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UPDATED: Glenn Beck goes after Color of Change co-founder Van Jones


Glenn Beck used his popular Fox News show this afternoon to attack the background of Van Jones, a White House environmental advisor who co-founded an African American political advocacy group that organized an advertising boycott of his program.

During his 2 p.m. PDT show, Beck did not address the boycott spearheaded by Color of Change to protest the talk show host’s remark last month that he believes President Obama is “a racist.” 

Instead, he spent a large share of his program suggesting that Jones, who co-founded Color of Change in 2005, is a radical. Jones now serves as a special advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

During a six-minute biographical profile, set to ominous music, Beck said Jones was twice arrested for political protests and has described himself as a "rowdy black nationalist." The talk show host cast the piece as part of a broader examination of Obama's "czars," special advisers to the president who "don't answer to anybody."

"Why is it that such a committed revolutionary has made it so high into the Obama administration as one of his chief advisers?" Beck asked.

Christine Glunz, a spokeswoman for the White House Council on Environmental Quality, noted that Jones has been lauded as an environmental hero and said his entire focus is on “building clean energy incentives which create 21st-century jobs.”

“Glenn Beck is trying to change the subject,” said James Rucker, executive director of Color of Change, who noted that Jones has not been active with the group in almost two years. “The issue is his baseless fear mongering.”

Beck has gone after Jones in the past. On July 28, he called the activist a "self-professed communist" and questioned the role he was playing in the administration. His latest assault on Jones came as Color of Change announced that it has secured commitments from 36 companies who have pledged not to advertise on Beck’s popular program, including Wal-Mart and Sprint. However, some of the companies never had a presence on "Glenn Beck." Representatives of Procter & Gamble and AT&T – listed by Color of Change as companies that had signed onto the boycott – told The Times that their companies did not run spots on Beck’s program to begin with.

While the advertising boycott has generated substantial media coverage, Fox News said it has not impacted the network’s revenues or Beck’s audience. "The advertisers referenced have all moved their spots from Beck to other programs on the network so there has been no revenue lost," a spokeswoman said.

Since his Fox News show launched in January, Beck has attracted a sizable audience with his strident denunciations of the Obama administration and apocalyptic warnings about the country’s direction. Late last month, during an appearance on the morning show “Fox & Friends,” he accused Obama of having “a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.”

“This guy is, I believe, a racist,” he added.

The flap that ensued did not appear to dampen Beck’s viewership. This month, his show has averaged 2.25 million viewers, 99% more than tuned in during the same period last year, when the network aired “America’s Election HQ” during the time period. And his ratings are up from July, when Beck's program averaged 2.05 million viewers. Fan websites such as Defend Glenn have called for viewers to fight back against the advertising boycott, and some media veterans have denounced the tactic as a suppression of free speech.

The controversy has triggered a broader discussion about the risks to advertisers of running commercials amid the incendiary rhetoric of cable talk shows. Clorox announced last week that it was pulling its ads off all political talk shows.

"We do not want to be associated with inflammatory speech used by either liberal or conservative talk show host,” the company said in a statement. “After a comprehensive review of political talks shows across the spectrum, at this time we have made a decision not to advertise on them. Clorox has done very little advertising on political talk shows overall, and given the sometimes inflammatory nature of these shows, we feel our advertising investment is best directed elsewhere.”

-- Matea Gold

File photo of Glenn Beck by Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times


As boycott continues, Glenn Beck's audience swells

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"If the discussion of Van Jones is the only thing you came away with from this program then you are indeed a very poor reporter."

Agreed wholeheartedly. There was far more substance to the program today - lots more. It's obvious where this reporter's interests lie.

Beck is correct, our president is a racist. The truth upsets people, especially when they're in denial.

Radical is the newest Republican dog whistle.

This guy likes to cry and make inflamatory comments because it's all about ratings and getting the conservatives message out. And the fact that so many Americans seem to believe him is really disappointing. Is reality that hard to understand? I guess so.

god bless glenn. if this is what it takes to get the truth out. so be it.
these liberal media are soooo biased that u cant trust them. who would want to get objective news from MSNBC????????

It's nice how you white wash all of Van Jones' ties to radical activism and to communism by saying only that "Jones was twice arrested for political protests and has described himself as a 'rowdy black nationalist.'" You have absolutely no credibility as a journalist. Why don't you have a little bit of a spine and write on the real issue here, Van Jones and his questionable past.

