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'The Next Food Network Star': L.A.'s Jeffrey Saad is the Spice Smuggler


Look who's back. Jeffrey Saad, who came thisclose to winning Season Five of "The Next Food Network Star" has earned a spot at the table after all. His video series, "The Spice Smuggler," was unveiled today at foodnetwork.com

Saad, you may recall, was the Bel-Air real estate agent who tried out for the food world's version of "American Idol" after a friend watched him cooking in the kitchen and said "You should be on TV." Saad entered the competition so strongly that he was favored to win it from Day One -- until it was stolen from him by Little Mrs. Sunshine, Melissa d'Arabian. Unfortunately, Saad was a victim of his own success. He was so proficient in front of the cameras from the start, that it (unfairly) backfired. It looked like he hadn't grown much over the course of the competition. D'Arabian, meanwhile, showed steady and impressive growth, and is now hosting "Ten Dollar Dinners." Food Network couldn't turn its back on Saad, however -- hence the new gig.

Utterly unrelated observation: Does Food Network run a sweatshop or what? D'Arabian went right to work the morning after winning the grueling competition. And from the looks of the number of videos lined up online, Saad didn't get much of a break either. Actually, both of these competitors wanted to win so badly that I bet they were thrilled to get to work as quickly as possible.

-- Rene Lynch

Photo: Screen grab from foodnetwork.com


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I'm so excited my favorite two chefs are going to have their own shows.....how awesome is that....Way to go Jeffery and Melissa..............

Giada comes across as the most egocentric person I have ever viewed. Everything is I, Iam, I do. She should try to tone it down. She is beautiful and talented but everytime she is on I switch channels so I don't have to listen to her ego driven monologue.

Love all of the other less egocentric Food Network Stars

What has fn tried to do to Melissa D'Arabian? The cheesecake presentation of her at the beginning of her show has nothing to do with her talent; the focus on ten dollar meals has nothing to do with her survival tips for the kitchen. You've tried to incorporate her zest with Jeffrey's meal preferences (african/moroccan meatballs?). Why not let the woman (who if given free rein would wow her audiences) do her own thing, without the camera trying to detail the texture of her skin, eyeballs, teeth. Jeez.

I couldn't BE more excited for Jeffrey's webisodes! Well, actually, I could. His own network gig would be even better...did you SEE those videos?? Better than sex, I sware!

Jeffrey Saad, had me going from day one. He is exactly what I'd like to see on FN!!!! Never mind that big forehead; but those sexy lips,that soothing,smooth voice, those snake hips drive me absolutely ga-ga!! His wife is a "Lucky" woman....Mmmmm and he can cook too!

yay!!! I remember I really like him and was dissappointed when he didn't win. I'll be turning in to his show!!

Jeffrey Saad is the most talented newcomer on FN. They need to give him his own TV show. He is so passionate and his description of food and differernt flavors are very unique. It make my mouth water every time he speaks of food. FN should grab him before another network does.

I'm very glad Jeffrey got his own show, I knew he would, but I was hoping for Melissa all the way down the line. She makes food like I would like to make and she is endearing.
Jeffrey, watch the winking and smarmy attitude and you will be fine. OH and be sure be more sanitary than I have seen on $10 dinners. Melissa on her first show, chopped "Lardons" on her cutting board and used the same board without even wiping it down and todays show, she salted chicken, then patted it with a paper towel and THEN wiped the salt off her hands with that same paper towel and proceeded on with the dinner, NO HAND WASHING...EWW!


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