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TCA Press Tour: Joy Behar will be talking more on TV

July 28, 2009 |  3:13 pm

Getprev-1 Joy Behar
is not sure exactly what she will discuss on her new talk show for CNN's sister network, HLN. But she does know one thing: she wants a good argument.

Behar, one of the hosts of "The View," appeared at press tour today to promote "The Joy Behar Show," which launches in the fall.

"I've butted heads with Ann Coulter many times on TV and I enjoy that," she said. "I want it to be a conglomeration of different opinions," she said. "I want guests to disagree with me, with each other, and have spirited debates. Not just about politics. I'm interested in everything, except sports and I'm interested in sports if there's an issue involved -- rather than, you know, batting averages."

But she doesn't want any yelling.

"Even on 'The View' when it gets like that, it gives me a headache," she said. "I'd love to have Sarah Palin on a show. I would love for her to sit down and calmly answer my questions as an American woman."

Who else would she want to talk to? Maybe Silvio Berlusconi's mistress. Or Bernie Madoff's secretary. And if Palin turns her down, maybe even her travel agent. She'd probably discuss the death of Michael Jackson and she still wants to know why Palin couldn't cite any reading materials when Katie Couric asked her last fall.

"We will think of the news story of the day -- and look for people outside of the main story," Behar said. "A different point of view you don't see on other shows."

The only thing Behar asked her CNN bosses is that they "just let me be myself."

"I'm an American citizen who wants an answer," she added. "I like to do it as nicely as I can. I'm not confrontational, not particularly, am I?"

--Maria Elena Fernandez

Photo: Joy Behar; Credit: AP