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'Jon & Kate Plus 8' goes on production hiatus

Jon & Kate are taking a break!

TLC's hit reality show "Jon & Kate Plus 8" is taking a production break after the couple said on Monday night's show that they were separating.

The show, which follows the lives of Jon and Kate Gosselin and their brood, has become a pop culture sensation, getting TLC its best ratings ever and providing the tabloids with a steady diet of gossip. The couple have been on more than 40 magazine covers over the last two months including seven in a row on US Magazine.

TLC said next Monday would be a clip package with some new footage, but that the next all-new episode would be on Aug. 3. People close to the show say the desire to take a production break came from the network.

So far, six new episodes of the show's 40-episode order have aired. The premiere episode drew almost 10 million viewers and the show is still doing better than it had in its previous four seasons. It has also boosted the ratings of TLC's new show "Cake Boss."

Because of all the turmoil in the Gosselin's marriage, TLC does not have enough footage to put together new episodes right now as its production schedule had become very last minute. Episodes this season were often completed as late as the day of airing.

-- Joe Flint

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i make over 300,000k a year and i think it was a genius idea ! if i didnt have what i have today i would have done the same thing to take care of my family. she had 8 kids and did whatever it took to take care of them withoout struggling.. i honestly think people are jealous that they didnt have the opportunity. unless you are loaded with money it is almost impossible to take care of so many kids comfortabley. so i wish people would get off their backs. this show is awsome and i think she did every thign in her power to do what was best for her family.

Just wanted to say I do not watch TLC any more. Ciao

i think the show has went crazy and do not care to watch it anymore , you get married for better or worse . I feel both parents are at falut and the show did hurt there marriage . i feel the parents got lazy and quit there job to do a easy job and TCl help make them more money in life , but money does not buy everything . Why are they just talking bad about Joe ? They act like Kate did not do anything , well they are just try to paid her as a good single mom now , there a lot of good single dad to . I feel they did not plan this throught and the show needs to end b/c the kids are growing up and do you think they are going to want to have camera around them as teenager ? they need to go to work and be a normal family . It not werid to have 8 kids , and we work to support them and we do not have camer around us all day . This show has mess this family up , you had 2 parents that went to college and now throw that out the door to be around camers all day , it sound lazy . I think they do not need to air the show .

I personally think that people need to give them a break. I know that they love their children and no doubt about it, Kate even said so her self. They are not just doing it for the money. I mean they do need the extra money, because they are taking care of 8 kids for crying out loud!! You can't be so hard on them!!!

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