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Octomom lays ratings egg for Fox

Nadya Suleman, a.k.a. "Octomom," may be a tabloid sensation, but a TV star she is not.

Fox got plenty of advance PR for its two-hour Wednesday special "Octomom: The Incredible Unseen Footage," which purported to offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the La Habra woman who gave birth to octuplets this year. But the program averaged just 4.2 million total viewers, according to early data from Nielsen Media Research, giving it a fourth-place finish in the time slot. By comparison, the night's most-watched program, NBC's "America's Got Talent," averaged 10.3 million during the 9 p.m. hour. 

The broadcast networks have slogged through their worst summer ever this year, as new shows have bombed and viewers continue to flee to cable. But the "Octomom" flameout suggests that viewers have simply grown tired of the relentless coverage surrounding Suleman. Critics trashed the special (MSNBC.com called it "repulsively grim"), which featured interviews in which Suleman, among other things, trashed reality star Kate Gosselin and claimed that her house is haunted. 

-- Scott Collins  

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It's really incredible, that an intelligent woman, advised by an attorney, is so stupid to rip Kate Gosselin, to tell her house is haunted and to tell the story of her 17th years sadisme against her mother. I suppose that Nadya Suleman was oppressed to play this role by radaronline, because only a nasty, mad mother would be interesting enough for a gossips' network. I once read that she was obliged to deliver an interesting story each week over 7 weeks and that she received her money only afterwards. Since the moment, she didn't want to expose her children any longer, what should she have done other than play the role of a grazy woman, loving men in uniform or believing her home haunted? Did Fox have her agreement to show her from her worst and perhaps wrongest side, or could radaronline sell all without any further agreement, for to destroy her chances, that eyeworks could sell the documentary in USA? I am looking forward to eyeworks production, they announced that Nadya Suleman merited to be shown in a positive way, which also could be an allegation to the invasive, destructive, abusive way of radaronline.

I actually came away from the show having a better opinion of Suleman than before. True, she made a huge mistake having these 8 extra babies, but I think that as far as mothering goes, she does a pretty good job. She's not perfect, but she's trying. As far as her "trashing Kate Gosslin", all she said was that she looked better in a bathing suit (without extra plastic surgery) than Kate - which is totally true in my opinion.

I'm glad FOX showed it because they did show tape of the 3 year old kicking the infants laying on the ground twice! His mother even put him in time out over it. That is when he called her a bitch several times and hit her in the face! She has no control of him and he is going to kill one of those infants.

Also, I feel very bad for her Mother, I think she treats her Mother like trash. The story of her putting her in the trunk was horrible.

I think the person who should have had more kids is Octomom's Mother! She seems a very loving and caring person. If she had more, then she would have realized Octomom is crazy. It wasn't you Grandma, it was your spawn from hell!

Ooops! I left the TV going while fixing dinner and had this show on by accident. When the octomom was talking about the time her mom smelled so bad that she rode in the trunk while the octomom drove crazily, I thought what a terrible person this girl is to her mom. As soon as I looked up to see who was on the TV I wasn't surprised by who I saw and immediately changed the channel. I sure hope she doesn't plan to put her babies in the trunk when they smell bad. Pretty sad. I definately won't leave the TV on FOX if this show is on again.

No Mother in their right mind could have watched the special and say today "she's a good Mother". Every Mother that saw the special noticed the look in the babie's eyes, the lack of animation and smiling and eye contact with their Mother, and the way all the children reacted to their Mother. The children exhbit behaviors of having been abused. The aggression is cause for worry. Extremely disturbing to watch. Absolutely horrendous parenting. Apparently Nadya is typing her own comments because I can't see how anyone could say anything positive about her as a parent after seeing the special.

it was a great program and the best argument that sterilization should be mandatory for morons! A two year old calling his mom 'bitch' oh where could he have possibly picked up that word since they are supposedly so sheltered?

