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'America's Best Dance Crew': Mario Lopez's Sunday Conversation


In this Sunday's LA Times,"America's Best Dance Crew" host Mario Lopez chatted about the show, his other hosting duty on "Extra," and life post-"Saved by the Bell."  

You're in the middle of two jobs. What are you up to at this moment?

I had to run back to do some emergency voice-over stuff. I am the voice of "Extra" as well. That video of Dr. Murray, Michael Jackson's doctor, just came in. That suddenly beat the lead story which was about the dude from "Grey's Anatomy" -- what's his name?

Eric Dane.

Eric Dane, yes. Eric Dane and that little naked video of him and his wife with a friend.

That's right. Not a sex tape...

Well, so far!

I'm loving "America's Best Dance Crew" this season. Lots of diversity.

It's an eclectic bunch, huh? Vogue Evolution [an all-gay dance crew] makes me smile. But I'm impressed by all of them. I think the girl crew, We Are Heroes, is great. I've been impressed by the last two seasons of girl groups. They've really been able to bring it. I'd like to see a female crew win.

Read the entire article here.

-- Denise Martin

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