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'Jon & Kate Plus 8' goes on production hiatus

Jon & Kate are taking a break!

TLC's hit reality show "Jon & Kate Plus 8" is taking a production break after the couple said on Monday night's show that they were separating.

The show, which follows the lives of Jon and Kate Gosselin and their brood, has become a pop culture sensation, getting TLC its best ratings ever and providing the tabloids with a steady diet of gossip. The couple have been on more than 40 magazine covers over the last two months including seven in a row on US Magazine.

TLC said next Monday would be a clip package with some new footage, but that the next all-new episode would be on Aug. 3. People close to the show say the desire to take a production break came from the network.

So far, six new episodes of the show's 40-episode order have aired. The premiere episode drew almost 10 million viewers and the show is still doing better than it had in its previous four seasons. It has also boosted the ratings of TLC's new show "Cake Boss."

Because of all the turmoil in the Gosselin's marriage, TLC does not have enough footage to put together new episodes right now as its production schedule had become very last minute. Episodes this season were often completed as late as the day of airing.

-- Joe Flint

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How about taking a permanent hiatus. If TLC is having trouble getting enough footage to put together a show, what makes you think that when they do get enough, it is going to be anything worth watching. Come on TLC, enough already. Save some face, show some dignity and give these kids a chance for some privacy. Their parents certainly don't care. Now Jon needs enough to pay for his million dollar apartment in Trump Plaza and Kate needs enough money to keep her pathetic lifestyle still going. I for one, will never watch it and if you read the blogs, this show will be down the tubes in a matter of weeks.

I am glad the show will continue. I could not stop crying throughout the show last night (and the birthday show I had already seen). Just seeing Kate upset gets me going. She always seemed so self-assured and in control. Now she seems a little defeated. I know it's temporary. She will get through this. And putting music to the kids' baby pictures started me up all over again...It's so sad. I like Kate and the kids. It will now seem like two shows in one. I think Kate has been wrongly criticized for a lot of things. Probably more out of jealousy than anything else. I think they will now see that Kate is more human than maybe Jon is. I do actually know more people like her (personality wise) than not. It has to be stressful with so many kids. It was stressful for me with one child. Her personality seems lighter now...(and I really liked the episode with the bike builders)....she was funny on that. It is clear she is heartbroken or seems so. She will be better off in the long run without Jon. She and the kids are the reason I watched in the first place. Not for Jon...he is a little boring. I am just disappointed in Jon letting the kids and Kate down. He has been irresponsible in my opinion. Good luck to you, Kate! You will be happier. You have been very, very blessed. I commend TLC for keeping them on the show. It is reality, and I am sure it will be tastefully done as usual. Maybe this is ground-breaking to do this. At any rate, I think it's a good idea and will help to supplement the kids' future which will be greatly needed. Kate seems to be a realist and knows this.

I love when Jon and Kate each say 'I'm doing it (the show) for the kids"...Replace "the kids" with "the money" for an accurate quote...We do everything for "the Money". Pathetic couple of losers.

I have been a fan of the show since it began. We have gotten to see on camera what Kate's personality was like, however I really feel like we never saw what Jon was like and his came to light off camera, until recently. After watching the episode last night, I really feel bad for them. But I also got a sense of what Jon is like. I got the impression that it would not bother him to see his kids only twice a month, twice a year or whatever the schedule called for. I really feel like Jon has not finished (sowing his oats) to coin a phrase. Myself, having three only eight months apart (like having triplets), I wasn't always the nicest person to be around and I had a schedule that we stuck to. I can only imagine what it must have been like having six and a set of twins. Is it an excuse to be as unkind as Kate was "no" and she admits that, but it also does not give Jon the right to do what he has done either. However, saying that we will never really know the whole story and I really think that the media should leave this family alone and let them have the time they need to figure things out. I hope that they come to terms that work for all involved and that they do have peace and can live their lives for "the kids" as they both keep saying they are the most important things in all this. My prayers are with them.

The production hiatus makes sense. They rushed the last few episodes to capture the huge drama and news before it broke everywhere else.

But should the show come back at all? This is such a sad situation. (Affair news aside) It seems like Jon got incredibly sick of the limelight and paparazzi and said, "No more!" Whereas Kate is like, "bring it on!" Even on the last episode with the paparazzi everywhere around them- Kate refused to even have the kids mention their presence, and called them "P's." like as if they don't even exist. Well, they do Kate. It seems like she has been ignoring more than just the "Ps" with all the "P"roblems that have been visible since production started years ago. Jon has looked incredibly unhappy and unfulfilled. She quickly took over the pants and the control. But the weaker he became, the stronger she was.

Just sad. But then again, you could just rename the show "Jon and Kate" minus the whole 8 kids... because we don't watch to see the kids anymore do we?

Lets stop watching / lets stop being the Ps so they can get their lives together. ...And where are the Counselors???? They need help.

