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TCA Press Tour: No open-and-shut case for Jillian Reynolds and hubby

Jillian (Barberie) Reynolds, the "weather and lifestyle anchor" of Fox 11's "Good Day L.A." boasts about her wild sex antics, her dislike of colleague Dorothy Lucey and other alcohol-fueled intimate details of her personal life when she appears on Howard Stern's radio show.

"I'm just open," she says during a moment while promoting "Househusbands of Hollywood," the new Fox Reality series featuring her and husband Grant Reynolds.

But when it came to the reality of promoting the reality show, Reynolds and her husband shut down.

The couple pulled out of an interview at the last minute with The Los Angeles Times following their appearance at the TV Press Tour. The withdrawal came shortly after reporters questioned Grant Reynolds about a recent Times column that blasted his wife's comments and questioned her appropriateness. Grant Reynolds downplayed the column, saying, "It's just critics. You're going to have good and you're going to have bad. It's the second page of The Times, which is that skinny right now."

Even though both Reynolds had agreed to be interviewed before the session, representatives for the couple said they were too fearful to follow through on their commitment. "It's too hot a topic," one said.

David Lyle, president of the Fox Reality Channel, said he was "disappointed" that the couple did not honor the commitment: "But in the end, these folks are individuals, and they make individual decisions."

--Greg Braxton

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Obviously the truth hurts-Jillian Barbarie used to be decent as a member of Good Day LA, but now she's just pathetically obnoxious. Her unprofessional behavior and rudeness to Steve and an equally atrocious and self-centered Lucey is one tired act. The only good thing about her "who-cares" show with her husband is maybe she'll quit Ch 11 and we'll get a real reporter/commentator. Or at least someone more entertaining.


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