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'90210': Adrianna gets nostalgic, Navid finally gets lucky and Liam tries to get even

September 30, 2009 |  6:56 am


I would call this week’s “90210” an “in the meantime, in between time” episode. That’s when nothing really huge happens, but a whole lot of set-up for something really big occurs. Last week’s episode left a lot of questions, but this week’s didn’t quite give any answers. What it did do was hint at what may happen. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Will Adrianna hook up with Teddy?
The show began in the middle of a romantic date between Adrianna and Navid. Suddenly, we realize Adrianna is daydreaming. Navid disappears, and Teddy is suddenly in his place. Before long, he’s shirtless, his chest and abs pulsing for Adrianna to come hither. Then, she snaps out of it. That sets the tone of the show for Adrianna. Is Navid getting in the way of what she really wants?

Adrianna soon finds out that her agent has set her up for an audition for a pilot and threatens to drop her if she doesn’t go. When she tells Navid, he gets all preachy on her about the temptations of the acting lifestyle. Of course, she goes to the audition anyway, and she gets the part. Yay! Let the hedonism begin!

After fighting with Navid over getting the gig, Adrianna finds herself in the comforting arms of Teddy. Finally, he gets that kiss he’s been pushing for since the yacht. Oh, then it gets good – not so much for Teddy (who probably had to take a cold shower). It becomes Navid’s lucky night. In her guilt, she runs back to him, professing that he’s right – she has turned down the pilot, and her agent dropped her. So finally, Navid says good-bye to his virginity. Heck, it may have been “guilt sex,” but it was sex nonetheless. One-ups, Navid! 

Will Sasha find out Dixon is a high school student?

If there’s anyone who believes Dixon’s hype more than Sasha, it’s Dixon. After being kidnapped to Napa, we find him and Sasha in bed. He, of course, never comes clean with Sasha and while she knows nothing real about him, he can’t stop talking about everything they have in common. Later, still driving Navid’s yellow “lame-borghini,” she discovers that the car’s trunk is full of Navid’s dad’s porn. Instead of telling her the truth, Dixon tells Sasha it’s just how he pays the bills while he works on a music career. Argh, it’s so frustrating that he keeps getting away with the charade! But then, there’s a glimmer of hope. Somehow, Sasha took Dixon’s phone by mistake, and so she tracks him down to return it. Just as she and her friend arrive, Dixon returns home in his normal ride – picture a compact rental car – and is greeted at the door by his mom. I think Sasha’s friend put it best, “Who is that white woman, and why is she hugging your boyfriend?” Indeed, very astute sistah, indeed. Oh, please let Dixon get caught next week!

Will Naomi and Liam get revenge on Annie for last week’s yacht trip?

Sadly, not this week. Other than Naomi calling Annie a skank in the hallway (she should just change her name, since it happens so frequently these days), their saga is to be continued. Though, Annie may be getting herself into a new mess.

Turns out the bum Annie hit with her car was filthy rich – only in Beverly Hills – and he left $100,000 to West Bev. Did no one tell him that there are much needier organizations that money could have gone to? Coincidentally, his strange, antisocial nephew goes to West Bev, and Annie just can’t seem to keep herself from crying whenever she’s near him. I’m not sure what he picked up on (but her rep isn’t quite as squeaky clean as it used to be), but he’s definitely playing the dead uncle card to get close to her. Navid may not be the only one who profits from guilt these days.

Liam had bigger fish to fry and her name was Jen. After finding an article about her being married and flat broke, he tried to play a game of blackmail with her. He threatened to tell her sister of Jen’s spotty past unless she told Naomi that it was she who slept with him on prom night, not Annie. Of course, you don’t play with varsity when you’re still just J.V. Jen, the master of manipulation that she is, admitted the truth about her marriage and her bank account to Naomi. Jen then went into a sob story of how she should just return to her unhappy marriage in exchange for the security it provided. Naomi wouldn’t have it. After all, what’s a trust fund good for if you can’t spend it on your lying, thieving sister?

After finding out that his threat didn’t work, Liam seemed on the outs once again – until his very last scene, that is, when he pulls out a recorder and plays Jen’s voice confessing that she was the real prom night skank. Let’s hope he doesn’t mess this one up too. And by the way, what were those blueprints he was looking through last week? Did I miss something? Whatever plans they were for, I hope for Liam’s sake that they’re foolproof.

-- Jethro Nededog

Photo: Jen (Sara Foster) confronts Liam (Matt Lanter) at the beach club in "90210." Credit: Jaimie Trueblood / The CW