside an angst-ridden teenager, they're being exposed by a relentless enemy or flaunted proudly by shameless lovers. And like the shiny, pricey things on this show, these secrets look good. Last night, secrets were spilled as if they were going out of style. Who wore theirs best?

Scott Adler/Rossen: The cat's out of the bag — at least for Vanessa. After being caught in a lie, Scott is forced to confess his true identity as Rufus and Lily's long-lost son. V is supportive, as expected, and is willing to stand by him when he reveals his secret to Rufus. After a surprise appearance at Sotheby's by his adoptive mom, Scott chickens out and instead tells Rufus that he's the brother of their "dead" son.

Secrets Style Rank: Beginner. The last secret this guy kept was where he hid his soccer teammate's shin guards. His clever plan is about to get foiled by Georgina.

Georgina Sparks: Blair may have lowered her guard around her roommate, but G's plots to bring B down haven't quite ended. She tricked B into thinking she was invited to a secret society and Chuck into thinking he could win hotelier Sean MacPherson's favor by buying a photograph. G's secret was exposed by Serena, who is now Georgina's new target.

Secrets Style Rank: Professional. G is all sorts of cray-cray. She's willing to travel to Boston to find out more about Scott's secret and is probably hatching a plan to win Dan back.

Blair and Chuck: The couple can't help but show their love and concern through schemes so it was natural that they both set up Carter as a liar and cheat.

Secrets Style Rank: Hall of Fame. Not only have they mastered the art of exposing and keeping secrets, they also have made it look effortless and, most of all, fun. 

Carter Baizen: His untrustworthy sneer would give any girl pause, but, for once, he was the victim. Serena may have taken him back, but Carter's run-in with Bree Buckley hinted that there's still more to learn about him.

Secrets Style Rank: Intermediate. Carter may have some tricks up his sleeve, but I get the feeling he's not as smooth as he'd like to be. Stealing a boat in Santorini? A real pro would have borrowed a cigarette from a Niarchos.

Bree Buckley: Her forbidden tryst with Nate is now in the open thanks to their paparazzi-documented PDA. What has yet to be revealed is Carter's relationship to her family and how she plans to use him to get back in their good graces.

Secrets Style Rank: Intermediate. Bree is as sly as any girl with her resources, but she's too focused on her specific goal to do much harm. Well, that is, if you don't count breaking Nate's heart.

Whose secret sparked your interest?


— Enid Portuguez

Photo: The CW