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Eddie McClintock of 'Warehouse 13' may have found a TV treasure

September 22, 2009 |  6:00 pm

Over at the Hero Complex blog, champion of fanboy coverage Geoff Boucher had a chat with Eddie McClintock, a star of SyFy's "Warehouse 13," a hit for the interestingly renamed, post-"Battlestar Galactica" cable channel.  The journeyman actor talked about family, his Hollywood travails and more.  Here's an intro/excerpt:

Tonight, the whimsical "Warehouse 13" wraps up a magical first season after delivering record numbers for SyFy -- formerly known as the Sci Fi Channel but perhaps worthy of the moniker Sigh Fi since "Warehouse" is pulling in the biggest female viewership numbers in the 17-year history of the cable outlet. The women are coming for the show's paranormal plots but also its flirty fun -- think "Fringe" stirred to a light froth, or maybe "Moonlighting" with magical artifacts -- as well as Eddie McClintock's rugged good looks and crooked smile.


The show stars McClintock as Pete Lattimer, an impulsive, rule-bending Secret Service agent who proudly trusts his gut instincts and has a personal life that's a bit of an unmade bed. That's the opposite of his new partner, Myka Bering (portrayed by Joanne Kelly), whose approach is cerebral and by-the-book. He's all smirk, she's all squint, and together they have been exiled to a strange new assignment in South Dakota where they guard a classified warehouse loaded up with mystical objects that are too dangerous to let out of the box -- yes, it's a lot like that hushed, anonymous federal archive in the final scene in “Raiders of the Lost Ark."

McClintock was ready to crate up his Hollywood career when "Warehouse" came along. With two children and a decade of only vagabond success, the native of Canton, Ohio, considered walking away from acting altogether.

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-- Geoff Boucher

Photo: SyFy