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Video: Kate says 'We can't go back now' on upcoming 'Jon & Kate Plus 8'

We know an announcement is coming Monday, and now an even bigger hint that it might spell divorce for the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" couple.

In the clip from the episode above, a solemn-looking couple -- in separate on-camera interviews -- start to explain the need for the upcoming special announcement.

"We haven't really known where we were going," Kate explains. "But we've been dealing with this for ... um ... a long time."

Over the last several weeks, persistent rumors have dogged the couple, pointing to evidence of a crumbling marriage; tabloids have reported that Jon is having an affair, while Kate has also been linked to one of her bodyguards.

Says Jon in the video: "People think I've changed, and I have changed. But I'm now the person I know I am."

Kate then says: "We can't go back now. We can only go forward. And that's what we're going to do, and we're going to learn a lot going forward. And I know that we'll all come out of this on the other side, hopefully stronger, better, wiser."

-- Denise Martin

Clip courtesy: TLC

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They are going to make it. All the people who point fingers at them and judge them have three pointing back. They are going to make it.

They deserve it.

I support you, we all do. America should be supporting the American Family and not tearing it apart.

I have high hopes that they will see the light and grow from this experience. Hope they both hold on to the GOOD they share, and leave the publics scrutiny where it belongs, nowhere in their lives.

That is sad :(

Hey how about some Marriage Counseling you two for your KIDS Sake. You a family and you in it together.

(just wrote above!)
Why are they not getting help ? There's SO much available. Don't they have any support that can give good advice. It's sad to see anger win over love. I am so very sad.

Why don't WE ALL STOP watching. Maybe if their ratings go to O even though I think it's too late. I'm sorry I saw the announcement on TV this morning. We all contributed and wouldn't we all like our kids college and everthing else paid for like this.


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