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UPDATED: As boycott continues, Glenn Beck's audience swells

An advertising boycott against Fox News host Glenn Beck has succeeded in keeping most major sponsors from running commercials on his show even as the controversial commentator's viewership has grown.

Beck attracted 2.81 million viewers Monday, his third-largest audience since his show launched on Fox News in January, according to Nielsen Media Research data provided by the network. On Tuesday, nearly 2.7 million viewers tuned in, his fifth-largest viewership to date. And the conservative host got a plug from former vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, who urged people to watch his program in a post on her Facebook page.

“FOX News' Glenn Beck is doing an extraordinary job this week walking America behind the scenes of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and outlining who is actually running the White House,” she wrote Wednesday to her 800,000-plus supporters.

Color of Change, an African American political advocacy group, organized the boycott last month to protest Beck’s comment that he believes President Obama is a racist. The group succeeded in securing commitments from at least 36 companies that have pledged not to advertise on his show, including Wal-Mart and Sprint. Some, such as AT&T and Procter & Gamble, were not Beck advertisers to begin with, but their ads had mistakenly appeared on the program. Representatives from those companies reiterated their request not to have spots during his show. Later today, Color of Change plans to announce six more companies that also are declining to be Beck advertisers.

As a result, few major businesses remain as sponsors of Beck’s eponymous 2 p.m. PDT program. On Wednesday, the only big companies with a presence during his show were Bank of America and the Wall Street Journal, whose parent company News Corp. also owns Fox News. The rest of the commercials included spots for gold seller Rosland Capital; Ashley Furniture Home Store; Empire Carpet; Liberty Medical, a diabetes medical supplier; Johnson Law Group, an asbestos litigation firm; “Shadow Government,” a new book critical of Obama published by the National Republican Trust; and the anti-tax group TeaPartyExpress.org.

Fox News insists that the boycott has not affected its revenue, because advertisers have just moved their commercials to different time periods. And for his part, Beck appears invigorated by the challenge. “Even if the powers to be right now succeed in making me poor, drum me out … I will only be stronger for it,” he said on the air Wednesday. “And I will use American ingenuity and my ingenuity to pull myself up, and I will find another way to get this message out, on a platform that will be a thousand times more powerful. Because of my faith, I know how this story ends. The truth will set you free.”

Since returning from a weeklong vacation Monday, Beck has not explicitly addressed the boycott. Instead, he has launched a weeklong series called “Reasonable Questions for an Unreasonable Time,” in which he has argued vehemently that the Obama administration is being infiltrated by radicals seeking to undermine the U.S. Constitution.

“I have demonstrated that these radicals are not only instrumental in shaping legislation that is being jammed through at light speed, they are also by invitation personally advising the president of the United States,” he said Wednesday, calling them “radical wolves that are about to devour our republic.”

One of his most frequent targets is Van Jones, special advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality.  In 2005, Jones co-founded Color of Change with James Rucker, the group’s executive director. Beck supporters have charged that Color of Change launched the boycott of Beck's show in retaliation for the host's criticism of Jones.

Rucker said Jones has not been associated with the group for more than a year and had nothing to do with the boycott. "I didn’t even know Van had been a subject of Glenn Beck’s sustained attacks until after we had launched the campaign," he said. "I can say absolutely there was no involvement by Van or the White House. Beck has made these claims that are not fact-based and he needs to change the subject, and that’s what this is all about."

Beck began railing against Jones earlier this summer, dubbing him one of 32 “czars” with unchecked power in the Obama administration. He has repeatedly called him a communist, citing a 2005 profile of Jones in the East Bay Express that described Jones’ shift from a radical-activist past to more mainstream politics. On Wednesday, he made reference to the fact that Jones named his son after African guerrilla leader Amilcar Cabral.

“Should you have a communist, self-avowed revolutionary who named his 4-year-old son after a Marxist guerrilla leader, should that person be advising the president of the United States?” he asked.

Jones did not immediately respond to a request for comment made through the White House. Earlier in the week, White House spokeswoman Christine Glunz said in a statement that Jones has been lauded as an environmental hero and that his entire focus at the Council on Environmental Quality is on “building clean-energy incentives which create 21st century jobs.”