The Octomom special was superb and chilling and the only reason it didn't rate was because the verite form was too challenging for the prime time network audience which is used to being spoonfed and told what to think about what they're watching (like the slugs at Dateline who ruined the Farrah Fawcett documentary).

This was an x-ray into the soul of American pop culture, the tabloid media and a very disturbed woman being exploited for profit rather than institutionalised.

The attacks on the show are knee jerk because of where it aired. If Fox was HBO and Mike Darnell was Sheila Nevins, they'd be nominating this for an Emmy.

Why would anyone ever consider this "entertainment"?
What exactly is it that is entertaining about 14 of the most miserably sad American kids ever to appear on screen and a narcissistic sociopath of a birthing unit whose every whim they will be subjected to?
Stuffing your Mom in a trunk and gloating over it on camera? What does it take for court ordered psych evaluations to happen in SoCal.
All she's got left to peddle is the name of the sperm donor and who is going to pay much to know that?
Don't forget her lawyer/PR flak Jeff Czech likely gets paid to maintain a positive presence on the blogs.

Also, I feel very bad for her Mother, I think she treats her Mother like trash. The story of her putting her in the trunk was horrible._Gail

IMHO, her mother is closer to being Nadya's enemy than a friend. She's bad-mouthed Nadya from day one....even on major interview shows. She insists on painting Nadya in a bad light no matter how hard Nadya tries. She wants her own 15 minutes of fame.

Nadya should move far away from her parents and start over. She should hire nannies she can truly trust and build a huge wall around her property to keep evil-minded people out. At least, Nadya's kids will know they were wanted and loved.

As for the three year old calling his mom a bitch, that's more than enough evidence to show the negative influence Nadya's mother is having on her grandkids; she thinks nothing of calling Nadya down and insulting her in front of her own kids. Her mother needs help, badly.

I suppose that Nadya Suleman was oppressed to play this role by radaronline, because only a nasty, mad mother would be interesting enough for a gossips' network._Stranger

And that's probably why Kate Gosselin is doing so well on her show, eh? She keeps bringing home the ratings by being a prize control-freak.

It was pretty boring, I fell asleep watching. I don't think she's doing any worse with so many than most moms would do. But those kids are showing some pretty serious signs of stress. Think about it. Not only are they missing a father, but they are only getting 1/14 th of a mom. What a mess. The kindest thing she could have done was adopt those babies from the start to give them TWO loving parents, and then give her older kids at least some of the attention they desperately need.

I just watched the show via the internet.

I have to say I felt overwhelmed and clausterfobic when they showed all of those kids screaming and crying and moving around at once.
I can't imagine having to be subjected to that level of noise and action day in and out. I feel bad for the children having to grow up in that out of control environment.
I can't imagine how Nadya will be able to handle this long term. Is there ever any peace and quiet in this home?

I fear at some point this show will fizzle and then how will she be able to support all of these kids?

As far as Nadya, she appears to love them greatly and I really hope that she will have the financial resources to handle this.

I can't see that show continuing for any length of time even if it is only taped several times a year. It looks more like some out of control daycare then a real home.
Sorry Octomom, that is my observation.

I guess she can stock up on the peanut butter and hopefully none of those 14 kids has a peanut allergy.

I on purpouse didn't turn to Fox last night. I definitely will never watch or purchase anything that will bring ratings,any kind of promotion or fame to that extremly selfish so called "octomom". That is a disgrace to Motherhood. Just hope that with all this exposure of those poor little angels, Social Services will do something about it. Hope they will be taken from a neglect, unsafe,caotic and exploited enviroment. She is a mentally unbalance, selfish, pathetic, user, person. I don't want to insult women.Hope some day those babies will be in a wholesome enviroment they deserve it.

Octomom would have gone away if not for the Camera Hog Gloria Alred and her self serving big ego who is only matched by Nancy Peloski. Given the task in front of her she has done a good job even while living in total chaos.

I suspect we are gonna here from Gloria Allred very soon!


