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Jon and Kate Gosselin 'have decided to separate' (but they're getting divorced)

In a heavily hyped episode of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" tonight, Jon and Kate Gosselin, the embattled parents of eight children/tabloid stars, announced they will separate. Toward the end of the episode, however, a text chyron dispensed with euphemisms and stated plainly that their marriage is being legally dissolved.

"I just need relief now," Kate said earlier. "I need to turn the page."

Jon, in a separate interview, said: "I don't hate Kate. But I have to do what's best for me and my kids."

It was not a surprise by any means: Earlier in the day, People.com posted an unsourced report that said that the couple had filed divorce papers in Pennsylvania, where they have lived.

Nevertheless, viewers were subjected to 34 minutes of filler and product placement before the popular TLC show finally got to it. Before then, in separate interviews, Jon and Kate made veiled allusions to their problems. Kate referred to her public persona as "very hardened, very crass, jaded maybe" but said she was trying only to protect her children.

Eventually, the floodgates opened.

Jon: "We can't be cordial with one another."

At the end of May, the Season 5 premiere confirmed what readers -- even casual ones -- of magazines such as People and Us already knew: The Gosselins' marriage was in trouble. Addressing their fame and their problems, which are inextricable, Kate said then: "Very swiftly, we turned into two different people."

That episode drew a record-breaking 9.8 million viewers for TLC. But as the weeks went on and episodes aired that had been filmed before the public admission, the ratings settled back to their average, around 2.9 million viewers.

On Monday, Kate said she would continue filming the show. Jon seemed less certain.

-- Kate Aurthur

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I feel bad...I wish they'd tried counseling...it seems like they're just giving up...which is sad.

for the truth on this show go here, http://truthbreedshatred.blogspot.com

Jon & Kate - PLEASE, go back and watch your wedding videos! Each of you seperately and then together! Please, for the love you have in your hearts for each other and your children, find what brought you together in the first place!!! Please seek counseling for yourselves, each other and your family! I watched your Hawaii vow renewal a few weeks ago and you can see the love you both have. Jon, find the man you were when you met Kate. Kate, step back from the "Kate" you are today and find the woman you were before the babies and the fame. Give that back to yourself and then give her back to Jon. I watched you "fiddle" with your wedding ring during your interview. Your marriage is just spinning, it is NOT lost! I have been in Kate's shoes. I felt I was putting on the smile on the outside all the while I felt my heart dying on the inside. I knew when my baby was only 4 months old my marriage was over. I held on to hope. Papers were filed when my son was 18 months old. It hurts like no other pain you have experienced. PLEASE, seek God and counseling!! BOTH of you and your children deserve that! My heart breaks for all 10 of you! Jon, find yourself and give that man back to your wife. Kate, find the woman Jon fell in love with and give her back to Jon and your children! May God's grace be with both of you and all 8 of your beautiful children during this heartbreaking time.

This is very sad. The saddest thing is, we will actually never know the truth of it all.
I feel bad for Kate, Jon and their children, I am sure tKate and Jon did not go into this show to end up with the pressure created from it, that I am sure contributed to their marriage demise.
To all those bashers out there, why???? why bother bashing?
As Kate said "she never planned on being another statistic"

Thank goodness now get this show off the air. Give the kids a chance to be normal, whatever that means with Kate as a mother! They didnt have me to count in their viewer ratings this week of the past few weeks. Put Kate back in her place. A nice little trailer somewhere and actually go out and work for a living. At the rate that money is being spent, will there even be a college fund for the kids????? I doubt it. Kate needing a body guard is the biggest laugh Ive had in ages. Is she being stalked by men? I doubt it..lol. Who wants a bitchy woman with 8 kids??? Stop watching the damn show and get it off the air. If your nosey as I am, read it online later as I just did!!!

Jon and Kate think they can go on with thier lives and it be peaceful........BETTER THINK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!
IT SAD Jon and Kate NEVER TRIED!!!!!!!!!!! This DOES NOT have to be DIVORCE if Jon and Kate would COMMUNICATE and draw on thier FAITH they say have and decide to stop being STUBBORN,HARD-HEADED AND STUPID and GROW UP and COME TOGETHER AS ONE AS HUSBAND AND WIFE and AGREE NOT to give in to the World view of marriage in turmoil has to end in divorce. Cause everything they going thru....DON'T HAVE TO DIVORCE....THEY CAN SURVIVE AS STRONGER,BETTER,WISER COUPLE and PARENTS if THEY only TRY!!!!!!!!!!