I wonder if they are getting paid for the episodes that don't air.

TLC producers have to have some time to think how they are going to introduce Uncle Bodyguard to the American public.

The harpy was setting the stage last night with her statement "I don't want to do this alone." When she returns in all of her bitchy self, she will have Uncle Bodyguard at her side.

This fame tramp will never stop. Where are the adults in this situation? Hope she doesn't use all the money on her tanning and spa treatments. These children will need years of therapy.

She wants to play the victim. She is the first one who cheated, she is the one who wants the fame, she is the one who publicly belittled her husband, yet she has no idea why Jon won't talk to her. She is so used to getting her own way it is a shock when someone says enough.

She likes to talk about the good memories the children will have. Ah yes, Little Joel burning with fever and his mother screams for him to lie on the laundry room floor, while she worries about her precious comforter. Mady not being able to pick out a puppy only the mother was allowed to pick and name the dogs, sweet memories. One could write a book on all the happy memories this she-devil is giving her children. Oh, Kate another idea for another book! You can travel all over the country with Uncle bodyguard.

Kate filed for divorce because of things Jon did this past weekend. He wasn't selling the autographed pictures he gave out to fans on Sunday. Sent her to divorce court. How dare he give something away,"I get twenty dollars for each picture I sign"

She says " I have had to be hard, jaded to protect my children. Oh uncle bodyguard only protects you Kate?

Why can't TLC take this show off the air permanently? No one wants to watch a family destruct on national television. This should be PRIVATE and those kids deserve PRIVACY now and always. They already have 2 strikes against them in life. First the parents they have. Second their whole lives have been on TV for the world to see the past 5 years, and they didn't ask for either. The best thing Jon and Kate could do (but they won't) would be to end the show, but Kate is too money hungry and Jon is a jobless bum, so I fear the show will continue and those kids will be the most hurt by all this. ENOUGH TLC! END THIS TRAINWRECK!

When my ex walked out on us, I had our cable disconnected, because I knew he would disappear. My children went into Cartoon Network withdraw... after 2 months they were fine. We have not watched television for 7 years. It was a choice after I got a good job. We watch DVDs, I don't want my children influenced by the sleezy comercials that are on Networks that are GEARED for children... I say this, because I am a Christian. I have seen their book, and have heard about them, my children have talked about Jon and Kate plus 8, they would see it at a friends' house. I recently got a phone that alllows you to watch TV, and my youngest "accidentally" ordered some premium chanel, needless to say TLC was one of the chanels.
I saw this show, and I thought I would vomit. Vomit for the way these children are paraded around, vomit by the over spoiling of them, but what really flipped my lid was Kate.
What a sickening site. This women has a Christian site, and sells books in a Christian stores, and she treats her husband like a slave, not even as nicely as a slave, a disease would be more aptly be applied as a difinition of how she treats him.
When I saw what my children saw, and what America, now thinks is the norm! I wanted to puke... after 7 years this is the garbage that we have sunk to in order to influence people?
The Learning Chanel has sunk to an all low... I remember actually learning things on that chanel.
When we have women, and especially children that think this family is cool, or don't they look happy? Watch the show once and you will totally change your mind.

I hope Jon wakes up and smells the coffee before its too late. OK so maybe Kate was controlling or bossy or whatever, but let's face it eight kids is a lot and anybody with half a brain would try to control the situation and after taking care of eight kids all day and staying in control of that its bound to spill over into the rest of your life as well. What I would like to know is HOW AFTER TAKING CARE OF EIGHT KIDS ALL DAY DID JON HAVE THE TIME OR ENERGY TO CHASE ANOTHER WOMAN???? Perhaps Jon wasn't doing his fair share. And when I say PERHAPS I am being nice...

I am glad the show is taking a break. Maybe it will give Kate a reality break that she needs. If you take away the spotlight on her, then what is she going to do? At least Jon talks about getting a job. She's so busy on the road promoting books that I can't believe people buy and her autograph for $20? She should be thankful people even want it in the first place. Even though Jon is reverting back to being a 20 year old in his actions, parenting wise, I think he's the better choice for his kids. Hopefully he can go back to having a normal life.

The show last night, what small parts I allowed myself to watch of it, was the saddest and disgusting piece of television I have seen in a long time. TLC and the Gosselins should be ASHAMED of themselves for capitalizing on this moment-- for commercializing it. UGH. I can't go on about this anymore. As a child of divorce and knowing how it can still hurt all these years later, I felt myself wanting to take those children away from those greedy, thoughtless parents. Especially that heartless, selfish mother. In terms of their production "hiatus"... sounds to me like they are just waiting for the storm to blow over. Then, they will just try to carry on as usual. More shows, more freebies- you'll see!

Please make the famewhores go away, and get those children into counselling ASAP.