[Updated at 1:33 p.m.: According to Color of Change, 10 more companies that have recently had ads air during Beck's program have pledged not to run any further advertising on his show. The latest businesses to distance themselves from the Fox News host include Applebee's, Bank of America, Bell & Howell, DirecTV, General Mills, Kraft, Regions Financial Corp., SAM (Store and Move), Travelers Insurance and Vonage.

Bank of America, which had a spot on Beck's program Wednesday, pointed the group to a statement it gave Media Matters for America stating that its advertising had been placed on the program in error. Travelers Insurance, Bell & Howell, General Mills and DirectTV also told Color of Change that they had already placed Beck's program on their "do not air" lists and any commercials that appeared during his show were in error. Applebee's told the group that it was now dropping Beck's program, and Kraft said it had decided to stop advertising "on the more politically extreme programs on all networks."]

[Updated at 2:15 p.m .: According to a Fox News spokeswoman, the network has not run Bank of America ads during Beck's show, so any spot for the bank that aired during his program would have been a local cable purchase. In addition, the network said that Bell & Howell and SAM (Store and Move) were never Fox News advertisers.]

[Updated at 3 p.m.: SAM (Store and Move) is indeed a Fox News advertiser, a network spokeswoman clarifies. The company buys ads under the name Unigroup.]

[Updated at 4:43 p.m.: Beck posted his second-highest viewership ever Wednesday, attracting more than 3 million viewers for the hour.]

[Updated at 8:07 a.m., Aug. 28: Ashley Furniture HomeStore pulled its advertising from "Glenn Beck" as of Thursday, said Kendra Maggert, a spokeswoman for the company.]

-- Matea Gold


Glenn Beck goes after Color of Change co-founder Van Jones

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All of the Beck detractors can refute anything he's said, right?

Regardless of one's political party, we can't fall to the preposterously low level of intelligence this man exhibits and expect our nation to survive. To think this man makes sense or is in any way knowledgeable is frightfully wrong.

For America (not politics): Any advertiser on his show is losing my business, period.

Glenn is on the RIGHT TRACK with the paper trails on our tax dollars and the backgrounds of these strange people writing house and senate bills. (Not approved to serve us by congress)

You shouldn;t miss a minute if you want the Facts and The Truth without spin!

"Judgment day will come for them and they will be quite surprised when they have to go down."

You mean like Monica Lewinsky?

puleeeeeeez, Beck speaks the Truth and the Radical Agenda will do whatever they can to silence him.
"discrediting dissent' is exactly part of their philosophy.

............. they.......... are........ proving......... his........... point.

Beck is the Man ...... He speaks the truth !.......Beck for President !

I'm glad you're naming all of these companies. As a family of (5 kids - I'm sure Holdren loves that)7, I will stop purchasing their products. General Mills? That sucks. So now it's Post cereal from here on out. Thanks for the tips ;)

Two hip Al-Qaeda members are watching Glenn Beck's show.

Member #1: "I love this guy. He does more damage to the USA than we could with a dozen hi-jacked airliners."
Member #2: "You got that right, bro. I hope you're taping his show."
Member #1: "For sure. Glenn is lifting the morale of our members world-wide plus I'm making a bundle selling Glenn's tapes to our new recruits."
Member #2: "You better be careful. I heard Osama is not happy that more of our kids are wearing Glenn's t-shirt than bin Laden's."
Member #1: "At least Osama is still ahead of Rush Limbaugh."

Glenn is telling the truth! That is why the leftist idiots hate him, because they can't stand the TRUTH. And talk about hate, have any of you leftist jerks ever listened to the hateful rants on MSNBC like Oberman?

Stay strong Glenn, I watch your show daily after work-5pm/Detroit time-while I am on the computer.

There was a certain German dictator about sixty years ago who got his start in the 1920's screaming rants and irrational points of view.

Glenn Beck is no Hitler, but he and Rush Limbaugh sound just like Hitler's point man Joseph Goebbels who said:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

All these guys need is Dick Cheney to become our dictator and they will be happy as the SS.

