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Ellen DeGeneres on being the new 'American Idol' judge: 'I hope I'm the people's point of view'

Ellen The fourth seat has been filled.

A little more than a month after Paula Abdul tendered her high-profile Twitter resignation as a judge on "American Idol," Fox announced Wednesday that she was being replaced by one of the show's biggest fans, comedian and talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres.

The network's five-year deal with DeGeneres puts to rest a major challenge facing Fox as the aging singing competition enters its ninth season in January: filling the shoes of the judge considered by many to be the heart of the show.

DeGeneres, who has hosted the Oscars and the Emmys and was recently a guest judge on Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance," broke the news to her audience during a taping of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Wednesday.

"I don't know how it happened myself, but I have not missed one episode of that show," DeGeneres said in the episode of the talk show that airs today. "I love everything about it and I love music, as you know. Hopefully I'm the people's point of view because I'm just like you. I sit at home and I watch it and I don't have that technical . . . I'm not looking at it in a critical way from the producer's mind. I'm looking at it as a person who is going to buy the music and is going to relate to that person."

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No, DeGeneres, you're not just like me. Fox and Idol has gone south on this one. I watched Idol because I have a musical interest but I'm not intuned to the industry that would enable me to be constructive on helping these kids make correct decisions that will affect the rest of their lives. DeGeneres doesn't know squat about the industry and should have no business being involved that high up in the process. This may well be Idol's last season.

What a stupid pick ellen degeneres,Paula Abdul replaced with that! What an insult.Not watching this season.

"Considered by many to be the heart of the show"? Paula has been wasting space sitting in the seat for years. Contestants didn't value her opinion and the audience was tired of her. She never "judged," but only lavished praise, most of the time when it wasn't warranted.

You could not have picked a worse replacement for Paula, I can't stand her weird little dance.. You need to pick someone with a music background NOT A JOKE!

What a joke. To put this buffoon on a show that judges musical talent? You have lost me as a long-time Idol fan. I will never watch it again!!!

What empty suit thought of this deal?

I've been watching this show for years and I will not be watching it until Paula is back on the show for good. Don't get me wrong I think Ellen DeGeneres is awsome but this show will not be the same without her.

Are you kidding, or just that desperate? What does a comedian know about a singing competition? You may as well have just picked someone off the street that needed a job. Sure, Ellen may bring a few chuckles, but what a bonehead move. You wasted an opportunity and compromised the process.

I think this is great!! Now it will be even more entertaining.

Maybe Ellen will have something interesting to say unlike Paula. Also, just because she's not a part of the music industry doesn't mean she can't have an opinion. People not in the industry are the ones who the industry is catering to. Regular people are the ones who are going out and buying the records.

Paula was a waste of space on that show. Every time she came on I just wanted to throw something at her and tell her to shut up.

This season might hurt big time. What the hell does
Ellen know or have to do with American Idol. They really got this one wrong. I didn't know American Idol could be ruined with one foul swoop. What goes up must come down. I just didn't expect it to be now.

American Idol? Is that show still on? I can't believe people still care about this nonsense.

okay, so, most of you are saying that ellen doesn't belong there. i can't say i agree OR disagree, but the point is, remember the time that Kara was new? no one really liked her because, i don't know. she's new? people need to be open for a change, and for a HUGE show like this, this is HUGE change. so give it a year or two and it'll be like Paula was wasn't even there.

PS. paula is full of non sense. you can agree or disagree.

Is she really qualified to be a singing judge...I think were gonna miss the really talented singers

what a shame to ruin a good show...what about putting someone in there that has talent say like maybe shenia twain or leann rimes or even cindi lauper for that matter... maybe this is just to get the viewers to watch out of curiousty as a publicity stunt...sorry but thats the only reason I'll watch at first but no way will ellen keep my attention

Ellen DeGeneres can only be taken in small doses. She has absolutely no dance background and her comedic comments are going to get old. American Idol execs made a huge mistake in letting Paula go and compounded that mistake by taking on Ellen D. Why couldn't they have kicked off Kara and added her salary to Paula's!!!! After enjoying AI for all of these years, I will not be tuning in this season.

This is casting for type. She'll be kooky but loving and supportive; just like who? Kara, while supremely qualified lacks charisma so they needed a new "regular folks" judge. Ellen was a HORIBLE guest judge on SYTCD. She won't be any better on AI.

no, ellen doesn't belong on American Idol panel. I'm not going to watch it. Bring Paula back, lose Seacrest.

I honestly think that Idol ratings wouldn’t have suffered this season if they hadn’t put Ellen as a judge. Honestly, she has no given talent in knowing what to say to the contestants. Haven’t you noticed that she repeats whatever the previous judge said? Yeah, it’s because she has no dang clue want to say on her OWN. Really… Ellen? I think you’d be more useful at your regular talk show. You’re more useful there, but one thing is for sure, you're never going to be funny. So don't try to be! You don’t know how to sing a damn note, so why the hell you in Idol?… and you try too hard to “fit” in, and it's just making you look STUPID. You don’t even give advice to the contestants, you just repeat what the previous person had said. Really, go back to where you belong. (: Thanks.
The show should just stick to Randy and Kara and someone who is quite like Simon, now that he's leaving. Three is enough. We don't need another "useless".
She drove me completely nuts this season! I just wanted her to shut up. (:, I think she was a big mistake.


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