Glenn's changing the subject???? You've got to be kidding me. If you listen, whether or not you like Glenn, you will see that this is only a small part of VanJones. What his true intentions are should be very relevant, being that he is someone with influence in decision making @ the White House... spin it however you'd like. You're all blind.

I'm tired of Obama and the attitudes he's fostering w/ American minorities, especially blacks and hispanics (I'm one of them). The whole sense of entitlement has got to to. How about they do something for themselves for once?

This president made what some feel were uninformed comments regarding a white cop and a black professor.

Our last president was literally playing a fiddle while a mostly minority populated city flooded. Tens of thousands lost their homes, thousands died.

Now, which guy is more racist?

Wendy - Van Jones was illegally arrested while taking part in a peaceful demonstration. I thought that you Glenn Beck devotees have been arguing that people have the right to protest, right??? Even if they stand up and yell and disrupt meetings and bring guns? Van Jones wasn't yelling, wasn't being violent, and didn't have a gun. His arrest was illegal and he was financially compensated by the city for their error. Look it up. He's no criminal.

And you apparently forgot that George W. Bush was arrested three times, actually got convicted, and we still let him into the White House.

occasionally spelled csar or tzar in English, is a Slavic term designating certain monarch. •czar: a male monarch or emperor (especially of Russia prior to 1917) If this is what they call this guys tsar well then you look it up Hey !! WOW (Dictionary ) What was going on in Russia in 1917?? The Russian Revolution is the collective term for the series of revolutions in Russia in 1917, which destroyed the Tsarist autocracy and led to the creation of the Soviet Union..HMMM !! WOW !! Well I dont like any of this .. So i will stop at this time. I dont think I need to say more

Michelle Obama is also a racist and wrote her masters degree thesis on doing something for "her" people. The country is swiftly moving to socialism and funneling aid to enemies of Isreal like the PLO to appease muslims similar to Chamberlain trying to appease Hitler.

Too bad the dems don't see this. I'm with Beck. Obama is a problem.

Go Glenn. These czars aren't even constitutionally legal and are soaking up tax dollars while they drive away businesses and unemployment sky rockets. Those that wanted "change" can be happy. We had hope when we had business friendly Republicans and G. W. keeping us safe.

Can someone explain how it is that Barrack Obama hates white people when he's exactly fifty percent white himself? His mother was white, the grandparents who virtually raised him were white, his vice president is white, so is his chief of staff. Rick Warren, who gave the invocation at his inaugural couldn't possibly be more white, the vast majority of his school teachers and university professors were white, virtually the only blood relations that he had any kind to relationship as he grew up were white and yet Glenn Beck wants us to believe that Barrack Obama hates white people.

How stupid does he think we are and how stupid are the people who believe him? In case you're wondering, I'm Swdish and Danish on my dad's side and Norwegian on my mom's. That's pretty doggone white so don't think that this is a case of "those blacks stickin' together" lest I suggest where you can deposite that nonsense.

Have a nice day.

I'm so sick of the tired old claims of white racsism. If anyone wants to see racism, real, out in the open racism today, it's very easy to find. Unfortuanately, it's far easier to find in the black parts of town than the more caucasion parts. Walk into the wrong store and try to buy the wrong type of shampoo and recoil at the comments the black clerks shoot at you for buying "white shampoo". Get on a bus and hear the word "honkey" thrown around endlessly. 97% of one race voting for one of their own proves where racism exists today, where whites voted for Obama ignoring his race, just out of being sick of Bush.

your expose on the Opollo project and van johnson was excellent and enlightning. The music although was to loud and distracting

I have the solution to the liberal problem. Use what free-will you have left and turn the channel. I understand that K.O. could use a few hundred thousand viewers.


Enjoy it while you can because you will be history soon

Glenn Beck calling President Obama a racist! Isn't that the pot calling the kettle really black. When I think of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and the likes of them, I pretty much puke. How interesting to call a man a racist who has a white mother. Most of the time when people judge others it is really a reflection of what is going on inside of them. Look in the mirror Glenn Beck! To thy ownself be true. Admit it! Anything non-white is a disgrace to you and your buddies. We're very sorry your candidate didn't win. You should probably repent before you likewise perish.

Chadimus, You are ilinformed. New Orleans flooded while a black mayor (democrat) and a white woman governor (democrat) stood by a did nothing for 3 days. The constitution prohibits the US President from sending in the troops until the governor requests help. Do a little reading and learn a lot.

I know I was there and I have family that is still in New Orleans.

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