I believe that Kate, NOT Jon, is doing this show for the almighty dollar and using her kids' future as an excuse to exploit them and the Gosselin family life. I mean, come on...a million+ dollar new home? That's a huge step up from their $300K+ home don't you think?? And why can they afford this new house? Because she continues to exploit her adorable brood of kids...that's why. If it weren't for them, they would be living quietly in suburbia somewhere.


And as for Jon ... he has said more than once that he didn't want to continue with the show but since he was allowing Kate to take control (as if he really had a choice because she is like a bulldozer), he has been forced to deal with his feelings in the public eye and the public doesn't like his decision. Those decisions are HIS ppl and they should be respected. I believe it would be very difficult to live with Kate...she constantly berated him and took apparent joy in making him look like a total dufous. He appears to be a stand-up kinda guy and a great dad to those kids. He deserves to be treated with kindness and respect.

This show needs to go away. Period. Unfortunately, both Jon and (most definitely) Kate were drawn into the "faux-celebrity" world when she popped out 8 kids. She is not the first and she won't be the last. Many parents of multiples never do TV shows. They realize that the BEST thing for their CHILDREN is to keep them out of the gawking eyes of the public and the media. Media attention is not healthy for them. These children will already be traumatized by the fact that their parents are divorcing. Let's not continue with the Gosselins' version of the Truman show with cameras in their faces at every turn.
When Kate says that this is her job, it makes me sick. Exploiting your children is your job??? Puh-leaze Kate. You saw a reason for celebrity and you used it. what you failed to realize was that it was your children. $$$ signs in your eyes when you would see the home of someone who reached out to help you with your children. Wanting expensive gifts and trips in exchange for appearances? Wow. In case Kate forgot, she needs to be reminded that it is the job of the parent to support the child, not vice-versa. Both Jon and Kate need to put the celebrity desires aside. Multiples are not a "Miracle from God" but rather a "Miracle from (fill in the blank) pharmaceutical company". Your fortunate to have these beautiful children and if you want to avoid a lifetime of therapy for them, you'll step back and re-evaluate whether doing this show is really in THEIR best interest.

kate will NEVER give up the show, even if all of her kids began falling apart one by one. she is too into herself and how hot and desirable she thinks she has become. it is such a farce when she, in that weak, whiny, tiny voice says, "i don't want to be alone but i will - it is all for my kids...it is all for my kids ... it is all for my kids. UGH. TLC DO SOMETHING. those kids are dangerously close to a point of no return. the twins already are - they have the same mindset as kate thinking they are stars for just being themselves. wait until they find out they really aren't anything special. it won't be good. in the meantime, kate will continue traveling with someone else's husband, getting more and more plastic surgery (hmm, boobs, stomach, ass, lips, nails, tan) she is one big plastic creep - not a mother by a long shot - just a mean, domineering, hateful, selfish idiot. GO AWAY.

I thought both Jon and KAte seemed so unfazed by the separation...they keep say I dont hate Jon or Kate...he seemed more interested in he is 32 and needs to live his life...dude get over it you have 8 kids and you will be supporting them for the rest of your life, like who are you going to hookup witht hat wants to be supporting that....

I get so tired of people saying all these wonderful things about Kate and how she is the victim and how Jon is not helping and doing his part with the children. What show have you been watching, I am a woman and I got tired of Kate critizing him, slaping him, talking to him like he was a child, ordering him around and he did exactly what she demanded, So as I said I don't know what show you were watching. Kate is money hungry and don't want to go back to her trailer living days so she will do whatever it takes, she's going on book tours, Who watches the kids then? She had her stomach done, who watches the kids then? she has had her boobs done, who watch the kids then? even her family say she's always gone so TLC plays this role like she's always there working really really hard, PLEASE TLC you can fool some of us from what I'm reading but not all of us. I am so glad Jon finally got a backbone.

I feel sorry for both of them, the funny thing is that it doesn't seem to be what either of them really want. Maybe they did, but it doesn't seem like they tried any type of counseling at all or getting any help. Or even trial separating until the kids are in school full time in the fall and they would have had some time to work it out. I feel terrible for the kids too and the things Kate said about them having to carry around that label made me think of her as a bit more sensitive. *Sigh* maybe one day they'll work it out, they have great kids and I think that they are both good and loving parents. (I know Kate is super controlling but can't people try and think of how stressful 8 children might be? You have people who shake one kid to death because they can't handle it) And it is NOT WRONG that they wanted to get paid for this show. HELLO they have 8 college educations to think about!!!! I wish the family the best of luck in the future, and maybe someday when the media attention dies down.. who knows maybe they'll try again.

I feel really bad for their children. The show should be cancelled and Jon and Kate both need to find jobs. They are free loading off of TLC and TLC should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to continue. Both Jon and Kate appear to be very greedy people and their children should be exposed like they are. I applaud Kate's brother Kevin, for going public with the fact that, Jon and Kate have been using their children to rake in money. Their should be a law against this type of exploitation for children. This country is going to hell in a hand basket.

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