Ms. Suleman is a normal person trying to live in a hostile world. She needs to be left alone and let her raise those kids. It appears that she is doing a very good job with a large number of children. "Octomom's" mother needs to leave her alone and stop baggering her. Ms. Suleman is very attractive and probably wouldn't have any trouble finding a man if she didn't have so many kids. Ms. Suleman, keep up the good work and don't let the news media and people get to you. I wish you all best luck and my God bless you and your kids.

As an adoptive mom, I just want to cry thinking about the thousands of stable couples out there with nurseries ready & waiting for a single beloved child while Nadya Suleman makes a mess of raising 14 kids because she thinks no one else can provide them as much love.

While channel surfing, I mistakenly 'found' this program. I will admit to actually watching it for about 5 minutes, which was all I could stand!!! For 'Stranger' who stated this woman is intelligent, GIVE ME A BREAK!! No 'intelligent' woman would choose to have 8 kids at one time, especialy since you already had 6!!! But I guess she figures the taxpayers will foot the bill,so maybe she wasn't so stupid after all.

I didn't view any of the interaction between mom/grandma, I can only say that I sincerely feel sorry for the children. They are the victims of this whackbag mother. May God watch over them. The taxpayers will probably be taking care of them from cradle to grave.

I just watched the documentary. At first, I thought Nadya was okay, but as I continued watching it, I realize how out of touch with reality she really is.

During the birthing process, she has some extremely rude person trying to videotape the surgery. This stupid person does not understand sterile procedure or the nurses jobs and is actually antagonizing them. What an ass.

8 screaming, crying, attention starved babies: Watch as she holds them up for the camera, tells you their names and then smooches them like they are property - not little people. I've seen people treat animals better.

6 screaming, crying, undisciplined children. Watch as the one little boy slaps his mother and calls her a "bitch", or one little girl hides in the bushes in the back yard throwing a temper tantrum. These are angry children! They have a lot to be angry about. Their stupid "mother" decided that 6 wasn't enough so had to add 8 more.

This girl has some serious mental issues and those children are suffering because of it. No one in their right mind can say that this girl is doing right by these children. I don't care for her excuse that she was deprived as a child - she's going to take her revenge on her children and make them deprived as well?

This is sickening. She is sickening. Watching those poor babies and children who desperately need attention and love is more than anyone can handle. Yes, they may be well-cared for but they DON'T HAVE A MOTHER. They have a brood mare and stable keeper.

Please - someone take those children away from her. It's just not right. Watch the documentary on hulu.com and see for yourself. Those children are being abused.

Not only is the Octomom a horrible mother . . . she is a horrible human!!!

Most teenage girls have some angst and turmoil with their mother. . . but most of them grow up at some point and by the time they have children of their own, they empathize with their mom and realize how selfish they were as teens. Not only has the Octomom stalled on that front, but she is rather sadistic as she describes the event where she forces her mom to ride in the trunk (HORRIFYING) and then drives crazy to boot (CRAZY). Even with hindsight she thinks she is in the right and chuckles at the distress she caused her mother in that moment.

As for her parenting skills, one only has to ask her oldest son whom reponds to Nadia when Nadia says " I am not the best mother" and he says "Yeah you're not". How tragically sad that her children can already know with such clarity how limited she is as a mother. Or you could look to the opinion of her toddler who runs around on camera calling her "Bitch" more than once and in more than one instance. Toddlers who repeat words like that and actually use them in the same context that an adult would have clearly heard more than their fair share of verbal abuse, either directed at them or at others. Either way, these kids are all growing up in an abusive environment. And now, as an added bonus, the octets will now also be abused by at least one of their older siblings as they are constantly kicked by the toddler who faces no consequences for his behavior.

The trip to the rink showed how awkward she is with her kids in an everyday situation. I saw no normal parent-child interaction and no natural bond or affection between her and any of her older children.

What are we waiting for society . . . all of these kids need to be protected from this crazy, awful, shell of a human being named Octomom!!!

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