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Radio host Don Imus in talks with Fox Business Network

Don-imus Fox Business is in talks with shock jock Don Imus about simulcasting his radio show, more than two years after derogatory comments he made about a group of African American female basketball players got him kicked off MSNBC and CBS Radio.

The provocative and popular radio host is in final negotiations with the financial news network, which plans to simulcast his syndicated early-morning radio show, possibly from 3 to 6 a.m. Pacific time, as MSNBC did, according to a source familiar with the discussions. No deal is in place yet between the two parties, but if the talks conclude as anticipated, the arrangement could start sometime in September.

Since late 2007, “Imus in the Morning” has been simulcast on RFD-TV, a cable network that covers rural America and agriculture, an arrangement that would end with the new Fox Business Network deal, the source said.

A spokesman for Imus had no immediate comment.

"We talk to interesting and engaging talent all the time,” said Irena Briganti, a spokeswoman for Fox Business.

The wooing of the plain-spoken radio host underscores the upstart cable network’s efforts to cast itself as the populist answer to business news. When Fox Business launched in October 2007, network executives said they were programming for Main Street, as well as Wall Street. It remains to be seen how the often-crass style of the craggy cowboy, who has a ranch in New Mexico, will mesh with the channel’s flashy New York aesthetic.

But there's no question that the move would add some firepower to Fox Business' morning line-up. Imus' show would replace current programming, which now includes "Fox Business Morning," hosted by Connell McShane and Jenna Lee, and "Money for Breakfast," anchored by Alexis Glick and Eric Bolling. Nielsen Media Research does not yet release public ratings for Fox Business, which is now available in about 50 million homes. Competitor CNBC reaches almost twice as many households.

The move would also underscore the public rehabilitation of Imus, whose on-air description of the Rutgers women’s basketball players as “some nappy-headed hos” in 2007 triggered widespread condemnation. The sharp-tongued host apologized for his remarks, calling them “insensitive and ill-conceived.” But that did not stem the tide of criticism from activists such as the Rev. Jesse Jackson and national women’s groups. Advertisers such as General Motors and American Express pulled their spots off his MSNBC show. After the cable network yanked his simulcast, CBS Radio canceled his program altogether.

Imus eventually secured a termination settlement with CBS and found a new home on Citadel Broadcasting, out of WABC in New York. Many of the politicians and journalists who were guests on his old show returned. Recently, he has devoted time on the air to discussing his prostate cancer, which was diagnosed in March.

-- Matea Gold

Photo: Associated Press

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Sorry he has cancer, I would wish that on no one. Having said that, I will never excuse him for his racist, sexist comments regarding the women of the Rutgers Basketball Team.Those were ugly, mean and hateful statements.

For him to have ever thought those comment were funny in any forum is indicative of his mind set and the culture of those who watch/listen to his show. Someone made him feel comfort in making those kind of remarks and it certainly was not those of us who did not listen/watch his show. Why is he working at all, anywhere?

This to me is another example of WHITE PRIVILEGE in what it is still a very race/color conscious society that is still not inclusive. How do Old White Men who really do not need the money keep getting jobs. This is the same kind of thing that has gone on for years in the NFL and NBA. The same old white guys have gotten the jobs over and over. No matter how bad they were at the last coaching job, they got another break. Things are changing but damn it has taken hundreds of years, why are White Americans so slow to allow equal opportunity to all things? Imus should have his ass at home and a younger more open body should have a shot at making some money.

Things like this should never be news. Don Imus is neither a shock jock or relevant

It gives me no pleasure that Imus will be on FOX but........at least (if this happens) I will get to watch his fantastic show again. I have been in withdrawal since MSNBC yanked it off the air and only tune in to Morning Joe (which I HATE) out of habit----and the only alternative is CNN. Need I say more? Imus had great political guests and discussions and even with his grumpy demeanor he was fair-minded to both sides. I hope he brings the whole crew along, especially Rob Bartlett. Even though I detest FOX I will cross my fingers and hope that this deal goes through. MSNBC made a grave error in firing Imus and it will be to their extreme detriment to be up against him on the airwaves. Joe and Mika -- start clearing out your desks; your 15 minutes are up.

Come on, Hussain! I've heard Steve Harvey, and that show is pure buffonery! we cant stand shows like that nonsense.

Imus is unique, and his show is often entertaining. He also panders to blacks by having two on his show, though they have mostly ruined it for me.

YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Please, please bring Imus back. Please. I've heard worse than Imus said from elected Republican officials since Obama was elected and none — repeat, none — of the outrage. And what these elected officials said was despicable. So dont give me that phony crap.

I called my cable company repeatedly and begged them to get Imus' show and they wouldn't.

This is the best early morning news in ages.

I agree completely with caroldaryl above. Completely.

Yeah, Imus belongs with Fixed News. That would be a good place for him.

For the life of me, I can't figure out the appeal of this dour-faced, mumbling/grumbling radio show host. His new gig at Fox perhaps helps to explain it.

I love Imus and was able to catch his show on RFD-TV when I had Dish Network. Since I've moved into a condo building that does not allow satellite dishes on the roof I had to switch to cable and lost his show. I'm thrilled that I might be able to see him again. He is certainly "of the people" if that's what Fox wants, and that's the main thing I like about him. I would even watch a Fox show to catch Imus, and for me that's saying a lot.

