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Actress Jennifer Morrison to exit 'House'


Sorry, "House" fans -- just when you thought Jennifer Morrison's Cameron was about to get more screen time, she's getting cut loose. 

According to EW.com, getting rid of Cameron was a creative decision that came from the producers. Her last episode will air in November and Morrison has already shot her final scene.

Fans can take a little comfort in knowing Cameron will not be killed off (a la the Kutner shocker), and that Jesse, her on-screen husband, is not leaving the show. Producers are also said to be open to the idea of Morrison returning to guest star later in the season. 

Is this a bad move for the show? Let us know in the comments below. 

-- Denise Martin

Photo: Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer on "House." Photo credit: Fox

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Oh no. Very sad, indeed.

Can't anybody produce/direct/write for TV anymore? What idiots.

I cannot believe she is getting cut from the show. So many people (guys especially) will stop watching the show now. Who doesn't want to see beautiful women on screen?

It was a bad move for the show when they dumped the original team. It was a bad move when they kept the ghastly Thirteen on the new team. The character of Cameron was necessary to provide balance to House's bitter cynicism. I really hate this decision to let Jennifer Morrison go. I've watched through three terrific seasons, suffered through the last two, and can finally set myself free. No more House for me.

Horrible, horrible move. Women love her, too. So what women are left? Thirteen and the woman in charge who I absolutely cannot stand (no offense). Meanwhile, 63 men continue to dominate the show.

If they were going to cut one of "the couple," it should have been Chase. So, so sad.

Yes .... bad news for the show. First Kutner now Cameron. House is a bit weirder out though... good for another season or two then the way of the dodo. My guess.

awesome, i can´t believe. that´s so stupid, why they do that?

The bad decision making on House started at the beginning of season 4 when they sidelined Morrison & Spencer in favor of "a shake-up" which gave us the stupid of hiring bland Olivia Wilde over Anne Dudek, hanging on the monotonous Omar Epps & then in one of the biggest pieces of plot-dumb killing off Kutner. It feels like this is just more of Shore's vindictive pissiness because fans continue to refuse to embrace his precious 13 & the brain-dead that is "Huddy". He's got this weird idea that if he gets rid of the competition maybe we'll finally like them. Guess what - its way more likely that we'll simply stop watching.

This is the end of House for me, Cameron/Jennifer Morrison was the reason why I watched House. Bad creative decision. The producers have been making bad calls for the last two seasons, and ratings prove that, just because the season premiere was awesome it doesn't mean they're going to keep those ratings with Thirteen front and center, House/Cuddy idiotic relationship and Foreman wallpaper. Good luck Jennifer, you were too good for this show

Ok, we will hear the bitter hamerons crying for a few days and after that we can watch our favourite show again. I was sick reading everywhere that the show sucks just b/c they killed Hameron off. Bye bye Cameron.

Unfortunately the producers of such a great show seem to think that America wants to see the characters that got them interested in the show disappear. Personally I would much prefer seeing the original team of 4 (House included) re-unite and do things "the old way" than the new crew, and I suspect most viewers would as well. While Hugh Laurie does an outstanding job at keeping me entertained on his own (while playing House) there was this chemistry tying all of the original characters together that made the show highly addictive. Seasons 4 and 5 have by far been the worse seasons of the show in my opinion. In fact, the only episodes I enjoyed watching during these seasons were the ones where Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morrison got more than 5 seconds of air time.

I can only hope that the producers of the show that was once great will come to their senses and stop making such bad decisions...

I, too, think it's a bad decision. But I'm not surprised. They cut pared back all the original "ducklings" in favor of that silly contest for the fellowship which gave us such convoluted plot twists as Thirteen, Amber the Cutthroat Bitch and an Indian named Kutner.
If it weren't the strenght of Hugh Laurie's stellar performance, the show would have crumbled around lack of creative vision.

This is very disappointing. Cameron is a great character, much better than the other leading females in my opinion.
I really hope this was Jennifer's decision and that she has every success in the future. She is a very talented actress.

This is a very sad day. Fans forgave many of the writer's idiotic ideas but this the straw that breaks the camel's back.

I hope this decision comes back to kick DS&Co where it really hurts

Again we see Producers out of touch with their loyal fan base. An extremely bad move. We wanted more of Cameron. Agree with Tex they're idiots.

Still a great show, but I feel it's just a matter of time till they "jump the shark". She will be missed but who"s to say that the writers won't get lucky and find an interesting way to twist someone new into the cast. I hope the ratings don't suffer to the point of a future of only reruns.

I watch House for...House.

Sadly, the shelf life of actresses is about as long as yoghurt. That's just the way it is.

I guess I am the lone wolf here, but I think this is a good decision for the show.
The Cameron character has gone just about as far as she can go in the House world and she doesn't really fit anywhere anymore.
House doesn't want her, that storyline is done. The ER is boring, it is not what House is all about. Cam and Chase don't really work out either.
She isn't a "fellow" any longer she is a "department head" so taking her backwards to House's team permanently doesn't make sense.
There isn't much else to do with the character - time to move forward. Good Luck to JMo!

What a bummer! After that ending w/ Cameron & Chase finally getting married, I was hoping there would be MORE time with those 2, not less! I get so bummed by TV, they're always cutting my favorite shows (i.e. Life) and characters. :(

What? They couldn't dump Katie Jacobs and her Mary Sue (aka 13).
Well, once JM's gone that's just one less show I have to watch.

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