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Letterman apologizes for joke, but Palin supporters vow to continue fight

david letterman sarah palin

Under fire for a risque joke last week, David Letterman has apologized to Gov. Sarah Palin and her supporters. But a group urging CBS to fire the host says it's still not enough. 

On CBS' "Late Show" tonight, Letterman says he's sorry about a monologue earlier this month in which he joked that New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez impregnated Palin's daughter during a game. Letterman has said he intended the joke to be in reference to Palin's 18-year-old daughter Bristol, but Gov. Palin actually attended the game with her 14-year-old daughter Willow. Some critics have accused Letterman of joking about statutory rape.

"I told a bad joke," Letterman told viewers at an afternoon taping. "I told a joke that was beyond flawed, and my intent is completely meaningless compared to the perception.  And since it was a joke I told, I feel that I need to do the right thing here and apologize for having told that joke.  It's not your fault that it was misunderstood, it's my fault."

He concluded, "I'm sorry about it and I'll try to do better in the future."

However, the Los Angeles talk radio host behind the group firedavidletterman.com told The Times that Letterman's apology falls short.

"I'm glad he's acknowledged we're right," said John Ziegler, a creator of the film "Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted" and who this month began a new show on KGIL. "I think it's a good first step in the right direction, but I don't think it's enough." Part of the problem, he added, is that Letterman made a "horrendous attempt at an apology" last week, when he devoted several relatively light-hearted minutes to the controversy, invited Palin on his program and repeated the joke.  

Ziegler said he was not sure what sanction Letterman should face, but options should include suspension and firing. The host could also donate to a charity of Gov. Palin's choice, he said. Meanwhile, the group is still planning a rally Tuesday outside the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York, where Letterman tapes his show.

CBS did not respond to a request for comment beyond Letterman's remarks.

-Scott Collins  

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John Ziegler is *hardly* one to be screaming about people saying hurtful, hateful things about women. Has anyone here seen the real John Ziegler in action? Heard his on-camera feelings about women?

If not, here's the way John Ziegler *really* feels about all women, preserved for all time on video tape:


John Ziegler is a misogynist sexist. He has no right to say "boo" about anyone.

Do you see now what kowtowing to these neo-con cranks get you David? Nothing, they want publicity, as much as they can get and if that means using you or Willow, no porblem, after all Palin has always used her family for political gain.

And David Letterman fans want Sarah Palin fired.

I'm not a Palin fan by any means, but I bet most women, and probably ALL mothers of girls, find Letterman's "joke" seriously offensive.

I'm thinking maybe David Letterman should be fired because he apologized. He had nothing to be sorry for. People need to stop being so sensitive. The fact is Palin is the one who ran a campaign based on "family values" hogwash opening her whole family up to whatever criticisms and jokes they get thrown at them. If she can't stand the heat she should stay in Alaska and keep her funky named offspring there as well. Dave should keep on cracking 'em.

This is ridiculous... these losers need to get a life! It was a JOKE and the only people who can't accept that aren't in a position to judge what is and is not funny. Enough with trying to police what other people find entertaining. If you don't like it, ignore it! To even propose the idea of firing Letterman is laughable and will never happen. Grow up, babies.

So Letterman is a public case of juvenile arrested-development. No debate there. But JZ is simply trying to up his ratings. It's all a game....

Letterman apologizes.. gracious and classy. Most reasonable people would accept it and move on. But these aren't reasonable people, rather dogmatic morality cops. Sit back and watch... I guarantee this group will self destruct and destroy any legitimacy they have by not knowing when to stop.