Are you kidding me? Are you people really taking Glen seriously? Glen is just a fear mongerer thats running wild. He work for FOX!! That's not a news reporting orgainization. It's an opionion program that wreaks havoc on American society. Spread fear and hate and you have Americans taking cover. Glen Beck is laughing at you. He can't believe himself how paranoid you are. You can see it in his eyes. 'I got'em right where I want'em. Let's face it America, you scare easily when you don't do a fact check on your own . Glen is spreading axiety through an opionion. I really want FOX CORP. to understand that Americans spend billions of dollars with your advertisers. Don't get too comfortable with yourself and start thinking that consumers are just small piece of your revenue.

GO GLENN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unlike some others who have commented, I don't believe all of Glenn Shrek's viewers have a low IQ (as demonstrated by some of the literate supporters). However, I find that more troubling than if all his supporters were a bit short on smarts. How is it that intelligent people also get caught in the webs of deceit spun by these blowhard entertainers? And how is it that the same intelligent people who are all worked up now about a proclaimed 'assault on The Constitution and our freedom' were not similarly upset about the same 'assault on The Constitution and our freedom' during the Bush Years? You can't have it both ways. If you don't see the similarities, then either you're a partisan hypocrite, a closet racist, or you're not using all 146 of your IQ.

Way to go Glenn! Keep up the good fight. Once the companies that have boycotted the Glenn Beck realize that it show attracts most of the viewers (uh, sorry MSNBC), they'll figure out just how much money they're losing. Let's hear it for capitalism!

And to all of those people who posted negative comments without ever watching the Glenn Beck show - I feel sorry for you. Clearly you don't have the intellegence to formulate your own opinions.

Debbie Gomez | August 27, 2009 at 12:03 PM .. I'd like to bet the average IQ of his viewership sits in middle 2-digits

IQs dont sit in the middle of digits. Debbie, its the math. You want my money to be mixed with your money. You then want to share the benefits of that money for healthcare. Plus, you want to add more people who will bring no money into the pot. Then you want me to be happy. HahahHahah. That's funny. Nah- I think I will keep my health care. Why dont you get a job and buy healthcare? Or did you spend your money on cash for clunkers?

The increase in Beck's audience is a hollow victory. That increase means nothing if it doesn't bring in more revenue. And despite the statements from Fox, there is no way that the telemarketing ventures (i.e. Extenze, Egg Genie, etc.) are paying the same rates that State Farm or Procter & Gamble did.

Posted by: News Corpse | August 27, 2009 at 12:15 PM

It works for the government. I think I will send him some money.

Color of Change's boycott is failing. No one cares what they have to say, or what they are trying to accomplish. They had no problem with siding with Kanye West on calling Pres. Bush a racist in 2005. So when Glenn Beck calls Obama a racist, which is accurate, he's the racist for simply connecting the dots?

Need I remind some of you O-Bots, he wrote a book sole based on race: "Mein Kampf" -- I mean, "Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance", where he specifically talks about disregarding and being ashamed of his white half; calls him grandmother a typical white person. His words, not mine. Hangs around with anti-white people like, Henry Louis Gates, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Van Jones etc.

Why do we have to look at the comments to see the awful things that Beck has been saying? Shouldn't that be in the article? Matea Gold the author, as well as the editors must be more vigilant in making sure that the truth and facts are presented in every article.

For seven years I have been involved in a vigil for ending the war in Iraq. The same people who are against Obama, were the ones questioning my patriotism for not blindly following the commander in chief. The hate, anger, and verbal violence used against me for NOT believing the Prez W, is now being used against me FOR following this President. I wish I could figure that one out.......

We must not allow the 2.7 million Beck viewers to control the rest of our 304 million fellow citizens. (Beck viewers are less than 1% of the population, if you can believe that commie census plot) Let everyone talk, but the media has to do a better job of getting out the truth. Please.

What do you mean..approved. So much for Transparency, Obama Style.
I thought companies advertised to make money....I supposed I don't have to deal with them anymore.....Thank God, maybe there will be less advertising on TV.....and more of the shows to watch. I enjoy the shows with opinions with the best facts available and not hide news that is politically correct. I believe that most politicians are immoral and really don't care for the people who elect them and care even less for the original founding fathers and their beliefs in freedom, religious guidlines and importance of the actual citizens of our country.

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