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Recap: 'True Blood' Season 2, Episode 9

August 17, 2009 |  8:44 pm

Trueblood09_42This week's episode began with a bang (sorry, I had to) as Luke blew himself up inside Godric's lair while the vampires were having a civilized post Newlin-confrontation gathering and Bill was out front with Lorena telling her that he will never love her (how many times does she have to hear that?). Anyway, just before the explosion Lorena cries blood and speeds off in that super-fast cartoon style that vampires are so awesome at. But not before promising that Bill hasn't seen the last of her. What's up, Glenn Close? Boil bunnies much?

Lucky for Bill, Eric covered Sookie with his body during the blast and she's fine, just a bit stunned. Bill chases down a member of the Fellowship of the Sun and takes a bite out of him, stopping short of draining him and telling him to go tell his people that he was shown mercy. While he's busy doing that Eric is busy feigning that he is dying. Although Sookie is psychic she appears to have zero skills when it comes to sussing out a big fat faker. He asks her to suck the silver out of his chest and she reluctantly does so only for Bill to arrive and tell her that she's been tricked. Now that she has swallowed Eric's blood he will be able to sense her emotions and she may start having sexual feelings toward him. Join the club, Sook. 

Later Godric assesses the irreparable damage done to his home and seems deflated. Stan is dead, as are several other vampires and a few humans.

Back in Bon Temps Hoyt sits with Jessica and consoles her about the fact that they have just discovered that her hymen will grow back after every sexual encounter they have. Vampires just heal that way and since she was a virgin when she was turned this unhappy fact is now part of her reality. She's crushed. Hoyt is tender, but secretly how could he be unhappy about his hot, red-headed, perpetual virgin vampire girlfriend? He says she should meet his mama, then he offers to build her a "tricked-out double-wide" and sings her to sleep. Now that's a date!

The following morning at Sookie's house Eggs and Tara sit sadly together, full of bruises from their insane blackout battle. Mary Ann has no sympathy for their sorrow. "I have a little theory about blacking out," she says. "Maybe you rose to a higher state of consciousness." Yes! Finally someone gets it. Blacking out and acting like a hopped up kung-fu fighter is simply dissolving "into the infinite." (I thought that last time I woke up in my neighbor's back yard with no shoes and a Hello Kitty shower cap on.)

Meanwhile Sam is still in jail, as is half of the town of Bon Temps (all of whom were at Mary Ann's crazy devil orgy). "All I did was lose my pants," yells one inmate. "There's no law against that!" Um, yeah, I'm pretty sure there is. Ask my probation officer.

That night at the Hotel Carmilla Sookie can't sleep, so she gets up out of bed and knocks on Jason's door. They engage in a very touching scene of sibling bonding. Sookie tells Jason that she loves him "even if I want to stick your head in a bucket and kick it around the yard."

"I love you too, even though I wish you would cook for me more," he replies. Sigh. They turn on the TV and see Nan Flanagan, spokesperson of the American Vampire League, having a heated back-and-forth with the Newlins. You can still see the mark from the paintball Jason shot in between Steve's eyes. The couple, who are clearly not getting along, claim that Godric volunteered to go with them, that he wanted to "meet the sun."

At Merlotte's Arlene is afraid that a curse is on the place and that's why waitresses keep dying. She also has a really sweet moment with Terry when he tells her that although he doesn't remember having sex with her he's glad that he did. Just after that Tara shows up for work accompanied by Eggs. Lafayette sees the bruises on her face and immediately accuses Eggs of domestic violence. The encounter quickly escalates into a full-blown fight. Eggs and Tara leave.

Cut to Sookie dreaming that she is in naked in bed with Eric. It's a steamy, intimate scene with Eric declaring his love for her and kissing her passionately. Sookie wakes up in a panic next to Bill.

Back at the town jail Mary Ann shows up looking for Sam. She rubs Sheriff Dearborne's shoulders and turns his eyes saucer black. Then she gets all creepy and her voice dips down low, she demands Sam. The jailed townspeople freak out and point to his cell. But Sam, having heard Mary Ann enter, has shifted into a fly and flown out of the jail. She's incredibly angry but she lets the crazies out of jail.

In what should be a nice scene, but quickly becomes terrible, Hoyt brings Jessica to Merlotte's to meet his mom. She is a hateful, small-minded woman and she does everything she can to make Jessica feel inferior, finally saying that Hoyt has a bright future "in the sun" and pointing out that Jessica will never be able to give him children. Ouch! Jessica leaves crying, Hoyt joins her, vowing never to come home.

Being a vampire seems far preferable to being a maenad. Mary Ann is busy proving that she has a black heart when Lafayette and Tara's mom show up to take Tara away during a game of strip poker at Sookie's. Mary Anne offers Tara's alcoholic mom a bottle of vodka and watches with joy as Tara's eyes turn black and she attacks her mother while Lafayette beats up Eggs. Finally Lafayette throws a shrieking and possessed Tara over his shoulder and makes a getaway in his car. She'll be back, says Mary Ann, and she'll bring them with her. Sam has been watching the whole thing, literally, as a fly on the wall.

Soon after that Mary Ann appears at Merlotte's where Hoyt's mom is complaining and drinking beer. Mary Ann is in a full-blown maenad rage and she demands the sacrifice of Sam. Everyone's eyes turn black. 

In Dallas Nan Flanagan is busy lambasting Godric for what she calls a PR disaster and tells him that he must step down as sheriff. He agrees and admits that he volunteered to be taken by the church because they would have taken someone eventually and he was willing to martyr himself. (So old and so tired of the violence and hate.) Eric is beside himself when Godric asks him to meet him on the hotel roof. Sookie tells Bill she feels the need to go, too, but not before Bill punches Eric hard in the face. "It's too late," says Eric. "I'm a part of her now."

On the roof Godric tells Eric that he is through and ready to meet the sun. Eric falls to his knees and cries bloody tears. Sookie watches, touched. Godric commands Eric to leave him and Sookie joins Godric for the end. He is calm and dressed in white, he asks if she believes in God and if she will take care of Eric. "A human with me at the end, and human tears," he says with a sense of peace and wonder. Then he steps to the edge of the roof. As the sun rises he lifts his arms and begins to burn softly and brightly, like a candle.

Roll credits.

-- Jessica Gelt

Photo: Allan Hyde, left, as Godric and Anna Paquin as Sookie. Credit: HBO.