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'Hell's Kitchen': Big Daddy's gone home

August 26, 2009 |  1:26 pm


When Robert and Andy ended up on the chopping block, I thought for sure Andy was going home. After all, he hasn't really done much except defend his poor performance and scheme for ways to blame his failures on others (and rally support to oust Robert). Robert's performance hasn't been stellar, either -- he served up raw duck! -- but he has had some standout moments.

I assumed chef Ramsay would give Robert a tongue lashing and then give Andy the boot. But Robert busted out into that weird . . . dance. Instead of standing his ground and arguing why he should remain in "Hell's Kitchen," Robert began acting like a child, literally throwing his weight around, prancing and making fun of Andy's shortcomings. "If you win 'Hell's Kitchen' I will hang up my chef's clothes for life," Robert bellowed at Andy. That would be fitting behavior in the dorm rooms -- but not on the chopping block. His little jig was in such poor taste and exhibited such a lack of leadership that it was like Robert set fire to his chances of sticking around.

Chef Ramsay said as much.

Robert had the biggest advantage of anyone in this season of "Hell's Kitchen." Because he was here before, he had more perspective on the game-playing involved, and more time to acclimate to the heat, than anyone else. And he blew it, chef Ramsay said. "I'm not looking for a performer. I'm looking for a
head chef. And Robert's not that guy."

On an unrelated note: I hope Tennille sticks around a bit longer. If nothing else, we need someone to provide the comic relief -- and the funny one-liners -- now that Robert is gone.

--Rene Lynch

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