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'Hell's Kitchen': We're not in Kansas anymore

August 18, 2009 | 10:22 pm


What did we learn tonight? Women are better at counting calories than men. That Andy has an inflated view of his cookng experience. That Robert is a very, very sick man.

But the most important lesson learned? That Chef Ramsey prizes passion above all else.

Tennille and Chef Ramsay were close to blows when he called her and her cooking crap. "You're crap," she shot back. Heads spun. Wha- wha- what???? No surprise that Chef Ramsey tossed her from the kitchen, and then the two duked it out in the pantry, with Tennille literally spitting in anger. She then argued her way back into the kitchen, convincing Chef Ramsay that she was not ready to go. The real surprise was that he let her stay.

By contrast, there was Jim. He was likened to a "dead corpse," which is really saying something when you think about it, for his persistently blank look. Even when he was being yelled at by Chef Ramsay, his expression never changed. Sabrina and Andy ended up on the chopping block for their disastrous turns at dinner service. But it was Jim that was sent home. 

"I can teach a chef how to cook," Chef Ramsay told Jim on his way out the door. "But I can't give you a heart. You're not the Tin Man and I'm not the Wizard of Oz. Give me your jacket, please."

-- Rene Lynch 

Photo caption: Whoa, there's something you don't see every day in "Hell's Kitchen." Credit: