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President Obama shills for comedian George Lopez (updated)


 Conan O'Brien isn't the only comedian getting presidential promotional assistance for his new gig.

On Friday, George Lopez appeared on "The View" to promote his new late-night TBS talk show, which premieres in November, and unveiled a funny spot he filmed with the president of the United States. In it, Lopez approaches President Obama about his future in government.

Lopez: I need to know if you're serious about a Cabinet position for me because I have an opportunity to do a talk show.

President Obama: Talk show. What kind of talk show?

Lopez:It would be a late-night talk show. You know, something loose, fun, diverse, inclusive, kinda like what Arsenio [Hall] did in the '90s. Let's say you offer me a job like secretary of State ambassador to Mexico, I mean, would I get a badge?

President Obama: No.

Lopez: Could I talk on the phone without using a blue...

President Obama:
No, George. You need to change late-night. That's the kind of change I can believe in.

Lopez: Would you be my sidekick?

President Obama:

Lopez: I can't do nothing!

Then Lopez told "The View" hosts that Latinos "find the Latino in everybody."

"And Barack Obama has the color of a Latino," Lopez joked. "You know, he lives in a house that's not his. That's very Latino. Spending money that he doesn't have. Always bailing people out. That's Mexican. His mother-in-law is helping him raise his kids. Come on, what are we doing?"

Update: You can watch the Obama spot here.

-- Maria Elena Fernandez

Photo credit: Getty Images

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Our country is going down the toilet, with this idiot at the helm.

George Lopez isn't running this country?! Is he?!

talk about diminishing the dignity of the presidency ! this is shameful.. why isn't it bigger news ??

This is disgraceful but maybe they will give him an oscar for his roll in the commercial he is already shooting for a second term so we can have 8 years of marxist leadership sad very sad

So Lopez has forgotten about the San Joaquin Valley farmers? Or was this promo his payoff?


Tee Amoo Gorqee Lopez ii realy doo & yoour shoow is so cool and nice i love you and i dontt miss your shouw and i have ur dvds there so coolL!!


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