Why put the angry leather skin idiot on TV. OOPS, I forgot he will be joining the other lame brained empty heads, O'rielly, Hannity, and the collection of blonde bimbos. Some of the bimbo's are dark haired as well.

Well, this certainly explains why old Uncle Donnie has been kissing Fox' collective butt since his return to the airwaves. You can call Imus a lot of things, but he's no dope, and he knows that his only chance for a nationwide cable simulcast is the babes and boors network. I have no doubt that he is smart emough to realize that the Fox family is a gaggle of hypocrites and frauds, but with Don Imus it seems that cash on the barrelhead always trumps intellectual honesty. It's a shame - back in the day the guy had some guts and integrity.

Have you seen the show lately on RFD?
Mumbling Imus is horrible........By the way,
I THINK it's Imus under that huge cowboy hat...but I'm not sure......It could be a body double....

fantastic, another reason not watch the bigoted, right wing drivel pretending to be news on FOX, I have not watched any fox show since the elections and never will. '
Go Imus, you deserve each other..

way to go FOX,

A move by Imus to Fox Business News? Did I hear that right? (He'd fit right in if they resurrected "Breakfast Time" but that show was way too innovated and ahead of it's time.) Y'all are gonna hafta to see Mr. Imus between 3 & 6 ayem, unless you TiVo him or use a dvr.
By the way, as J.D. has said many times, "It's a RADIO show first" and there just happen to be TV cameras in the studio at the same time. People either 'get' Imus or they don't. He's no racist and the folks that don't 'get' him will never understand. Don is the reason many cable systems picked up RFD-TV and it's too bad he's leaving that channel. Oh, well...all good things...

Glad to hear Imus may come back. I too have been in withdrawal mode. His guests make the show not only informative but also interesting. IT'S ABOUT TIME! There are much more disparaging remarks elsewhere to make Imus sound like a newbie. He should have NEVER been taken off. MSNBC has no guts. The only way I can hear Imus is through radio stations that repeat his show at a more decent hour. Like before, I will tape the program to watch later in the morning (6 a.m.) with my cup of coffee. WELCOME BACK IMUS!!!!

As long as you're pointing fingers, what about Al Sharpton -- who nearly ruined the lives of the Duke Rugby team. He never even apologized.

What about Jessie "Hymietown" Jackson?

If you're not a forgiving person, you shouldn't forgive them either. Still holding a grudge against Sharp and Jack? I hope you can at least be consistent.

I went through withdrawal pains when Imus got fired by MSNBC (unfairly), and I subscribed to Direct TV just so I could watch his show after RFD picked it up. But if I'd known that he would become a shill for Hannity and the other Fox News poison-tongued blowhards, I never would've bothered. It's no surprise that Rupert Murdoch has dropped the pretense and hired the I-man outright.

It's been almost 2 years since I watched any TV during the hours Mr Imus used to air. Thank you Fox Business for at least thinking of this concept. Not quite sure whose idea this was but I can see now why Fox is as prosperous as it is, great business move getting that bracket of people to view your station. Shame on General Motors and American Express for having such a narrow mind, glad to see that they sided with such great Americans and REv Jackson and other loud mouth Rev. Sharpton.
Welcome back Imus we all missed you

where is imus i want to watch him every day
never missed a day on the cow channel now ready for a good station

Since posting last month on hearing the rumor that the I-Man would be coming to Fox, I've searched for confirmation and VOILA! today I was rewarded. Can't wait for his show next month; just wish it wasn't on the demonic Fox network, but what can you do? MSNBC caved several years ago, and boy, are they gonna regret it. Scarborough better have a back-up plan because from what I read on TWoP, viewers will be leaving in droves, now that there is such a superior alternative. Imus asks his guests questions, then (are you listening, Joe?) he SHUTS UP and lets them talk. What a concept, huh? When they are FINISHED (I'm talking to you, Joe) he then comes back with whatever relevant or snarky comment he pleases. I learned so much from his show/guests back then. Hope he brings the whole gang back with him, then..........let the games begin ! ! ! ! !

Imus will be on Fox Business Channel. You may think he doesn't have business sence but I beg to differ. He and his wife built a huge working ranch from scratch and they bring children with terminal cancer to work on the ranch. Children like to be treated like other
"normal" children. This gives them the chance. When these children pass on Imus and his wife attend their funerals. Under that big hat
is a big heart. I enjoyed his show before and I can't wait for him to come back. As far as his comment about the Rugby girls, he has done everything possible, even to visiting each of the girls and appologizing in person. He admits he should never have said it (I seen the show that day) and that he deserved to be fired. But what about the black comedian who called fifteen year old Mylie a hoe?
He went on several guest appearances after and laughed about it. He said that he was a comedian and they often say things that offend. So it was all right for him to degrade a white girl but wrong for Imus to make a stupid statement. The press swept that one off. I didn't see Sharpton comment on that one. Give Imus a break- I'm glad he's back. Of course, what would I know- I am a faithful watcher of Fox News 5PM-10 PM nightly.

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