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‘Weeds’: Payaso

June 23, 2009 |  8:01 am

Alg_weeds Sucio is back! You remember Sucio, right? He helped build the tunnel, he sold Celia drugs, he sanded off Agent Shlatter’s face. Sucio! Though on, he’s listed as ‘Dirty Man’ for all those episodes.

Well, whether you remember him or not, Sucio is back. He returns to relieve Cesar of fetus watch duty. Granted he was a participant in one of the most gruesome scenes in the show so far, but Sucio’s presence releases some of the tension that has been building this season. Even Esteban, who’s becoming more and more frightening as the season progresses, got a little goofy when he told Nancy to relax … or else!

It almost seemed like the Botwin clan got a little too relaxed tonight. It’s like they’re getting so used to having guns pointed at them that after the initial surprise, they shrug it off pretty well.

The smelly, dirty Mexican man wielding the gun didn’t slow any of them down from their normal activities. Silas moved on from growing in national forests right into trying to open a legal dispensary, Shane got out his computer and hopefully uploaded his pictures from Oakland, and Andy took Jill up to his bedroom for some afternoon delight.

Andy doesn’t let anything slow him down. Speaking of Andy Botwin, have you checked out the University of Andy? I’ll admit when I first watched the pilot of "Weeds" I wasn’t sold. Later, someone forwarded me the clip of Andy explaining masturbation to Shane, and I gave the show another shot. The University of Andy clips have that same feel. You should check them out.

Anyway, the Botwin family seems to take the relaxation a little too far during dinner. A little wine, and Jill starts letting loose stories of her younger sister’s crazed youth. Apparently Nancy briefly dated her junior high math teacher. It’s fun and jokey until you realize (and Nancy points out) that she was 13 and he was a pedophile. Was everyone just making cracks about what would mostly likely be a traumatic experience?

Just when everyone was getting about as calm as they could be, three bullets fire, masked by the sounds of Jill and Andy’s … happy times. Now only a trail of blood remains where Sucio was finally showering, and Nancy’s on the run! She is nice enough to wait for Jill and Andy to stop making happy time sounds, but right after that they’re on the run!

This really felt like a “get people moving” episode. Silas is off his growing kick and now onto setting up a dispensary with Doug (that could lead to some interesting episodes). Nancy has everyone in the car heading to a “safe place” (wonder where they’ll end up). And Celia wakes up on a bus in Texas, ending her Mexican adventure (which felt a little premature and forced). Where‘s everyone heading? Who knows. But Capt. Roy Till is back in the picture as well, and the last time we saw him, he was promising to kill the man who murdered his partner and do the same to Nancy if she did anything to stand in his way.

Maybe the Mexican drug lord isn’t her biggest problem.

-- Andrew Hanson

Photo: Showtime Television