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David Letterman finds humor in Palin uproar as protesters chant

Even as protesters chanted outside, David Letterman started his "Late Show" Tuesday with a Top 10 list making light of his current predicament.

The host has been under fire since last week, when he joked that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's daughter got "knocked up" by New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez during a ball game. He also described Palin herself as looking like a "slutty flight attendant." The jokes sparked outrage among many Palin supporters and others, who said they demeaned women.

Palin in a statement Tuesday said she accepted Letterman's apology offered during the show Monday night. The host's sober message -- "I'm sorry about it and I'll try to do better in the future," he said -- followed a more lighthearted attempt at amends last week.

But the governor's acceptance didn't stop several dozen protesters from gathering outside New York's Ed Sullivan Theater, where "Late Show" is taped. The event was organized by the group FireDavidLetterman.com.

"We don't believe there's been any accountability at all here," said John Ziegler, a libertarian Los Angeles talk radio host who is serving as a spokesperson for the group. "We believe he's benefited from this."

Letterman, however, seemed determined to return to his usual brand of comedy. A taping for the Tuesday program included a bit entitled "Top 10 things overheard at the 'Fire David Letterman' rally."

Among them: "We should have done this years ago," "Well, it was nice of CBS to provide the catering" and "David who?"

-- Scott Collins

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America is at war.

And THIS is what some people choose to do with their time?


God forbid these "Fire Dave" folks do volunteer work or simply turn off the TV (the most effective form of protest).

This is a totally fake media event based on a stupid joke (it was a flawed joke, but it was a joke).

Enough already.

Good to see Dave being funny again. Let's all move on.

Letterman really didn't owe that witch an apology. It was a joke for goodness sake! I am going to start watching Letterman's show more often now to show him my support. I like Letterman and his jokes. He is a comedian for goodness sake!

Why is it that it is ok to blast someones' family if they are Dems (Limbaugh vs Clinton, i.e.) but not the other way around? This is America and if you stick face/voice out into the public, be prepared to have it scrutinized.

Puh-Leeeze - Aren't Sarah Palin's 15 minutes up yet? When is THAT divorce coming???

John Ziegler doesn't believe in the cause that he's trumpeting. He's the same guy who tried to gain press for himself by leeching onto the failed Tax Day Tea Party cause, and now he's found a new "in" to get his name in the papers.

It's also terribly un-Christian to demand an apology,and then after having received said apology, decide that apologies weren't enough and subsequently demand a firing from the apologizing party. It's nothing more than a petty power grab by groups that were unaffected by the crass joke (i..e everyone who isn't the Palin family). I'm sure Jesus wouldn't approve of the witch hunt that these Christian groups go on to avenge hurt feelings. It's sickening to think that a bad (but yet fully compliant by FCC standards) joke can have people debating whether or not you should be fired.

This has as much relevance and long-lasting outrage as the Republicans' other attacks: Virtually none.

This is so obviously--and pathetically--some emotional payback by the right-wingers for Letterman's embarrassing of McCain when the latter blew off Letterman to "rush" back to Washington and save the financial world.

Their faux outrage is ludicrous. THIS is an issue, but other comments by right-wing blowhards is just "fair and balanced" journalism? Does anyone remember Rush's heckling of Michael J. Fox? The endless racial comments about Obama? The vast amount of over-the-top comments (many by people claiming to be journalists and commentators, NOT comedians like Letterman) is staggering.

It's no wonder people in the middle have stopped taking the Republicans seriously.

David Letterman apologized for telling a joke, when will Sarah Palin apologize for being a joke?

Did you hear the one about the...

Jokes are DESTROYING AMERICA!!!! They must be STOPPED!!!!!

It's not ok but remember she paraded her family out in public. She put her kids out there. Then sent her out on the abstinence tour. The joke was about the 18 year old not the 14 year old shame on Todd and Sarah for putting Willow into this mess!

Millions have lost respect for David Letterman.

Ever been in the writing room of one of these shows? I have. Letterman and his staff sit around for hours going over and over every word he is going to say. He and his staff knew exactly what he was going to say before he said it. They are implicitly condoning child rape and are perverted to believe that it was funny to do so. Letterman showed his true colors and the "man " he truly is with his "joke." Letterman will go the way of Tom Cruise when Cruise offended millions. Letterman will spiral downward, losing popularity with everything he does because he is now under a microscope since we cannot trust him. Just wait and see. This is the beginning of the end for Letterman.

So how much is Dave paying the proestors to keep up the 'controversy'. More power to him, and comedians generally. The STEWARDESS takes herself far too seriously, and should hide out at church if she hopes to avoid satire.

These people want to implement the sharia.

It must be dull up in Alaska

'Cause Sarah finds the work a bore.

Why the heck would we make her VP?

She's got a job she doesn't care for.

A joke?
He insulted a child with sexual remarks. What the hell did Palin's daughters ever do to him?
Letterman is a toilet licking maggot.

Where was Palin when the rest of the late night comedians were making fun of her and her family during the campaign? This is not the first time her family has been the target of jokesters. If she can't stand the heat, stay out of the limelight. The less we see of her, the better IMO.

I believe it's called "free speech." It may be bad taste, but it's still free speech. Get over it.

John Ziegler? Somebody actually wasted newspaper space on John Ziegler?

The only mistake Dave made was saying that the one providing the knock up was a baseball player and hispanic. If he had said the player was a white country singer or hockey player everything would have been fine.

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