Well, I just watched the show tonight and I am feeling so sad for this family. Coming from divorced parents I could totally relate to Kate's comments about the kids one day saying my parents split up when I was (fill in the blank). It seemed inevitable with all the recent tabloid drama, but for some reason I thought they would pull together and work it out. I wish that Jon and Kate would have taken as great of care of each other and their marriage as they have of their children. I really believe that the marriage has to be the most important relationship in a family. I wish them luck in this new beginning.

TLC needs to die
these shows are the worst
I hate Jon and Kate!!!

Doing "...what's best for the children..." Yeah Right.
Doing what's best for your own personal gains and whims.
Their children will most likely turn out to be completely warped basket cases.
Good luck, you're both pathetic and this is a great example of why we don't all need to rush to have children, or even get married. As a one-time only married parent I look around and I see the extreme excess of selfishness amongst my peers.
I will say this: Jon and Kate are certainly an accurate reflection of current America.
How very sad.

What marriage can take this constant glare? Show me a marriage that can stand up to the spotlight of reality TV, and I will show you fantasy-land. Jon & Kate, this is TVland folks. It is not real. No such thing as a marriage that is perfect all the time. It only exists inside the boob-tube.

No marriage is perfect. It is the love that keeps it together. Don't let fantasy-land fool you into destroying what you have.

What an utterly insensitive and selfish decision. Jon & Kate say this will bring "peace". What a fantasy! There are still 8 children. They will still both have to make decisions together about their care and upbringing - to coordinate on a weekly basis. All the same relationship dynamics will still be there, except that now neither will have any official incentive to try to improve. What a hopelessly naive and immature couple. Both are highly flawed - as anybody else is - but neither is willing to commit to the intense personal reflection and change required to restore this family. Jon is too busy running away - he has simply given up. Kate is too busy basking in fame, beauty, and wealth which she sees as justifying her controlling and abusive behavior. Both are fatally consumed with pride.

Sorry, these two characters now fail to engender any sympathy or support. This show is over - a train wreck stops being entertaining after the crash.

This was a train wreck waiting to happen. She's aggressive, he's passive aggressive, it had to blow up at some point. Anybody who didn't see this coming with the last episode of the last season, wasn't listening very well. It was obvious that he wanted to stop the show then and she was having none of it. Without this show, she's just another mother of multiples, slogging along. She's all about Kate, the kids second and Jon, dead last. He's still saying that he's about done with the show, watch her milk this for all it's worth.
I'm looking for this show to end either with the airing of the last show of this season, or before. The ratings will drop enough that TLC will finally pull the plug.
Good luck to those kids, they're going to need it.

I stopped watching the show when it became all about stuffing freebies and trips down Kate and Jon's throat. The Greedy Gosselins taught us that they care more about the money than keeping their family together. Large families make it work all the time - they didn't have to go down the road they went down just to "ensure the kids' college tuitions were paid for." I'm tired of hearing that crap excuse - Jon likes his sports car and Kate likes flying to other states to get manicures. Now that their kids are products of a broken home, then their #1 problem is stability - not about paying for their college.

It's clear that Jon was never mature enough or man enough to take on the responsibility of providing for 8 kids. Kate was wrong to force it on him and to become obsessed with making her children wards of the state. We are all culpable for their greed and for the resulting trainwreck of their lives - we provided the market for it, whether we tuned into TLC (guilty myself), bought their books, visited their website, bought the tabloids or paid to hear Kate speak. Shame on us.

I can`t even believe that it has all boiled up to this. Its a shame,for jon and kate and for the kids. After everything they have been through like having twins then sextuplets and all the challenges they have faced throughout those years I thought that this would be nothing. I still think that if Jon and Kate would just try a little bit harder and go to consueling or something they could get back together. Like Jon said about all the soldiers fighting in Iraq all they care about is what he is eating for lunch. Like,if the media would just step back and really think about what they are doing to this family,this family would probably still be together. I think that if Jon and Kate used to love each other they can still love each other now. I still have hope for this family and I wish them all the best.

Now this is real family values for ya: have a herd of kids, parade them on tv, then get divorced. Why would anyone want to get married?

How is Kate going to feel when Jon starts letting other women raise the kids? There will be nothing she can do when they are in Jon's custody. The control freak in her will really "melt down" then!! They've got hell to pay ahead of them.....

Jon and Kate: On My Nerves, They Grate!

OK, you two losers have had your 15 minutes of fame. Now go your seperate ways and just go away!



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