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'NYC Prep': Love it or hate it?

Nyc prep cast photo Bravo's latest reality offering, "NYC Prep," premiered last night and one thing is for sure: It's no "Gossip Girl." Yes, I realize that one show is fiction while the other is "real," but you can't help but ask that life imitate art this one time. Chuck and Blair may be prone to saying things like "That's what New York is: Money is power" and "I treat my clothing like children," but somehow the charm is lost when it's coming out of real teenagers' mouths.

However, despite its blatant materialism and pithy observations of the have-nots, I'm going to give this show a chance and hope it unveils more honest depictions of the angst and competitiveness involved in those social circles. PC and Jessie's tumultuous relationship bears potential and no doubt Sebastian's player ways will be an unending source of entertainment (one request though, Romeo: Please tone down the hair flipping). Check this space for "NYC Prep" recaps and updates.

What did you think of the premiere episode? Did you love it or hate it?

—Enid Portuguez

Photo: The cast of "NYC Prep." Credit: Bravo

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These children, and that is what they are, are absolutely horrible. They act like they are in their 30s and seem to forget that they are only in high school. They are all spoiled brats and need to be shown into the real world.

Not only is NYC Prep no Gossip Girl, it's not even Laguna Beach.

The kids on NYC Prep are embarrassing, transparently aping the dialogue, poses and attitudes of shows like Gossip Girl or Sex in the City. I suppose reality-aping-fiction-aping-reality is a post-structuralist's dream come true but I think for those of us not seeking a thesis topic, it's painful to watch. They're kids trying to act adult and it's cringe-worthy. The mockery and ridicule that the show's participants are surely suffering right now in real life is the only thing that makes this show tolerable.

(channeling David Allen Greer and Damon Wayans from "In Living Color"): HATED IT. Especially since I watched it after the first "Real Housewives of New Jersey" reunion segment, which at least had real people involved. I'm not sure if the "cast" was trying to do a parody of "Gossip Girl" but the combination of feigned authenticity and look-at-me-ness didn't keep me entertained for more than ten minutes. No thanks, Bravo, I'll wait for "Miami Social"

Hated it. The casting of these plain, petty, classist kids is only interesting because they are so disturbing. I don't mind watching obnoxious brats for entertainment, but they do need to be more interesting and compelling than this sorry little cast.

They need to recast the show and start over with some more exciting little monsters. (I wouldn't mind seeing at least one non-white kid on the show as well. Yes, they do go to prep schools.)

I don't think there could be anything worst than watching a handful of characterless, ugly-annoying brats with money.

despite being a student to one of the schools that has someone on the show, i would still have to agree with this article. not only agree i would take this and stretch this even more. i came to this private school from an international school, and was all of a sudden exposed to these who think that they "own" new york. they (for instance, PC) says that all of newyork is about money, power, etc. but in reality its not. in their world and spoiled lives newyork is about money, sex, clubs, and drinking but that is only limited to these kids living in this bubble of theirs on the uppereastside. and furthermore i can guarantee you that almost everything on this show is DEFINITELY scripted. PC is definitely not even capable of the lines he says on the show, he is indeed one of the dumbest kids at his school from what ive heard from people. and that girl camille is also in reality senseless, and they show that she gets almost a 'perfect score' on her SAT, believe me she is not capable of getting anything higher than 1500 on her SAT, because she is the most dimwitted and senseless girl. In conclusion, this show does show the general concept of these kids' lives but in order to spice it up, they have scripted almost everything.


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