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A 'Real Housewives' first? Bravo releases Kim's 'Tardy for the Party' music video

Admit it, "Real Housewives" fans. Ever since you heard snippets of the infamously remastered "Real Housewives of Atlanta" masterpiece “Tardy for the Party,” Kim Zolciak’s electronically enhanced vocals have been playing on loop in your head for days. Kandi Burruss and her team of producers revamped the bland country tune — thanks? — and have made being late to parties acceptable, if only because it makes for an opportunity to sing the catchy hook.

And as if singing along to the music gem wasn’t enough, Bravo just released a new music video for the dance ditty. But don’t expect a mini-movie of Kim covered in diamonds and pearls as she takes the Benz out for a swirl. It’s essentially a compilation of footage from the series. Enjoy!

Warning: Excessive viewings -- which are likely -- might cause you to be tardy for a new episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," which airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Video courtesy of Bravo.

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When is the housewives of atlanta going to end? It is so awful and trashy that I don't watch it. I am waiting for Orange County and NY to begin. Thanks.

OMG Kandi just perfomered a miracle!!!!!!!! That's actually hot!!

I like the song Kandi product for Kim, "Don't Be Tardy For the Party, it sounds good. I think Kandi is so multi-talented and so level headed, so is not "ghetto" like NeNe stated, NeNe is the ghetto one, if truth be told.


It's unbelieveable! That Kandi is an extremely talented woman. I almost didn't recognize the song.

Do ny of you actually think this piece of crap called Kim can actually sing?

cmack: ATL wont end just as OC & NY & NJ wont end. ATL isnt only trash, THEY ALL ARE TRASH.

Kandi, You go girl! You are too classy to be in the middle of such women who are not business mined. Now please make Frankie into a singer? You are extremely talented and that's why I keep watching. NeNe wants to be you in her next life!

Kandi is very talented! As for Kim, she still can't sing! Kim is a gold-digger, wearing wigs--to flaunting her affair with "Big Poppa".

Kandi is AMAZING! This really could be a hit in the clubs...she is so talented. Did any of you see her performance on stage during Housewives? She could also be an amazing actress. What talent! Have no idea why she is wasting time on this reality series. Some agent should get her some real work!

Love, love, love the "Tardy for the Party" episode. It's about time someone gave Kim a break!! God Bless Kandi for being supportive of Kim and treating her like a human being despite the opinion of the other housewives. I, like another commentor think Nene is ghetto and NOT Kandi. Kandi has by far proven herself to be a very talented and CARING person - unlike Nene!!

well kandi should win an grammie for changing kims voice so that we do not cringe when we hear it and now she thinks she can sing lol is jazzy pha big poppa? <

Kim cannot sing and why she thinks she can is beyond me.


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