A comedian stops being an entertainer when they begin espousing their political views from their stage. David Letterman has made a public crusade of his personal political views and has never even been reprimanded for his outrageous biases. CBS is just as liable, as making no comment is usually the biggest commentary of them all. His "joke" was merely a snide ejaculation of his anger towards another person's politics. He deserves to be criticized for making ridiculous gossip commentary about Alex Rodriguez "knocking up" a 14 year old girl. Alex Rodriguez doesn't need this slander either. I am glad that there is public outrage about Letterman's stupid "joke". And it is justifiable for the public's demand for an honest apology. I have always liked David Letterman (as an entertainer) and now he needs to "Man-Up" and say he is sorry. He made a mistake. Grow up David! Say you are sorry, so we can all move on. We have a saying here in Las Vegas around the Black Jack tables, ""Anyone over 21 gets what they deserve." Willow Palin is only 14 years old, for God's sake!

Letterman and other comedians have helped our society do the essential but challenging job of dismantling public characters like Michael Jackson, Madonna, etc that need to be dismantled and ridiculed. Granted, Letterman practices playground politics but there are very few mechanisms to get that important job done to rebuke cultural celebrities who are off track. I thank Dave for a hard job done well. I'd watch the show if I hadn't happily left TV behind some time ago. Sarah Palin accuses her opponents of being socialists. Americans aren't used to that although socialists are not uncommon in European politics. Americans aren't used to hearing Sarah Palin labeled either so it seems excessive, but nevertheless, Sarah Palin is a fascist. That's what fascism looks like and sounds like. Again, thank you David Letterman, a true partiot!

I'm REPUBLICAN! Because not all of us can be on welfare and be gay!

Dave, don't let them demand anything more. They lost the election so from here on out, they will do anything to ruin the lives of anyone who dare joke about anything. They've lost a sense of humor. OK, but you don't have to give up a career to these people who will never be happy. You know as well as we do, you've done enough apologizing, if ever it was really necessary.

Letterman should retire. He's way past his prime.

Letterman could not make fun of Her enough. If you happen to somehow take her seriously
then you need to ask yourself some tough questions concerning reality. She is as much of a joke as Rush Limbough is, no less.

John Ziegler, flimflam artist - but then again that's basically all the right-wingers have these days. Scammers, bigots, hatemongers, Holocaust Museum shooters. When their chief spokesman is a thrice-divorced, overweight, drug-addled Rush Limbaugh, who takes vacations with boxes of Viagra in the child-prostitution destination of the Dominican Republic. Ahh, today's Republican party. They must be so proud.

Letterman could not make fun of Her enough. If you happen to somehow take her seriously
then you need to ask yourself some tough questions concerning reality. She is as much of a joke as Rush Limbough is, no less.

Oh, come on! How long can milkmaid (made?) Palin milk this faux pa? It was a joke in questionable taste. Yes. Dave has admitted to that. To provoke and test the limits of absurd humor is his stock in trade. Palin, empty skirt that she is is enjoying her theatrical "outrage." You had your moment in the spotlight, Palin. After your cronies in the G.O.P. kicked you to the curb, you are back under the kleig lights. What did your boon buddy McCain offer in condolences? So, get off the ride. It is over, Sarah, your 15 minutes of fame is waning. Go back to Alaska and gaze in rapture at Russia, which you can see from your house. Frankly, you are the one that is pimping your daughter. Enough is enough.

Might as well hand out the black shirts ...

All this political gamesmanship is getting boring and insulting. It is more a political play that flashes red & blue and causes me to see purple. It is condescending to the American People, and it is instigated by the extreme wack-jobs in both parties and it assumes that most of us are too stupid to realize how our emotions are being manipulated with these trumped up political shenanigans. Using inflammatory language like statutory rape or calling Judge Sotomayer a racist is all about getting the media machine fired up and creating stories where none existed. The news and broadcast media are complicit in this as it is a way to create viewership with "wag the dog" type fabrication. I guess when you don't have a natural catastrophe or an O.J. Trial you've got to engineer a media frenzy in some other way. The American Media has sunk to a new low allowing charlatans to make news out of idiotic stories like the Letterman one. Shame, shame, shame.

this is another "white guy said the 'n' word"... the only thing that would make this interesting is if alex rodriguez impregnates palin's daughter.

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