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Speidi in purgatory? This we gotta see

089_053009_Red_Team_Helicopter_Departure_IAC_006 This you just might want to see for yourself, America.

Speidi has begged for a chance to return to "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!" and, of course, NBC is obliging.

But not before fellow cast members vote on whether to allow the reality power couple to stay, and the stars of "The Hills" complete a "jungle-based purgatory challenge in which they will have to spend the night in solitary confinement," said Paul Telegdy, NBC's executive vice president of alternative programming, who called from Costa Rica where he has been dealing with Speidi since they started misbehaving over the weekend.

Viewers of the NBC series, which premiered Monday, will see Heidi and Spencer Pratt, begging for a chance to return in tonight's episode. If the rest of the cast — who still don't  not know that the couple wants to return — allows it, viewers will see the Pratts enduring their purgatory challenge Thursday night. And that is not going to be pretty, judging by the ugly face Heidi made Tuesday at the mention of eating fish as a reward.

"We are going to be breaking the news to camp, unfortunately," Telgedy said. "I say 'unfortunately' because their peace is about to be interrupted."

Other cast members, such as the comedy duo known as "Frangela," made it clear during last night's episode that they are not crying over the departure of the highly spoiled stars of "The Hills."

But the return of Speidi is not the only surprise awaiting the cast. Daniel Baldwin, who has been sequestered in the jungle for several days, will be joining the competition, which raises money for charity. His brother Stephen Baldwin is competing as well.

"We had Daniel on standby because of the notion of the Baldwin siblings, who have had an interesting journey together," Telegdy said. "They are great friends, but like all brothers have a complicated relationship."  

So why did Speidi quit so many times only to beg to rejoin the show?

Spencer Pratt offered these explanations via Twitter today to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton:
"The devil fooled speidi in to making an awful decision and we are praying to Jesus to get NBC to give us another shot to redeem."

Maybe it was the devil, but Telegdy says keeping track of all of the reasons why the young couple do  what they do is futile.

"I can't spend time on that. I’ve got no way other way of coping with these mad people, to be quite honest," he said, before announcing he was needed back at base camp, an hour before the show airs on the East Coast.

— Maria Elena Fernandez

Photot: NBC

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On one hand Speidi are lucky they have agents and managers that can get them gigs such as The Hills, because if they had to negotiate for themselves with Hollywood studio types, they'd be eaten up and spit out on the sidewalk before the morning coffee break. On the othr hand, their agents and managers can't be all that good because they got them booked on "I'm a Celebrity" just so that the managers/agents could capitalize on Speidi's 5 minutes of fame and make some additional commissions off of them.

I thought nothing could ever top Joan and Melissa Rivers' antics on Celebrity Apprentice, but the Speidi's actually make Joan and Melissa look like professionals. At least Spencer and Heidi are doing a service to the teens of America by providing a glimpse into the dangers of Christianity....lol

All I know is that if they stay I will nit be watching any more.....

Thats what I'm saying....

Are you kidding me? Spencer & Heidi are the only reason why people are even watching this show -- last nights episode was a bore without them on the show -- and NBC knows it -- just track the ratings -- they were up with Speidi and down without Speidi. Everytime the Speidi Pratt family quits -- NBC pays them extra to stay for the sake of the ratings...

i haven't now watch tonite episode but those need to stay in the show they are horrible but that's what makes the show, they are the worst i ever seen but i still keep on watching becuase they are really lame and their fake praying makes it even worst

But there's some really boring robots there like John Sally dude please leave the island, i like the fattys frangelas they are funny and really dumb..

Sanjaya i love that lil indian boy i tought i was going to hate him but he's got what it takes and he'll be ready to be the king of more reality tv..

Janice i like her and the wrestler chick ....

Spencer to be crowned King of the Jungle!
Most entertaining one on I'm a celebrity get me out of here!!
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